PhD Programs After Bachelors: Can I Get A Doctorate In Business Without A Masters Degree?

hello this is doctor Dave mastic talking

to you about reciprocity comm the e is

written with a three and in this

particular video I actually wanted to

talk about whether you can actually get

into a doctorate in business or do a PhD

in business without a master's degree

and whether you actually need an MBA

degree so those this is for people that

already have a bachelor's degree and

they're thinking of getting into a ph.d

program which you so right now that I'm

gonna tell you in short the answer is

absolutely you can do that it is it can

be done and lots of people do it however

there's lots of different caveat that I

want to talk about in this particular

video which might be useful for those

people that that are interested in going

into a ph.d program right from their

masters a right from their their

bachelor's degree so if you don't know

I'm actually a professor of innovation

strategy and entrepreneurship and what I

did is I created this whole reciprocity

platform because I wanted to help out

other people there's lots of people that

helped me out along the way in terms of

getting my own doctoral degree and then

I wanted to share as much as possible so

I actually had my own problem with my

own writing so I created this or a

sharing economy proofreading platform

but now it's kind of morphed into

something a little bit bigger and better

because now I'm actually sharing a lot

of videos in terms of helping you out

into in getting in and getting a a PhD

or becoming a researcher or dealing with

sort of issues that you have to deal

with as a researcher and as well as

giving tips and ideas about strategy and

and innovation so with that absolutely

you can get into a ph.d program in

business in any field with just a

bachelor's degree you don't necessarily

need a master's degree however there is

some really unique things that I wanted

to point out the first thing is is the

master's degree it really depends on the

country that you're from so it's really

common so I'm actually Canadian I did my

degree at the University of Western

Ontario it's now Western University they

call it

and it varies very much so across

different places so I actually did a

master's degree and that was really

common in Canada in the United States

it's not nearly as common you can get

into a ph.d program from a bachelor's

degree it's actually a little bit more

common to do that in the UK I know you

typically need some sort of masters to

get into a ph.d program and I think any

sort of country that is much more like

the UK system which Canada was kind of

like like that it is generally a little

bit more common to do a master's of some

sort before you get into a PhD however

in most business school programs if

you're thinking of going into a business

school PhD or you're thinking of

becoming a business professor like

myself you really do in it increases

your chances substantially of getting

into a ph.d program when you have an MBA

and this is across all different places

that you would apply to right so it's

not just that my own institution which I

typically in these videos that you know

I liked my institution simply because I

want to make sure it's not biased and

you can go to any particular place that

you want to go to right so with this you

can think of your PhD application and

you're thinking when you're applying to

getting and to become a PhD or we're not

getting into the system is or going into

a ph.d program you can think of your

application is kind of like a point

system so I know this the analogy that I

was thinking about is to get your

Canadian immigration they actually have

a point system so every time that you

have something or every sort of

credential that you have increases your

chances of getting immigration in Canada

the same thing with a ph.d program every

time that you have something or if you

have an extra credential or you look

remarkable in some sort of way you get a

couple of extra points right so if you

have a very good undergraduate GPA or

average rank class average or your


your grade point average then you are

going to get some some points up if you

have a PhD or if you have a bachelor's

degree in engineering or computer

science or some really rigorous field

like that

you're gonna get some points if you have

a undergraduate degree and you know from

a very prestigious university right so

maybe you're coming from Cambridge

University or Oxford or I mean the

Indian School I'm blanking on it that I

there's probably some people that are

gonna correct me on that that

Technological University in in in India

that does really fantastic stuff and

it's very hard to get into anytime that

you come from any school like that where

it's very hard to get into it's very

rigorous that that it gives you a jump

up right so if you have all of those

things you haven't been fantastic GPA

you come from a really good school you

have done a very rigorous undergraduate

program you you have letters of

recommendation from people that we know

that are doing really wonderful things

sorry I'll wait for one minute there

they go

so if you do all of that kind of stuff

and you add it all together then you

have a very high point system right and

what an MBA does is it gives you extra

points it essentially gives the extra

points and you know if somebody's

evaluating your application that's

really what they're looking for is it

will give you a jump up right so if we

saw somebody that looked exactly the

same if an evaluator for an application

saw somebody that looked exactly the

same on their application one of them

had an MBA and the other one didn't

highly likely that the person that had

an MBA gets gets you know that has sirs

moves up the pecking order right so if

you think of any program like that

that's essentially what you're doing is

you're adding up all these points and

then here's the interesting caveat it

really depends on the marketplace every

single year right so every year there's

a pool of applicants that will

why so some years they'll be applicants

that there'll be a bunch of MBAs or

they'll be really really outstanding

all right there'll be a bunch of people

that are outstanding and then the

competition is quite high and that

that's that's normal that's what happens

and yeah you know it's sort of counter

cyclical to what goes on with the

economy right the economy is really good

nobody wants to do a wants to do any

sort of education everybody says that

you had education it's not worth it

you've Khan meets bad people see the

value in education and then everybody

wants to get in that education so they

all rush back into universities so

that's really what that ends up

happening is that there is you know just

depends on the pool that there is so if

there's have you send in your

application and you just have a

bachelor's degree but you check off all

the other boxes you have a really

amazing GMAT score you did the GRE and

it is fantastic and you come from a

great school and the sort of pool of

applicants doesn't have all of those

different things or it's kind of like

you know they're clearly not not as good

as you then you're likely to get into a

ph.d program wherever you're applying to

write however and in letter references

are really important too so however if

there is only a few you know if there is

a lot of applicants and they're all

outstanding and they all have MBAs and

you don't have an MBA you just have a

bachelor's degree and they all look the

same they're all you know really amazing

people then you know it's chances are

you're not gonna get into that

particular program right so that's what

you have to sort of trade off and you

have to look at that and that really

matters with any particular application

that's why there's lots of variance

between schools right so getting into

the very very top schools they're gonna

have a lot more applications and with

larger pool of applicants and then they

have you know more people that are

scoring that have basically a higher

score right they checked out more boxes

along the way and then that pool

applicant is bigger so they might have

you know at a small institution they

might have say

ten people that are rigorous in there

you know that are actual real candidates

and they're gonna pick like three or

four of those and then from a really

good school right the best school you

can think of name the best one that bet

there is and I'm sure you know which one

it is they're gonna have hundreds of

applications and then on top of it

they'll probably be fifty that are all

real legitimate sort of you know

competitors right that are very very

legitimate competitors in for a

particular ph.d program and then they

have to go through and pick those ones

right so it's gonna be if you don't have

an MBA from if you don't have an MBA and

you're applying to that particular

school it's gonna be a lot more harder

to get in that means you're gonna have

to be just a complete rockstar on

everything else and you're gonna have to

have these amazing letter of

recommendations from people they know

and you know it's just gonna be a lot

more of a challenge at that moment so

yes you could definitely do a ph.d

program you can get into a ph.d program

with just a bachelor's degree but

there's lots of caveats with that you

have to sort of look at that before you

you decide whether you're actually gonna

get into you know before you can

actually get into a ph.d program so

hopefully this resolve some of the

issues and this was really helpful for

you for those people that are interested

in going in getting a doctorate which is

that you know an undergraduate degree or

bachelor's degree again this is pretty

universal across all programs it's not

just PhD in business this is very

universal across virtually all programs

that are competitive right so that's it

hopefully like this video you like it

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