EdD|Should I Get My Doctorate of Education? Is It The Right Time?



hey guys welcome back um I wanted to

talk to you about the doctor of

education program um right now I just

wanted to tell you about my credentials

I have a Bachelors of Science and Family

and consumer sciences that I got in 2005

and then I have a Masters of Science and

instructional technology in 2015 I

received that and then in May 29 teen I

just received my second master's in

education and the biggest question that

I've been asking myself in my mind is

should I go back to school to finish out

this letter as degree and get my

doctorate of Education so I know

everybody was all this education but

what you trying to do I know I'm asking

myself that same question okay at the

end of the day what I think I want to

really convey to you today is the

challenges and I guess this video is

about if you are this way maybe it's not

time okay for you to get a doctor well

first if you're unorganized and your

everyday life you're not eating a good

breakfast if you're not doing your

lesson plans for school like two weeks

ahead of time and like super super

prepare you may not want to enter into

active education program if you are

procrastinating like me you may not want

to enter into the doctor of education

program and if you are also at home with

little small children that's really

really love you they really love you but

they need in a need your time you may

not want to get it to the doctorate of

education program and you had why but

why because it's time so you will have

to take the next three you think about

it three years to really

really dig into education they into the

thing you're doing every day in order to

become a doctor of it and you have to be

super super

eat a great breakfast in the morning

organize yo your units like months ahead

of time schedule for that have the

schedule for when you get home to

actually do the work the coursework once

I finished just last master's I realized

that I as a name this is Elma I didn't

have any more brain space for education

like some of my courses for this

master's degree were actually in class

like I was sitting there in class for

another master's and I'm sitting there

with like kids that was in undergraduate

school and I'm like oh baby uh-huh the

way I'm set up this is too much for me

like I just really was not prepared to

be sitting in the body classroom and

typically most of these diapers and

education programs they are actually

online so it's not so bad but the

coursework the requirements of an

analyst but you have to really look into

the actual coursework and you're gonna

realize by whoa I can't have anything

going on outside of this and if you'll

turn up girl

trying to get it in if you have like a

needy little little kids running around

the house if you are like teaching all

subjects now I feel kind of like teach

you want something you probably get away

with it but teaching all subjects teach

elementary school you're teaching all

subject you might want to kind of pace

yourself miss ma'am

a mister sir mm-hmm because it's gonna

be a lot so at the end of the day I do

want to get my

I'm doctor it never I like wine to be

honest with you I long to be dr. del

Moro I want to be doctor at the end of

the day I just feel like as in I miss

personally says enough african-american

woman we don't a hat we do not have a

lot a lot of doctorates of Education

running around here and one thing ever

influenced me is four hours at our

school we had a black history of my

program and they had this awesome lady I

forgot a name but I forget it I'll let

you guys know but she had her doctorate

of Education she had a master's she was

the first part of these the English is

kind of like trailblazing

and I'm like really into trailblazing

I'm really into forward-thinking and

what's an exit okay how can we figure

out what the next generation will run

from our generation like that's just me

that's just who I am

the thing today I think the credential

go in when you become doctor they

respect that doctor they always think

that doctor the doctor the sick but when

they were asking the kids in the

audience like what do you what do you

take from this do I really thought like

that we're just doctors of the sick and

they didn't realize that there's

actually doctors of Education like

professors typically have their doctor

and like wow like my kids really didn't

know that and I'm like I don't want to

be in elementary classroom as dr.

something now am I ready for that I'll

call it in to my little chimps

I'm not ready but I'll call it to my

heart and with the future holds who

knows well I'm gonna take up all your

time on this video I just want you guys

to know that it does require a lot of

extra time that to be honest with you I

don't have but if you do have it go for

it I really encourage you to just just

think sky's the limit for all your

dreams and if you can financially afford

it if you can look for financial aid

cancel a salamander paradox it was like

let you go and get some type of grants

and scholarships and go on these cohorts

and stuff like that

however if you want on your home with

her all that research and background I

tell you just go down a research I'm the

best school see what you can afford

see what your district can do for you

see what your school can do flee not all

these resources resources first because

it's costly

okay big loss alright it's at the end of

the day I just want to thank you for

listening to me I encourage everyone to

go after all the education of knees like

I said I'm a big proponent on getting

that brain right

so I fan today thank you