DO NOT go to Dental School IF...

good morning everyone shove her back for

another video it is a balmy 44 degrees

out here I'm freezing I'm headed into

class I have two tests today right the

one I'm going to take right now is tooth

ID test

it's basically we have 20 questions

they put 20 teeth well one one tooth per

question and we have two we get to pick

it up and rotate it look at it whatever

we want any angle we have to tell which

one it is and it doesn't seem that hard

but when you're dealing with maxillary

molars it's so hard to tell a first

molar from a second molar because they

look exactly the same so future self if

you're really good at it props because

right now I hate it but I think I've

prepared pretty well for this one and

the other test I have today I also had

two tests on Thursday so this week's

gonna be a grind I'm gonna take you guys

along with me

I wish me luck and I'll see you in a few


okay I finally made it through the day

the two test this morning went pretty

well I think I won't know for I don't

know probably a week they're kind of far

behind on grading but that's okay I am

confident in how I did which is awesome

but I almost had a nightmare on my hands

just barely got home I was on campus all

day we had a review worked out and I

studied a little bit so I got home

pretty late but I walked in opened my

fridge and it was not cold at all and I

was like no I checked my freezer and

there was like puddles of water because

everything had melted already big the

fridge had been turned off all day so I

thought I don't know I thought I was

gonna have to spend a bunch of money on

fixing my fridge whoo I didn't know what

was gonna go on and so frantically

called the the emergency line for my

apartment the few minutes later they

called me and the guy was like yeah go

check your breaker box before we send

someone out to fix it went in there

check the breaker box one breaker was

tripped flip the back on fridge came on

everything's a-okay

luckily did not lose all my food

everything's so good thank goodness I

did not want to have to deal with that

but that was my crisis averted

so it's a good night so even though

those two tests went well today and I

was celebrating just for a little bit

can't celebrate too long because I have

two more tests on Thursday so the rest

of the night and most of pretty much all

of tomorrow night is gonna be spent

cramming for those wish me luck








it is Wednesday night already tomorrow

morning to test

same class how we have to test in the

same class who knows what we do and I

think I'm ready for it

but we'll see tomorrow after that we I

get a little bit of a break gonna go

play some more flag football at the

mighty Moeller bears tomorrow night

should be fun and then it's right back

to studying

or I guess waxing because I have waxing

practical coming up on Tuesday and

that's gonna be the rest of the week

just studying getting ready also getting

ready for an anatomy test that is going

to be a beast of a test I am NOT ready

for it it is I think there is a like 10

or 11 lectures each with 60 slides that

each have you could ask 25 questions

from each slide and that isn't as in two

weeks I'm real stressed out I don't know

the material better than I do I have so

many lectures to go over it's gonna take

forever to make that mini flashcards but

if I can start this early two weeks

should give me enough time to prepare

for lecture and then on top of that I

have to prepare for the lab part so

identifying a bunch of structures on the

cadavers which is also hard because

we're going through a bunch of nerves in

the abdomen anyways not trying to

complain but it's gonna be a busy busy

weekend and a busy busy week next week

so I'm just gonna keep going keep on the

ground okay now to get to the actual

title of this video I needed a break

it's Friday night and I've been waxing

for hours my neck kind of hurts check it

out right here

see you guys see all that yeah pretty

fun I can do it from home not but

anyways let's have a sit down I've been

in school for what two two-and-a-half

months now and I feel like because I

have been around all 110 of my

classmates for hours and hours every day

a lot on the weekends even I've gotten

to know

a ton of them really well and I've

noticed some trends that I feel like the

admissions committee looked for when

they were choosing all of us to attend

school and I feel I could be helpful for

you guys to be able to understand

exactly what type of person OS you or

maybe even other dental schools are

looking for when it comes time to

applying to a particular school so I put

together a list of three things that if

the if these things apply to you you

might want to reconsider dental school

as your future and not only because you

won't succeed but more importantly I

think you will be miserable for four

years and the field of Dentistry as a

whole is probably not gonna be for you

so the first one if you are not

self-motivated than 100% dental school

is not for you and that probably goes

for any other type of graduate school as


so med law farm PA whatever it is it's

probably not something you want to be

doing and this is why if you don't have

the motivation to spend tons of time

outside of class learning all the

material that the teachers give you you

aren't gonna be successful and you're

gonna be miserable and stressed out

because you're always gonna feel behind

and to me that's one of the worst

feelings ever so obviously like I've

been saying in every single video since

I've started school you I am getting a

ton of information thrown at me and the

teachers and my professors they do a

really good job of organizing it as well

as they can but it's just a ton of stuff

that we need to know and even though I

