Redirecting main domain to sub folder installation

in this video tutorial I am going to

share with you about redirecting your

domain main page to any any page that

you want Steve has raised the question

that since we are using our domain name

slash blog as our main page and when

someone goes to our just our domain name

without typing the blog slash blog we

can see the folders inside and that's

the that's first thing that's not a good

impression secondly even though it's not

editable but still can post some

security challenges so how do we change

it how do we make it that such such work

in such a way when someone just types of

a domain name without any slash and blog

or any folder name so they go to any we

can make them to go to any page actually

and not see whatever is died under

direct a lot of domain name so in this

tutorial I will try to cover that and so

let's get on with this actual page is

this one where we are putting our blog

so we want them to either come to this

page or even we can make them to go to

any page that we want when they just

type this when they just type this name

and they don't type any subfolder and

they end up going here

so we can't do something that makes them

they will make it to go to any page

where we want them to go in order to do

that we have I will send out a link a

code HTML code sign

and just follow the instructions here

this is the code file and let's say I

want them to when they type this TG

marketing code calm they should go

direct automatically go to this page

this page so what I have to do is only I

just add URL here then then another add

URL and add URL same once I do that then

I need to be logged in on my Hostgator

account and okay so on my Hostgator

account control panel I and even any

other service provider hosting provider

they all have this file manager and I

just go to the click go so I have might

have more than one website hosted on the

on the on my service provider so I need

to be very carefully checking see this

one have so many folders I need to go to

TG marketing co.com that is my website

folder not any other folder but my

website sold that is here TD marketing

comm you will have your website whatever

name.com a dotnet or whatever here you

click on this don't go into the blog

folder because blog folder is inside one

more layer we don't want to go to there

we just want to go to the main TD


and here you will see there is a one

folder there that's block what I want to

do is I want to upload file and that

file is I have just now worked on that

file its index okay here that file is

index open so it says has completed so I

can close this window and I go back to

my cPanel I reload the 1 CL until you

reload this page somewhere it will say


so here it is reload yes press reload

button there and this time you will see

index dot HTML okay so now we have done

by redirecting process and now it's time

to check it I want to go to teaching bar

bring code calm and I don't type blog it

I just type this and I dress and and it

will bring me to directly this page so

this way people will not go to your main

domain name folder and they won't be

able to see your subfolders that's blog

and you can actually set up other

WordPress sites and so then so that's

how it's called it this process is

called redirecting so that we are

redirecting our main domain name to a

subfolder of the same domain name and

this will solve the issue that we are

facing and now we can actually safely

promote whatever our domain name.com

without putting blog to that because

anyone tries to go there they will

actually end up in our place where we

have set up the website so that's good

thing in itself

so hopefully you find this helpful

please do that it's a it's an important

step for you to do after you have set up

your website