TOP 5: Best Desktop Computer 2020

purchasing the best computer you can

afford is perhaps one of the most

important investments in your life

especially if your computer is vital to

your day-to-day productivity personal

life or family but with so many

different options out there it is not

always easy to figure out which is best

in this video we're breaking down the

best five desktop computers on the

market this year based on price

performance features and situations they

will be used in we'll be taking a look

at computers in every price range so

whether you're looking for an everyday

use budget computer or a high

performance workhorse we'll have an

option for you so if you're interested

in finding out which desktop computer

will be best for you stay tuned as

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the first product we'll be looking at

today is the HP Envy all-in-one our

choice for Best all-in-one desktop PC if

you're looking for a top notch

all-in-one desktop computer then it's

$1700 the 27-inch HP Envy is one of the

best you're going to find this

all-in-one HP is a well-balanced

all-in-one desktop and comes with an

intel core i7 processor and dedicated

and Vidia geforce gtx 1050 GPU that can

handle 1080p gaming with most Triple A

games 4k video editing and 4k movie

streaming to name a few it's 4 K 27 inch

touchscreen display is a standout

feature and makes the env extremely

versatile for example when watching

Netflix you can simply touch the monitor

to quickly browse for a movie plus the

27-inch screen will make your Netflix

viewing absolutely cinematic with

dazzling bright colors in gorgeous 4k

resolution HP has really packed the envy

with power and productivity in mind you

can easily upgrade from the provided 16

gigabytes of RAM to 32 gigabytes but 16

gigabytes is plenty to handle most if

not all of your daily multitasking

another great feature is the webcam door

when you want to use the webcam just

push the tab at the top of the monitor

that slides the webcam out when you're

finished push it back in hiding for


as for speakers you'll be impressed with

the included for Bang & Olufsen speakers

they sound very good and produce a very

rich audio experience the HP Envy serves

great as a central work or PlayStation

and with its beautiful classic and

simple design it will look good in your

living room bedroom or office so if

you're looking for an outstanding

all-in-one desktop to do all your tests

but don't feel like having a lot of

peripherals or accessories laying around

the HP Envy is the perfect solution

although it is by no means a cheap

computer at the end of the day the HP

Envy 27-inch is an outstanding well

balanced all-in-one desktop with a

beautiful design and gorgeous 4k display

that more than justifies its price point

if you are a creative professional stay

tuned for the 27-inch iMac and if you're

looking for more raw power or a gaming

desktop then check out the HP omen

obelisk coming up later in the video

next we'll be looking at the Dell XPS


as the best all-rounder desktop PC if

you're shopping for an affordable

desktop tower that has pretty decent

hardware the Dell XPS Tower priced under

850 dollars

presents a fantastic all-rounder value

do not think of the Dell XPS as a cheap

Tower XPS actually stands for extreme

performance station and on board you'll

find a six core i5 chip with eight

gigabytes of RAM and an nvidia geforce

GT 1030 graphics card making this

affordable tower no slouch when it comes

to handling your needs from gaming video

editing and movie streaming if you need

to accomplish some heavy duty tasks like

4k video editing 3d modeling or software

design Fadel XPS is really going to make

your life easier

in design the Dell XPS isn't flashy by

any means but it's more understated and

elegant with its minimalistic black

aesthetic it'll match in any room you

put it in and the internal fans are so

quiet that you'll hardly even notice

them so you can work or play in peace

another convenient feature is that the

Dell XPS lets you upgrade it with ease

you won't need to use a screwdriver to

open the chassis instead the tower opens

up like a toy chest with a simple push

of a button making it easy for you to

remove and upgrade parts it's a pretty

thoughtful design that comes in super

handy when you want to upgrade and you

won't have to struggle with the

hard-to-reach areas

at an affordable price point you get a

powerful Intel processor eight gigabytes

of RAM a mid-level GPU and an ample one

terabyte of hard drive space the Dell

XPS Tower is one of the best-looking and

most upgradable all-rounder desktop pcs

around if you are looking for value then

this baby is an excellent choice the

third product we're looking at today is

the Acer Aspire TC 885 our choice for

best budget desktop computer if you're

looking for a budget desktop to do basic

computing movie streaming and surfing

the Acer Aspire TC 885 is a superb

choice for you at just under five

hundred and fifty dollars this budget

machine is worth looking into the Acer

Aspire is a dependable and efficient

daily use desktop computer for your home

but since the TC 885 uses integrated

graphics it is not a gaming PC and you

can only expect to play basic 3d games

at best if you are looking for a

top-of-the-line gaming desktop check out

the omen obelisk coming up later however

