Difference Between A Doctorate Of Education (EdD), PhD, And A Doctorate In Business (DBA)?

hello all this is doctor de mast like

talking to you about reciprocity calm

the e is written with the three and in

this particular video I want to talk to

you about what the difference between a

doctor of Education PhD and doctorate of

Business Administration is so if you

don't know me I'm an associate professor

of innovation strategy and

entrepreneurship and I created this

whole reciprocity project to give back

as much as I possibly can there were so

many people they helped me out that I

wanted to pay the favor forward and help

you out alright so what is the key

difference between a doctorate of

Education and the DBA and a PhD so I'm

just gonna go in and talk to you but

some of the you know that the the

difference is and sort of maybe suggest

you know what I would do if I was you in

terms of making decision in terms of

which way you would go alright so if you

kind of look at how all of these

programs started to lease our

professional program so doctorate of

education and so an e d eb d and d be a

doctorate of Business Administration

there they tend to be professional

programs now there are some schools

around the world that that might be

their academic program so Harvard has

you know TBA program and it's just it's

their academic program but really for

most for a lot of programs around the

world that tend to be a lot more

professional oriented and the reason why

that is the case is that a lot of

schools recognize that there was a

demand for professional education right

so there is not everybody who wants to

get a terminal degree so that's what we

call these certain doctorate degrees is

the terminal degree not everybody wants

to go and become an academic and

actually do research so it's the key

thing that you're being trained with a

with a PhD is that you're being trained

to do research whatever that looks like

right so what is research that is

reading writing and arithmetic and

that's your your job is to sit there and

just be an academic right so think of

new ideas and

them down and sort of analyze the world

and do all that that kind of stuff now

there's a lot more to it but that's the

basic gist of it so professional

programs tend to be oriented towards

people that want to go in

due to our management roles or they just

want to strictly teach or something

along those lines so that's the key

thing to think about and schools around

the world they're beginning to really

realize that you know that this is a

viable alternative there's lots of

people that get an MBA for example or

maybe they get an education degree and

then they realize they want to go back

to school and so there's you know

there's this kind of slot of people that

want to go and get a terminal degree but

there's not really a good sort of fit

for them and so schools recognize that

you know that this is a revenue source

your schools and businesses institutions

universities are presences if you didn't

know that and they recognize that this

is a revenue source so they started

opening and have been offering that

particular opportunity there's nothing

wrong with that just means that there's

an opportunity and people are willing to

pay for that particular opportunity to

do something with that right so that's

all they're doing is recognizing that

there is a need in the marketplace and

the university is just opening it up to

a lot of people so in terms of the

differences of what you'd expect with a

EDD and a DBA and a PhD the key thing is

you want to look at outcomes and where

they're gonna go in terms of the career

paths that you're gonna go so

professional programs like the EDD in

the DBA they're gonna go in do sort more

professional things right so the EDD the

and I must sort of point out at this

moment happen um you know several

friends that that did this degree and

it's a wonderful degree nice then

there's no way they ever see that this

this is like the not the right way to go

or in PhD is the right way to go or

anything like that that's not what I'm

saying I'm just saying that there's

different sort of goals and outcomes

that you get with these particular paths

right and it's up to you to make that

decision it's up to you to sort of think

through this right so that the

professional the professional doctorate

of Education what you're going to do is


to some sort of administrative role in

maybe it is probably not so much in

elementary school sometimes you do that

and some really you know sophisticated

you know at elementary schools my kids

go to a charter school and its

affiliated with the university that I

work at so there are a few people that

have that particular degree right it

just kind of makes sense for them to go

into that because it's it's affiliated

with a research school now the DBA is

gonna be a lot more focused on you going

oh and sorry that the EVD the the you

know doctorate of business or doctorate

of Education you're going to end up

mostly public working in a university

that's gonna be really common in terms

of what you're doing but the DBA what

you're likely going to be doing is and

I'm talking about a professional one

again what you're likely going to be

doing is either teaching at a at a

school at a university or going and you

know extending you're getting a terminal

degree so that you can go and apply this

into the working world right so you're a

consultant for example even an MBA and

you're thinking of getting a doctorate

to go back into consulting and use that

that knowledge somehow in the consulting

world so that's what you're looking at

right so they tend not to go into more

research careers and that's typically

what you would do with a PhD and and I'm

not like I'm not really carving this out

it's all really muddy you have to add

you have to realize that everything is

really muddy and some people will sort

of be the exception and all that kind of

stuff right so but I mean a lot of

people will do a PhD and they realize

that they don't sort of want to go in

the research direction and then they go

into administrative roles and that's

totally normal

it's not I'm not sort of framing anybody

in any particular direction I'm just

sort of saying these are kind of what

the norms are so the people tend to be

so does the second thing I'm gonna point

out is that the people tend to be a

little bit different in terms of these

particular programs and the reason is

with a PhD it's an academic degree so

you're just gonna go and work through


system right so you're going to be an

underground and a master student than a

p.m. you know doctorate student you're

just kind of climbing up through that so

you can be a little bit younger you're

gonna be really a lot more research

focused in terms of what you want to go

do maybe you're going to want to become

a professor maybe you want to go work on

a research institute you've met with

these professional programs so EDD at

for example you have you tend to be

maybe you're an older student and you

wanted to go back and you know you're

already well experienced and you just

