What's Dental School Like? (No Bachelors Degree!)

I don't have my bachelor's I don't think

I'm ever going to get it hi I'm Henry

and I'm here today with Laura hey first

year at dental school student at the

University of the Pacific thanks so much

for joining us thanks for having me

so what's dental school like it's

stressful it's super stressful sometimes

and we definitely spend a lot of time in

like our simulation lab where we

practice our hand skills because we're

drilling on these tiny little teeth and

some people's mouths so it's super

different from anything else that we do

in like other parts of our lives so

relearning something new when you're

like kind of older is hard definitely so

that part is like definitely a struggle

and different from everything else I've

learned okay you just go over like what

a typical day looks like one maybe a

typical week it's five days a week and

it's around eight to five so it's

basically like a full-blown job but you

kind of come home after five o'clock

you're dead tired then you have to study

more for the next exam coming up but we

rotate between like every day of the

week so in the beginning of the week we

have more classes so you just sit there

listen to like professors lecturing to

you and two days a week we have time in

the lab where we work with our

mannequins like these heads with these

bodies and you can just drill in their

mouths and take out the teeth and that

kind of stuff and you just practice on

your skills five days a week nine to

five and then you go home and you study

do you have any like free time I don't

yeah I like to take at least like half a

day off every like maybe like Saturday

the first half of the morning or maybe

like I just take a few hours whenever I

need to to just relax and do whatever I

want to do but usually Sunday nights

before the exams it's just like study

when you say study for exams is that

like hands on exams or written like

memorization a written memorization yeah

we take like anatomy biochemistry

physiology it's just stuff we have to

take for the boards because we have to

take a national boards yeah

to make sure that we're qualified to be

dentists and we're not just just crazy

people drilling into people's teeth so

we have to study for like human anatomy

and we also have like cadaver lab or we

just cut into cadavers which was really

scary and kind of scary in the beginning

but you gotta get used to it that part

is similar to medical school I guess

where you have to learn all the systems

and all of the organs and how they work

because dentistry does affect like the

rest of your body so you kind of have to

learn the whole system before you can

zoom in on just the teeth and yep exams

every week it's basically every week

sometimes it's two times a week

sometimes it's three times a week do you

have any like tips on how to hack your

way through study I like to use my iPad

to take notes and it helped a lot for me

just because it was a way to store all

my notes into one place without having

all the papers flying everywhere and me

looking for it and it also helps you

with like diagrams and stuff like that

but I used to take notes by just

basically writing down exactly what the

professor was had in the board and stuff

like that but I learned to kind of read

all of what they like had on the board

and then just kind of summarize it on my

own so then I could actually understand

what they're saying other than just

memorizing exactly what the words they

put I don't know that kind of help for

me what has been your favorite part

about being a dental student the people

you meet so many different kinds of


everyone's not like came from the same

background or all that kind of stuff

like one of them used to work at Pepsi

for a few years and then he was like I

want to be dentist and then another one

was a clown and then it's just crazy and

one just comes from such different

backgrounds and then such different

places - so you just meet so many people

who are just amazing and then on the

flip side what would you say is your

least favorite definitely the studying

absolutely but it's not too bad because

the people make it better everyone in

our class is taking the same classes at

the same time so if you do ever worry

about something you kind of go to your

friends who are also taking the same

classes and worrying about the same

things and then you freak out together

and then

it ends up being okay how did you get on

this path of becoming a dentist what you

also account before in high school well

actually it started in middle school

because my sister was slightly

interested in dentistry she started

shouting at our dentists or general

dentist and I was like follow what she's

doing so I just went along and tagged

along she ended up not wanting to do

dentistry now she's doing like other

stuff but I really liked it because of

the hand skills like you have to work

with their hands and then also being

able to talk to people so I really like

to add ever since then it's been pretty

great I also heard that you're only

twenty years old through a program

through University the Pacific this is

our jacket yeah anyway our program was

this to undergrad and then we have three

years of dental school so I only went

there two years of undergrad and then

that's why I'm 20 right now what did you

study in your I'm glad to get prepared

for Dennis Oehler

it was mostly just biology classes some

chemistry classes the basic stuff that

you kind of need to do I guess that's

why they made it so accelerator that's

how they could make it so accelerated

because they knew exactly what we need

you to take so I just basically took the

required classes and yeah and then I

took the DAT which is like the SAT for

dentists just on me you have your

bachelor's degree or are you gonna get

that with your dentists take me I don't

have my bachelor's I don't think I'm

ever gonna get it they offered us the

option of getting it but you would have

to stay during the summers and take more

classes and I didn't really think it was

necessary for me because I just wanted

to do general dentistry instead of

specializing so I just I don't have a

bachelor's so you'll be a dentist by the

time you're like 22 23

yeah is there anything that you you're

looking forward to definitely being able

to just work on people I guess because I

worked as an assistant for a few years

and hi

school and working as an assistant makes

you really want to be a dentist because

you're just like sectioning the saliva

out of people's mouths and then you wash

the dentist actually do all the work and

it just really makes you want to do the

work yourself so I guess that's what I'm

most excited for what advice would you

give for those people who are

considering dental school but aren't

sure yet um I would say just shadow as

much as you can because there's so many

jobs out there that you could do

shadowing really opens your eyes to what

dentists actually do and their

day-to-day lives for those people who

are definitely interested in dental

school can you just walk through like

the application process so for the

application you need a few

recommendation letters and those are

pretty important so like some professors

and also a dentist recommendation letter

is super important too so I guess that's

why shadowing is also important because

then you can get your connection between

your dentist and then also get a good

recommendation letter and you also have

to take the DAT and it's just like the

regular application stuff that you need

to do there's nothing like too special

about it and also like the application

essays and stuff yes still have to

interview yeah you have to interview for

different schools there's also a bunch

of different schools around the country

it's kind of scary how many of these

schools there are but every school

basically has an interview process and

each one is different one of our mutual

friends mentioned that your upcoming

Instagram style can you tell us a little

more about that I wouldn't call myself

an Instagram star it was just something

fun that I did because I started because

we drill in these plastic teeth and then

I started making little animals out of

the teeth and I called my enamel mammals

because like the layer on your teeth is

called the enamel and I don't know like

people thought it was pretty funny and

unique so I guess that's where it


and what's the Instagram handle it's dr.

teeth boutique cool well thank you so

much for sharing all about dental school

and your first year experiences thank

you for having me