New DMV Kiosk Serves Up Car Registrations

this program has been brought to you by

Durango party-rental we put it all

together perfectly

as the La Plata County government

struggles to cut costs in the face of

declining natural gas revenues County

Clerk Tiffany Parker is doing her part

by closing the clerk's satellite office

in Bayfield at the end of the year but

east county residents will still be able

to register their motor vehicles in

Bayfield Parker recently unveiled a self

service station at the Pine River

library so what this is is a motor

vehicle vehicle registration renewal

kiosk so what we can do here is with

check or credit card you can renew your

registration and it actually spits out

your tag in your registration I mean the

transaction takes about three minutes

total time to complete so it's there's

ten counties so far in the state of

Colorado that have a kiosk and it is a

pilot program the kiosk has been

installed as part of a statewide pilot

program to reduce local administrative

costs and customer wait times associated

with motor vehicle registrations Parker

said County residents typically wait 15

minutes for a clerk to register their

vehicles at headquarters in Durango and

with the Bayfield satellite office

closing in December parker worried that

those wait times would increase

significantly the kiosk will serve up

registration renewals and license plate

tags in about five minutes it will be

available during library hours including

weekends when the clerk's office is

normally closed replacing the satellite

office with a self-serve kiosk will save

the county about sixty thousand dollars

in operating costs employees currently

staffing the bay field office will move

to Durango to alleviate the clerk's

workload which has grown significantly

during the past couple of years

along with lopata county's population a

second kiosk is expected to be added to

the Durango office later this year both

are installed and serviced by computer

nerds of Durango for Pine River library

hours to access the kiosk visit P our

library org