with that said if you're wanting a basic

budget computer for general computing

tasks such as batch photo editing and

processing multimedia enjoyment and

editing large spreadsheets then the Acer

Aspire is perfectly well suited the TC

885 is a meat-and-potatoes build with a

very respectable Intel i5 core and 12

gigabytes of RAM which is more than

enough to handle most desktop

applications and photo editing software

like Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft

applications plus you also get a 512

gigabyte solid state hard drive which is

a real value added bonus at this price

point the solid-state hard drive will

shorten your boot up times to mere

seconds from a looks-wise perspective

the design is very clean polished and

features some aesthetically pleasing

grooves that gives the Acer Aspire a

very streamlined and executive look and

feel the Acer Aspire TC 885 is all about

sensible hardware that is made for a

general daily use machine to check email

surf the web stream movies and do a

little work at the same time for the

price the 12 gigabytes of RAM and the

512 gigabyte solid state hard drive is

enough to make this desktop one of the

best budget options on the market if

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eyes in the comments below now we'll be

looking at the Apple iMac 27-inch our

choice for best desktop computer for

creative professionals the latest Apple

iMac 27-inch is one of the most powerful

all-in-one desktop computers you'll see

on the market today

and at under twenty three hundred

dollars it's a perfect choice for

creative professionals IMAX have been

improving with each model the latest

boasts the much talked-about 5k Retina

display and yes it is truly stunning

with 1 billion colors and 500 nits of

brightness with real-world color with

more balance and precision Retina

display also gives superb color gamut

coverage and accuracy that beats most

pcs aimed at creatives for black levels

srgb Adobe RGB and DCI p3 if you do

casual work on your PC these may not

mean much but if you're a designer or

photographer you'll definitely

appreciate the high-end specs as part of

your creative tools everything about the

iMac is designed to be faster and more

efficient so your creative work flow

isn't hindered by spinning cursors while

you wait for a filter or edit to happen

the lightning-fast six core Intel Core

i5 processor combined with the Mac OS is

excellent memory management for

multitasking you can easily jump from

Photoshop to illustrator to InDesign

without missing a beat for maximum

productivity the 27-inch iMac comes with

a massive 2 terabyte fusion drive which

is going to come in handy when you work

in HD 2k or even 4k video or RAW format

photos the 2 Thunderbolt 3 ports lets

you connect high-end peripherals like

rate drives or even Blackmagic cameras

with blazing fast transfer speeds way

beyond USB connections for the creative

professional the iMac 27-inch is a

graphic studio photography darkroom and

a full-fledged video and sound

production studio all packed into one

amazing desktop computer when they call

it an all-in-one

they really mean all-in-one it meets the

heavy demands of just about every

creative discipline

the last product we're looking at today

is our choice for the best desktop

computer for gaming the HP omen obelisk

for serious triple-a gamers the $1700 HP

omen obelisk is not only one of the best

gaming rigs available it's also easily

upgradable making it completely

future-proof so you'll always have a

high performance machine for all the new

titles yet to come pre builds get a bad

reputation for being substandard builds

and while some are the HP omen obelisk

just isn't one of them this compact

gaming rig sports an Intel Core i7 9600

K processor and an NVIDIA GeForce r-tx

2080 super 8 gigabyte graphics card if

Fortnight overwatch and pub G games are

you staple then the omens powerful

ultra-fast processor will have no

problem handling your demanding titles

it's more than ready to play games in

1440p at high refresh rates and can even

achieve 60 frames per second in 4k

gaming The Omen delivers hyper realistic

graphics and allows you to experience

new levels of gaming realism speed and

immersion with real-time ray tracing

technologies you can even scale up your

gaming and make it more immersive by

adding a second or third screen thanks

to the omens triple display support the

HP omen obelisk design keeps it simple

but with just enough pizazz to avoid

being boring it's a compact gaming

desktop that is narrow and not very deep

with a relatively small footprint a

full-length tempered glass window makes

up the left panel through which you can

see the LED illumination inside you can

also use the HP omen command center to

customize RGB lighting and to prioritize

gaming network traffic the omen also

comes VR ready and supports VR

components such as a VR headset making

this rig future-proof another feature to

highlight is the omen game stream which

comes in handy when streaming gameplay

to a large screen if you can afford it

the HP omen obelisk is one of the best

gaming pcs on the market in its class

besides being easy to upgrade the omen

obelisk also delivers exceptional

seamless leg free performance is

future-proof and also power efficient

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