feel like the teachers are really good

yeah I still have to spend hours and

hours outside of school either

memorizing lecture material or going

into lab and practicing drilling

practicing waxing like I'm doing tonight

or practicing and doing making molds and

casts and impressions there's just so

many things that you have to dedicate a

lot of time outside of class and if you

don't you will definitely you

that's for sure and even if you're just

trying to give Iowa sees you won't be

able to do it so if you are not

self-motivated dental school is not for

you so the second thing that you guys

need to look out for is if you are a

true introvert dental school probably

isn't for you for a couple of reasons

one you have to make friends to survive

so over these last few months I have

very very quickly almost everyone has

really quickly become super close and

not only because we just kind of meshed

together like a personality zoo a lot of

us like sports a lot of us have a ton of

other things in common but we have done

it out of necessity because school is so

hard and there's so much stuff coming at

us it is so helpful to just communicate

with all of your classmates you know

someone to do a study guide for biochem

and someone else is really focused on

the anatomy and they'll put their study

guide online so that all of us can share

information so if you are a loner and

you are not making those connections you

aren't going to have access to those

kind of things and it will make it to

dental school it's so much more

difficult and you will not be happy

because you'll see everyone else forming

these relationships and getting along

well and you're over in a corner feeling

isolated feeling alone and it is not a

place where you want to add that social

stress or social anxiety on top of all

the other stress that you are feeling

and I'm not trying to say that you know

I honestly consider myself an introvert

but I'm not so introverted that I don't

enjoy going out and meeting new people

and there's actually a couple kids in my

class where I feel like they aren't

forming good friendships with people and

they're kind of just trying to do it all

on my own

and I can already recognize you know in

their face every week they get a little

bit more depressed and it just seems

like dental school is way hard for them

so if you really don't like making

friends if you don't like being outgoing

in a group situation you might want to

reconsider dental school not only for

you know the class and educational part

I mean are now but even for

you know practicing once you're in

dentistry you have to be able to form a

really good relationship with your

patients and you have to be outgoing

friendly even if you know your personal

life is I don't know something really

rough is happening if you're going

through some down times you have to kind

of put on that happy face so that your

patients don't really see that so I

think it's really important that you

lean more towards the extrovert rather

than introvert but you definitely do not

have to be you know crazy so crazy life

of the party or anything like that

because I'm not but if you are if you

hate making friends hate being in the

social scene maybe dental school is not

for you and the last thing that I think

is really important for you to have in

your personality before you apply to

dental school is you should be very very

detail-oriented and obviously you know

you can kind of develop these skills but

if you go into school being

detail-oriented it will benefit you so

much more and I say this because just

imagine so I have a whole entire oral

anatomy class a semester long it's super

intense and it is all about learning the

different shapes and angles of five

freaking teeth in your mouth imagine

that a whole semester long course tongue

you know quizzes tests exams on five

freaking teeth and it's I had no idea

all these things existed before school

started and it is amazing how much

detail we go into we have to know just

so much minutiae about every single

tooth and it's crazy now I understand

why you know it's our whole entire

career but just that one course has

shown me how much detail we need to pay

attention to when in order to be a good

practicing dentist and not even that

class you know we also have drilling you

know where you're dealing when you're

drilling out a tooth you're dealing with

honestly 0.1 of a millimeter and you

have to either do that with your eyes or

close to it so being able to really

focus in and care about little little

tiny detail

we'll make a huge huge difference in

whether you're going to succeed in

dental school or not those are three

personality traits that I think you guys

should watch out for if any of those

apply to you 100% maybe rethink the your

future of going into dentistry you

definitely don't have to take my word

for it these are just some things that

I've noticed that all my classmates have

in common

and that you should have and you need to

be able to be successful in not only

successful enjoy life while you're in

dental school which is just as important

as all the hard work and studying that

you put in if you're miserable no matter

what you're doing you're probably not

going to be very good at it

but anyways hopefully this helps some of

you guys figure out whether you want to

put in all the hard work that takes to

get ready to apply let me know if you

guys have any questions or further

thoughts on any of this stuff down below

in the comments and thanks for watching

I hope you guys have a good weekend and

a good week coming up if you have an

interview coming up this weekend or next

weekend good luck just be yourself and

you'll be good to go you fill your

interview thanks for watching and I'll

see you guys the next