I have some good tips on what you

absolutely need to consider before

starting your PhD if first and foremost

tip is you need to ask yourself does my

season does my season allow me to start

a PhD and to actually thriving I say

this because I have students who you

know start a PhD when we have sick kids

or sick husband or they are working 80

hours a week and they want to start a

PhD this breathing is gonna be really

hard to really thrive during a PhD when

your season doesn't maybe allow you to

start so that's something you need to

think about number two you to think

about why did why would why or why an

other video I talk about what you need

graduate degree this is the same thing

right a lot of people want to do a PhD

because they just want dr. buy it in

front of your name doctor is the

that well that's it very very lame

reason to want to do a PhD you want to

do a PhD because you want to make an

impact you wanted you want to ask ask

life-changing questions you want to do

through research projects that can

actually change lives and impact life so

if your resume for doing a PhD is just

because you want to have the doctor in

front of your name

don't because what's gonna happen is if

I start a PhD and you're not going to be

able to sustain to sing your sustain

yourself in the process because your

reasoning and your motives are all

messed up all jacked up so the Y is very

important also number three is you have

to think about your topic so if you have

it good why if your season allows you

what topic do you wanna pursue me for

your dissertation so a lot of times and

you a lot of time to catch it lasts up

to five years this is a topic you're

gonna focus on for three to five years

this isn't copy taken asleep

it has to be topics that you are

passionate about you're interested in

and you don't mind really hundred papers

they're modern it's funny

so pick a topic say a few sitting and

the last the last tip will check out the

last I have two more tips another tip is

pick an advisor a dissertation chair

that is interested in your topic right

it'd be a big mistake

I've seen a lot of PhD students make is

that you pick an advisor who does maybe

like childhood obesity for example just

as an example and they're interested in

social marketing like how that doesn't

connect right and so your advisor is

limited on how to advise you because

your your your research interest only

marriage okay so you have to think about

the kind of advisor you're getting and

and the advisor also has a mentor

advisor has to care about your research

project has to be interested in your

research project

if your advisers are interested in a

research project and doesn't care about

you you're probably not going to

graduate I'm telling you it because

you're always going to be at the bottom

of there to do this okay so think about

that and as you consider a PhD and to

get into a ph.d program the last thing

I'll say is enjoy your journey you know

a PhD is a very tedious process but my

advice to you is do not focus on the

destination don't focus don't focus on

Oh doctor and medical doctor know he

needs focus on the journey we need to

enjoy the journey think about yourself

as any triple triple time right you want

to able to make yourself you don't think

of yourself as the getting trained to be

the best researcher out there so think

of yourself as going through this

grueling journey but also some are also

a journey that impacts your life

and changes your life changes your

analytical thinking the critical


and just change the view the world so

that's that's the last think about

before study your PhD and I think all

well so I want to wish you success in

your HD applications if you're gonna

apply I want to wish you success if you

already started and I want you to see

you because you're kind of discouraged I

want to encourage you to keep going and

my next video is gonna be about how to

develop a positive relationship

your supervisor your adviser

dissertation shape so what's up for that

baby but yeah good luck and see you all

in my next video