Caring for Pets with Neurological Conditions


I'm Renny Waldron and I practice

neurology and neurosurgery here at

Upstate I see dogs and cats for

disorders of the brain in the spinal

cord and the peripheral nervous system

I love neuro because it's this great

combination of treating both medical

conditions and being able to do surgery

so I get to improve the quality of life

of all of my patients by doing things

like treating their seizures getting

their seizures under control or treating

their meningitis with medications and

helping them get their normal

personality back and then I also get to

do spinal cord surgery and help dogs

walk again and alleviate their pain so

Sadie came in to us after being hit by a

car and the day she came in she was in

very critical condition when we first

brought her and I was almost really

expecting the worst she looked really

bad and dr. Riley was the first to see

her here she was basically unresponsive

couldn't stand didn't know where she was

couldn't move and so obviously her

parents were devastated as to what was

going on and what was gonna happen over

the next few days she had a variety of

signs of both brain trauma and spinal

cord trauma but they just needed a

little bit of hope basically when we

brought her a home after about eight

days on that Friday she couldn't walk

she couldn't eat on her own

she couldn't drink on her own she

couldn't stand she couldn't support

herself so it's taking her quite a while

to really even be able to stand up was

amazing for some it was just harder the

first time she walked we were just like

prowler parents like your child walking

for the first time in Sadie's case we

were most concerned based on her neuro

exam about her brain stem and the spinal

cord in her neck so because we were most

interested in soft tissue rather

than true bone we started with MRI and

what we found there were essentially

bruising type injuries that were fairly

severe in her brainstem and in the

spinal cord in her neck and so once we

were able to rule out that she did not

need any surgery we knew that with time

and really intensive supportive care and

really dedicated owners and physical

therapy that she had a good chance of

walking again had we ignored what dr.

Waldron told us was necessary to get

Sadie back to where she needed to be had

we not done the exercises that she told

us I don't think Sadie would be where

she is they were so dedicated every day

to her getting up and walking again so

without that I don't think that she

would be walking around here wagging her

tail and being pain-free now when she

comes she's making her social around she

goes to see all the doctors and all the

technicians and all the people and they

are all asking about her she's going to

physical therapy she's dancing for her

treats she's able to wag her tail and

shimmy and not fall down she's coming

back and we are extremely thankful to

have have our little girl back