want to work in an administrative role

and university and this is a nice way to

do that right so you might end up taking

a couple of courses along the way to

build them and get your doctorate in

terminal degree so you can get you know

a better role in a university and lots

of people do that and you know the the

folks that I know that that's what they

tended to do and it was really good for

them worked out in their favor in terms

of the roles in terms of advancing with

what they're doing so the other thing

that you should consider so this is the

third thing to consider that I think

it's really important and there's going

to be vast differences between them is

the costs right so some of the DBA

programs are getting really expensive

and that's because it mean just got a

look at the clientele right so they're

recruiting from people that maybe they

are already a management consultant so

they have pretty good salaries and

they're looking to leverage this or

maybe that they are an executive

someplace and they're looking to

leverage your career and so they're

gonna charge a little bit more for that

and they tend to be you know there's

there's a wide variety of them but you

know they tend to be from you know

private institutions and things like

that that are looking for a revenue

source and lots of schools are actually

going in that direction so it's not kind

of a crazy thing in any sort of way the

cost for the you know that the education

programs tend to be a little less and

that's just because the the clientele in

terms of the students are going to be

going to that not saying that there's

anything wrong in any sort of way I'm

just sort of pointing that out if you

just kind of look at you know who's

going to where and stuff like that and

then you know finally the the PhD

program often you'll end up getting paid

if you're doing a ph.d program the

reason is is you're getting a stipend

and then you go and do research for the

University and you know there's

different you know from the federal

government or from the potential or you

know from the state governments they're

gonna give money for people to do

research and do knowledge discovery and

search and things like that right so go

in that route and then you're gonna get

paid for that so you're kind of an

employee of a university it's gonna be a

different sort of thing you know it's

gonna be you know it's just a different

completely different track in terms of

you know in terms of getting paid and

what you're gonna be doing in the long

run so that's one thing to consider that

that there's gonna be vast differences

between them and you have to really look

at that and highly highly recommend for

you to look at that I'm not saying one

way is better than the other I'm just

saying just go and look at that and you

know just be well aware that there is

differences and there's vast differences

between all the different programs

around you know the country around the

world in terms of where these where

these things ranked and even within PhD

programs for example some schools get

really good stipends other ones don't

you know even BBA program same thing my

variances so just really look at that

and and just knowing what you're gonna

get right and you're making a trade-off

in terms of what's gonna cost and

hopefully you're making the value that

you're gaining from that is actually

going to be worth the cost of what the

particular program is right and if it

doesn't work out in that way then don't

go to those programs rights can be

really expensive for you in the long run

and you know there's you can watch a

bunch of my other videos where I talk

about some of the stuff so in terms of

the difference between the EDD the you

know doctorate of Education and and a

DBA in a doctorate of Business what

you're basically looking at is that

you're gonna go into different

trajectories in terms of what your

careers are going to be right so the

doctorate of Education you're probably

going to be in higher education with

some sort right so at the University in

a DBA you have just a little bit

or leeway in terms of where you can go

and what you can do it's not as you know

from and this is all just kind of you

know an insider sort of you and stuff

like that I'm not saying that this is

this is the concrete deal that you

should take my word for it but you know

it just is is not as sort of widely you

know not as many people happen and so it

is going to be sort of like less

recognized whenever you have that then

you end up having sort of legitimacy

things that are going on right so you

might come across that whenever you were

doing a program like that that there's

gonna be sort of legitimacy concerns and

that's just simply because there's just

not that there's less of that particular

category right so there's a whole

research on sociology that talks about

this kind of stuff and basically that's

what we're looking at is that there's

just you know fewer of them so people

just are not as well aware of them and

so that's one thing that you should

consider in terms of what you're gonna

go it's in - particularly when you go

into industry right so people are gonna

say you know you have a doctorate but

then we don't really they can't really

place you in terms of what you're doing

in terms of an MBA people really know

where you should be placed right because

it's really easy cuz there's lots of

people that have MBAs we ran a

bachelor's degree for example and that

she's kind of uniformly and that's a

problem that happens with all terminal

degrees people just kind of don't really

get what a terminal degree is in general

and what you do and where it should be

you know what's valuable with them and

stuff of that so you just have to

explain it just just recognize that's

gonna happen and no matter what

particular degree that you're gonna go

into a report do but you know the

doctorate of Education you probably it's

it's you know people get that a little

bit more in in terms of that area

because you're going into higher

education and you do see a little bit

more people with that but you know in

general you know the it's it's a choice

that you have to make I'm not sort of

pointing out in terms of what you should

do but you really have to sort of be

true to yourself and what you want to do

and where you want to go in the future

and make that decision and just weigh

the costs and make sure you really do

that because there's vast differences

again you can stress that vast


in the costs of them and it could cost

you a lot of money they're going to one

and not have any particular career

outcomes from that so just be well aware

of that going into it all right so

that's all I wanted to point out in

terms of the differences between the

time period of Education PhD and a

doctor of Business Administration you

didn't know what they were

this was actually you know one of my

followers asked me to into to help out

with the differences and stuff so I

thought I'd let you know in terms of

what it is so if you like this video

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