Dealing With the DMV Is Hell - This Kiosk Helps You Renew registration

it's recording hey what's going on

everybody its Jonathan golden and we are

back with the gt3 my wife's behind the

camera doing some weird stuff something

what what we have a new on this video is

never to go to the DMV again to renew

your registration so my registration for

my Chevy Volt my other car came in the

mail and if you're like me you

procrastinate to the last minute to pay

for anything because I don't like to pay

anything you know right on time or in

advance if it's not due right you want

to just you just don't want to pay so

it's two hundred and forty four dollars

due tomorrow but I didn't pay for it so

what do you do you go in person up to

the DMV a kiosk so kiosks could be local

located at Albertson's bonds or you can

google a DMV kiosk near you and you can

find that other ways to renew your DMV

is internet or by phone so if you're

like me you you know you gets up in the

mail you forget about it

or you move around and you change your

mailing address so that happened to be

one year where I renewed my license or

renewed my registration for my car and

then I moved and then the stickers came

later at another address I didn't get

there I no longer lived there and that

was a misfortune because I got pulled

over eventually because my stickers were

expired but my registration was renewed

so I had the paper but the CHP they're

not really too lenient about it so he

gave me a fix-it ticket and I had to go

buy new stickers at a triple-a what's it

called Auto Club yeah yeah it's a

triple-a Auto Club if you register there

you can pay there in person the DMV fees

there's a short line but you have to go

there if you lost your sticker someone

took off your sticker nowadays I haven't

had any trouble with the stickers but

that cost me $18.00

so the kiosk was very handy I used it

I've been using

for a few times someone reached out to

me and said hey you should go to the DMV

kiosk because I was I talked to a lot of

people and that conversation having to

come up and it took me a few minutes

went into Albertson at the kiosk got my

sticker right away and now I'm gonna put

on my car and the registration is due


so nine twenty two twenty nineteen and

it's gonna have a sticker so I'm not

gonna get pulled over or if I do get

pulled over everything's to be current

registered and have my sticker and

everything like that so hope you found

that helpful because you don't want to

get pulled over for that it's a silly

fix-it ticket and it will you know waste

it waste money for that and I'll just

mention it I'm in DMV or I'll just

mention I live in California so DMV is

for a California State and the DMV fee

is are pretty crazy I was reading them

it's point sixty five percent of the

sales price so mine was about sixteen

thousand the registration fee is 136 we

also have the license fee seventy seven

dollars and we have the County District

fees eleven dollars the smog payment

fees twenty dollars so total 244 you do

not want to know what the registration

is on this thing it is about twelve

hundred dollars the car was above one

hundred thousand dollars so yeah yikes

you got to pay those once a year if

you're in California in other states do

I believe you have to renew it every

year a couple years and the prices of

Faerie so I just wanted to give you guys

that information I hope you find this

video helpful I'm going to start doing

more videos like on just helpful videos

related to cars or maybe business

because going to the track every day

with this car it does eat up tires and

the videos are pretty limited for me on

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