Should You Seek a Doctorate Degree?

if your goal is to become an elite

strength conditioning coach I think you

should only seek a doctorate level of

education if you really want it because

you definitely don't need it I mean to

become a great SNC guy or gal you'll

want to do four things first you want to

spend years in the trenches coaching

athletes and non-athletes alike

then you'll want to consult with other

experts in your field to learn what

they're doing to avoid making the same

mistakes that they made third you want

to study really great programming

strategies and then fourth of course

you'll want to learn how to coach people

and cue people into the proper technique

so if you do those things and you're

persistent and you build a great network

of people around you and you're good to

those people then I think it's a good

bet that you'll be successful now with

that in mind I will say that if you want

to really have your hands on people a

lot and do those sorts of interventions

then it might be a good idea to become a

physical therapist by getting your DPT

degree or getting your DC degree but

another option if you're a strength

conditioning coach you don't want to

spend all that time or how that huge

expense is to become a licensed massage

therapist so that way you can't put your

hands on people and palpate muscles and

muscle insertion points and things like

that but of course if you want to do

research then you might want to get a

PhD but again as I said you don't need

any of those things to get to the top of

your field I mean when I think about the

best strength conditioning coaches that

I know out there around the world very

few of them have a doctorate level of

education so just keep that in mind as

you make your decision