Signs of Vestibular Disease in Dogs

the vestibular system is also known as

the balance system any disturbance to

the balance system is called vestibule

ur disease signs of s tibula disease

include head tilt nystagmus strabismus

and a vestibular quality ataxia a head

tilt is when the head is cocked to one

side so that one ear is lower to the

ground than the other or one eye is

lowered to the ground on the other

nystagmus means involuntary eye

movements my status is characterized by

a slow movement in one direction and a

rapid jerk in the opposite direction we

characterized nystagmus in a handful of

different ways first the direction of

the movement is its side-to-side or

horizontal is up and down or vertical or

is it more rotational or rotary secondly

we describe nystagmus in the direction

of the rapid jerk what we call the fast

fates for example we can have a vertical

nystagmus with the fast face down or

horizontal nystagmus with the fast base

to the left a vestibular quality ataxia

is characterized by leaning and listing

towards one side the pet may be wide

based or fall to one side like a drunken


sometimes the pet may be so off balance

that he or she rolls to one side