MAJORS and CLASSES for Dental School Admission // LauraSmiles

hi everyone its Laura and Happy New Year

so I'm starting off this year by doing a

highly requested video and it's about

undergrad majors and classes to take for

dental school

please remember that I'm no admissions

counselor so I don't know everything but

the information that I'm sharing with

you guys is something that I would have

found useful when I was a pretent trying

to figure things out so as far as majors

go there are no specific required majors

for dental school you are free to major

and literally anything that you'd like

and I really encourage you to choose a

major that you actually enjoy and it's

based on for your personal interests aka

not what you think dental school

admissions would prefer because I don't

have a preference a lot of students

major in your typical Sciences like

biology chemistry biochemistry and that

probably because a lot of the dental

school prereqs

overlap with those specific majors

requirements but with that said you can

also successfully complete all of your

dental school prereqs

with a non science major a good chunk of

my class actually majored in the non

sciences and so some examples of my

classmates as majors are civil

engineering bioengineering medical

anthropology public health

communications comparative history of

ideas economics and psychology to be

honest I majored in biology because

biology has been my favorite school

subject since high school but if I were

to redo undergrad and she was a

different major than I would have highly

considered psychology because I actually

really loved my intro to psych class and

wish I would have taken more when it

comes down to it your undergrad major

really does not matter for dental school

admission purposes as long as you

fulfill all of the dental school

prerequisite classes which I will now

cover so different dental schools have

different prerequisites that they

require for admission and it's up to you

as a pre-dental student to look up the

schools that you're interested in

applying to in the future and make sure

that you are able to satisfy those


among the u.s. dental schools here are

some popular prereqs general biology

with lab general chemistry with lab

organic chemistry with lab physics with

lab biochemistry English Composition

human anatomy physiology microbiology

psychology and the social sciences and

humanities these are not Universal

prereqs for all schools they're kind of

like a compilation of the most popular

ones and again the number of credits

also varies from school to school so you

want to make sure that you take that

into consideration I suggest making a

spreadsheet of all of the prereqs from

the schools that you are interested in

applying to and so you can easily see

like what classes you've already

completed and what courses that you will

need to take in the future some optional

classes to consider taking are intro to

business public health communications

sociology ceramics to kind of build up

your manual dexterity and at my school

they actually offered a course called

planning a career in dentistry and is

actually a class offered by the School

of Dentistry to undergrad students and

it's a great class where pre donal

students are actually able to learn

about the different aspects of Dentistry

and they're taught from you Doug's very

own faculty so to recap choose a major

that you are genuinely interested and

learning about and something that you're

good at because when it comes down to it

your major really really does not matter

no purpose is given to any particular

field whether you're science or non

science search your dental schools of

interest as soon as you can so that you

know what dental school class

requirements you need to take and you

can plan in and have the correct number

of credit hours in addition to just the

dental school prereqs I suggest taking

classes that will be beneficial to you

when you are becoming a dentist that's

kind of vague but an example of that

would be

I took an intro to sociology class

during my undergrad and

is really helpful for me in learning

about the health disparities and the

importance of cultural competency and

those are things that we're currently

learning in dental school because you

need to learn how to work with those

patient populations and like how to

address different issues so hopefully

you found this video helpful if you did

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