Why I was REJECTED from EVERY Dental School I Applied To

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this one beautiful Channel yeah

so today I want to talk to you guys

about you read it right I regret we got

rejected from every single dental school

I applied to and I didn't just like

apply the three or five I applied to

quite a few and I did not even get an

interview not one interview all straight

up email rejections but I'm over it um

and the reason I'm making this video is

because I want to share with others

about the flaws or I guess weak points

in my application so that you can be

mindful of it and you can prepare

yourself for the dental school

application process and so God willing

you do not go through the same thing

that I went through and you get into

least one dental school on the first try

so let's get right into it


first off let me list the dental schools

I applied to I think I might be like

forgetting a one or two but this is what

I remember so far so UT Health Science

Center and Houston and UTL science in

San Antonio I applied to Texas A&M

College of Dentistry which I am

currently Act also Midwestern in Arizona

Glendale Arizona Meharry in Tennessee

Nova Southeastern in Florida Howard in

Maryland and University of Nevada Las

Vegas is Howard in Maryland I think so

yeah but anyways again long story short

I applied to all eight of these

universities and was rejected from each

one one by one by one and of course in

the moment I was like I don't understand

why these schools are rejecting me like

I mean I knew my GPA was weak and I knew

my GT was average but I was still like

if they were only like take a chance to

get to know me maybe

yeah but you know what God has a plan in

everything and honestly what the path

that I took to get to the home school it

worked out way way way better for me

than going straight in would have and so

I'm really grateful of that things

panned out the way they did but let's

talk about my application and the weak

points and why I believe I was rejected

without even if was that question no

interview nothing let's get into it

first my GPA my GPA was a three point

one six you heard that right

three point one six you know what I'm

grateful it was at least in threes

because the first and second year of


really really refer me academically and

I I tried with all my might to like get

back up to at least like at three point

four but as you can see that didn't work

out for me and I knew that was a weak

point going into my application and

actually some one of my advisors

straight-up told me don't apply to

dental school cuz I'm not gonna get in

and because she said that that just made

me want to apply even more so I just

like disregarded what she said I was

like anyways I'm gonna prove you wrong

and so yeah I went ahead and applied and

obviously you guys have the end result

second thing I had an 18 academic

average on my CIT and at this point I

had taken my Det twice and my academic

average was still in eighteen and so I

feel like that just set me back even

further if I had taken it once and done

in eighteen academic average maybe I

would have got an interview and be like

okay you know it's not that great but

it's not bad but because I took it twice

and didn't improve and my overall score

bad sign so Keith don't take the DAT

unless don't take the DT again unless

you know that you can score

significantly higher significantly

meaning like

at least three or four points above your

academic average what you had before I'm

not the last things I think weaken my

application were my essays and personal

statement though I don't think they were

bad I thought I should thought they were

you know pretty good but I should've

asked more people to read my personal

statement and essays but I'm the tech

person I don't like asking for help and

I don't like showing people like

personal stuff like yeah mmm so I asked

my mom to read it and I think I might

arrest one of my advisers to like look

over it and that was it and I think I

should have asked some more people

because the more people you asked like

the more suggestions they give and more

input in like different perspectives

that says different perspectives you get

from showing it to different people and

it could have only enhanced my essays

and personal statement to make me stand

out a little bit more and show that side

of me that's not a parent through my

numerical scores like the DAT and my GPA

so what I did that was good was

shadowing I shadowed a lot but one thing

I didn't go to a variety of dentists I

went to one dentist which was my dentist

and like a family friend so maybe that

also wasn't that great I also shoutout

another dentist for just like one day he

is like a traveling general dentist who

did oral surgery but another thing I did

do was when I was on a mission trip in

the Dominican Republic a dental mission

trip that is I did out since I was

working in a clinic I was also shadowing

that the dentists there and I believe I

did list that as part of my showering

hours and so I think overall shadowing I

did pretty well and again like I said

volunteering I volunteered through my

church as well as like different on

campus organizations and honestly don't

long tear if your heart

not in it like I can't stand you got a

soapbox real quick mm-hmm I cannot stand

I cannot stand when people do okay so

not putting like all people in a box but


bro at my university they were super

super intense and you could tell when

they were just doing things for the sake

of their application and not because

their heart was in it they're just like

oh we need a volunteer

oh and use it I know we're what's going

on over there I'll do that too but not

volunteering because like you know what

this is something I'm passionate about

this is something that I won't like you

know care about it was all for their

application and so I don't know if

admissions officers can tell when

somebody's heart is not into the

volunteering during application but just

as a character thing if you are gonna

volunteer somewhere or do something make

sure that your heart isn't it and you

can sympathize with like the situation

that's going on or like yeah anyways the

last good thing that I think was on my

application were my like hobbies and you

know things that in a way like involved

dentistry meaning using your hands I

took sculpture sculpting sculpture

I took a sculpture class my junior and

senior year of undergrad and I love it

like absolutely loved it and it wasn't

like sculpture like you think like you

have clay and you're molding up

something no it was like woodshop and I

want to say mining but mining is not the

word welding welding and I made a

sculpture ooh it's a bit early to be

thinking about that isn't it indeed I

just started eating

I mean it wasn't okay Becca Becca Becca

it wasn't made of poop but I made a

sculpture of something that looks like

poop I made it with clay and like it was

a bedazzled like you know the poop emoji

I'll insert a picture but like just like

really creative things that you know

make you think outside of the box when

creating things and make you look at

things like not like I don't know it was

just an amazing experience and I loved

loved loved it and I understand most

schools don't have sculpture classes or

if they do they're confined there are

only for like art majors but I was lucky

enough to take that class and I took the

beginners class and the advanced class

and I loved it loved learn how to use

like work with wax and clay and chicken

wire and like metal but yeah so like do

things that you're passionate about and

like if you're interested in dentistry

I'm a guest thing you like using your


so do that like whether it's gardening

sewing crocheting I did a lot of


like making things building things

tearing things down like show it in your

application don't like make sure you add

things that set you apart from the rest

the point of this video was to help you

guys understand you know what makes you

stand out in an application and what is

very I guess like crucial to your

application and what I've learned from

that process obviously I did get in a

dental school and if you'd like to hear

more about that process I'd love to talk

about it I'm just like this video and I

will make a video telling you how I did

end up getting in a dental school

without having to reapply so I hope you

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