Pippa with Possible brain tumour (in dogs)

mrs. pepper

just been diagnosed with a possible

brain tumor managed to get her up on

their chair so she cannot be relaxed

we're not going for any treatment it's

far too expensive for me it's just

making her comfortable now how long

we'll have her or we don't know she

looks quite normal there doesn't she bed

shaking normal it's more pronounced than

that we discovered she's possibly blind

in one eye

she's got no coordination at all and

she's walking he's got there we go

darling yes

Bieber think she can still hear me she

walks in circles I'll show you in a


BIP BIP she's got anorexia diarrhea

just lots of lafurgey do i do not even

do it darling

she's a good girl

hit dad shake him no Paul nothing and

I'll put on the floor and you let's see

what she looks like she is only wrong

you see she's not very steady on her

feet at all oopsie oopsie oopsie good


beep-beep no Chinese something darling

so how long we can keep her like this I

don't know I don't even know is there to

keep her like this

did she love sitting on my lap she Sue's

getting comfort that weighs I mean

obviously this is must be distressing

for her oh darling this must be very

distressing for her she always wants to

try to seek me out and let's see if I

walk over here she follows me support

herself no way can she do the stairs

anymore this has happened within two

weeks so it's sir quite an aggressive

tumor I would imagine she also has

severe cramping we're all ellipse cramp

up and her head is pulled to the side of

her body and she also has seizures where

she's totally hurt of it not one mouth

she doesn't flash about

she just space his out but this is one

of the worst I've seen her so three days

ago she was at least walking outside and

walking in a straight line walking we

went for what walks I'm elite did we


yes that possible now so I don't know

how long

I know you want to be with mummy don't

you darling and I'm teasing now die

that's it stay there

stop stop darling stop darling she walks

around aimlessly you just want to be

close to mummy didn't ya it's not that

vestibular one because I eyes don't go

from side to side at all

forgot what it's called yeah into things

don't you know don't ever don't know

lost pips you stopped moving very

depressed aren't you dying oopsy oopsy

let me give you unhappy didn't go at the

moment cuz she doesn't seem to be able

to get a head down that blow to get that

food but I'm just giving her what she

wants chicken beef that heart you like a

bit a heart don't you darling

so sad all the recommendations these

last few days it's what she wants

because I think that's all it is it's

just a matter of a few days hey darling

I don't know if it's fixed she's on pain

meds because she was diagnosed with

arthritis as well and she was in some


we just took her to the vets three weeks

ago because she was losing weight said

it was osteoporosis but on pain meds

didn't agree with her she had bleeding

of the stomach so we changed the meds

which seemed to be agreeing with her and


this has been getting worse

she was a bit unsteady but we put it

down to the upper itis but now it looks

as though it was a brain tumor long

possible we're not going for MRIs or CT

scans is just far too expensive but the


seems pretty sure it's iva meningitis or

brain tumor oh darling this is what it

is and she's getting worse I don't know

what tomorrow will bring

tomorrow sunday so the vets are closed

maybe Monday could be DJ no she's only

11 years old just until I can actually

so you're not that old are you darling

little doggie like you should be with us

at least 15 16 years

you're not steady are you yeah wobbly

aren't you no wobbly yeah look at you

wobble oh darling this is just saying

you're supposed to go home we try this

what but shake good shake

got a bit bit

we're not answer are you darling

beep you coming darling beep beep come

on flip it

come on pip pip she's not interested in

nothing issues if the Mummy's in for a

lot of cleaning up in the house isn't

she huh outside it's got to come out

somehow this is philosophy days just

deteriorated something Michael my sister

or the worst I've seen I know my darling

but you still understand money don't you

do we V do we be

come on the grass come on the grass good

girl just paperbacks she come I don't

think you can squat anymore can you


tryin to that one capricious the monks I

didn't see you do we read this morning

you must be busting give me some time

where you going don't do that no big bit

where you going

not near the road I'm here I'm behind

you can you hear me darling

triangle for we be telling triangle ooh

baby oh well John good girl

although she's finally extremely


she can't squat anymore oh good girl

let's go home let's go home then

gambling game well yeah I don't see you

come on let's get home give them good


good girl you have to be close to me

don't you know how do you know where you

live no we don't live over there will

you go in homes this way nice to have a

little while

well you go in pip it with this way

soos mom over there I don't see Miss

Quinn sister gets me foot backs no she

wants to cuz I suppose she don't we guys

Ferb for peace

I'll try let's say she was looking for


come on darlin oopsie where are you

going good girl

try and walk baby come on come on baby

get man get Mon yeah no response

ah chica girl she cook or she's my baby


oopsie did we fall over then

maybe our darling want to go back in now

I don't think you gotta go for puppies

are you darling you find it

uncomfortable or do you like the fresh

air just leaks mr. time now give a bit

of time maybe she's making her mind up

cm although she's not constipated she

strains an awful lot to go to the toilet

that's it you explore

she's lost 20% of her body right

apatite is up and down

come on then darling shall we oh oh you

bet spurt Wow look at you go madam watch

the road though wait wait let me pick

you up across the road just in case and

metal comes oh no come on hold on Danny

there's a good girl come on then let's

go home look at that home time that's

better come on you can come when you

want to well that doesn't look too bad

does it because yeah you're on a mission

and you know where our home is

well done well done right let's see if

we can make this step shall we darling

can you make this step if you cannot be


Oh bad at all you're not going up the

stairs on your anklet well are you

you're gonna attempt it

you know what attempt it no it's too

much for you isn't it now baby

honey help sorry