Automated Department of Motor Vehicle Kiosk

to begin you just touch the begin and

this screen tells you what payment

methods are available okay so you can do

cash you can do credit card or you can

pay by cheque correct this is the volume

level we have audio assistance so you

select your volume the note level

internet and now this is what type of

transaction you would like to do a motor

vehicle transit this one goes back and

tells you the fees associated with doing

it through the kiosk so touch next if

you agree you know ahead of time what

it's going to charge you right asking me

for my plate and also the giving a

review of what the payment types are

correct touch next

and now this screen asks you how you

would like to access your information

you can input your license plate or you

can scan the barcode on your renewing

this bar barcode would be on my radio

notice and then I just place it in the

scanner like you do at the grocery store

okay now this screen comes back and

tells you the vehicle and for you to

review and approve certify that it got

pulled up the correct vehicle was indeed

my vehicle this is the vehicle again if

you would like to add another vehicle to

renew you can do on this screen will

tell you the vehicle and the cost you

know this is your total fees due so it's

gonna show the cost of the vehicle the

taxes and then also if you're paying by

check or by card there's a slightly

different fees yes we're gonna pay by


we're gonna select what payment method

pay by card and we swipe our card like I

do like a grocery store and now your

receipt will print

and this is for my records so I know I

paid by a card or by check or by cash

and it breaks down the fees very good

and now your registration certificate

and tag will print and there I have my

tag for my plate here attached to this

piece of paper and then I have the

registration information that I'll put

in the glove compartment of our car and

took less than two minutes to do phone