How to create and upload sitemap into domain root folder

hello you two in this tutorial I am

going to show how to create a site map

of your website and how to put all

sitemap XML file in your website first

of all we are going to form googling now

your type of create our sitemap third

sitemap and in the post link of your

post result of your Google here you can

see our XML sitemap dot-com click this


and now we are going to create our site

map in the for your website's URL you

need to put your website URL and choose

always and this is okay just

automatically calculate priority and

less let's start and it will generate or

site map for your website okay

now the site map is generated and from

this link in you can see a download the

site map file AR now you can download

from here or first download it so all

downloads show in folder

I'm gonna cut it

based in my desktop

look at that this is my site this is my

website the site map now I'm going to

put it in my website here you can see a

nice way where you can see a guide line

download the sitemap file here and

upload it into the domain root folder of

your site now we are going to through a

control panel

it means cPanel

open your cpanel

movies here you can see all in a file

category here you can see a file manager

and click on it now here you can see a

wave root public underscore HTML

triple-double you select this and go

now we are going to upload the sitemap

XML file in this in this category here

you can see our upload click on it

the left side top bar here you can see

or choose file

select the sitemap

have been CEO

okay the side wave is conduct now we can

move further replace the

look at here the sitemap that XML file

is already uploaded look at your decide

member to XML the date of uploaded is

today Bogota and I think it seems like

John now here again and in this again

number take take that site map is

showing for it here and click this link

okay here no good chef

look at the Seidman snake booth