New Automated DMV Kiosks Providing Relief For Bay Area Drivers

for most people going to the DMV is its

own hellish experience its own uniquely

punishing way to spend your day but

thanks to automated kiosks like this one

behind me many of you may never have to

go there again

the DMV installed the kiosk at the

Central Park Library branch in Santa

Clara hoping that it would help you sir

steer clear of the long lines and it

plagued drivers at DMV offices seemingly

forever nobody likes to go to the imbiah

and stand for hours especially when you

got kids and here you're hitting two

birds with one stone you come to library

hang out do your thing get your books

and get your registration printed out

and you would put your the kiosk allows

you to renew your registration right on

the spot even if you've waited until the

very last minute printing out your new

tags right then and there no lines no

hassles with appointments every

appointment was available after my

expiration date so I went down like

everybody else and waited there for four

hours just to renew my license yeah it

was it was a headache

the DMV has also installed kiosks and

select Safeway stores across the Bay

Area it's an effort to give their

customers options by an agency notorious

for bad customer service it's

instantaneous you let's say your

registration is due today you can come

in and get your sticker and your

registration card instantly one word of

warning if you have to do something like

get your car smog tested you'll need to

do that first before coming here in

Santa Clara Devon Philly KPIX 5