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be talking about five things you need to

know before starting dental school so

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number one scrubs are expensive

especially if you want like these these

are called figs it's just a brand of

scrubs these are about like 60 70

dollars per pair that's why this is my

only pair figs and it's also at my

favorite subscribe comment combo that's

right but for different schools it's

different like if some schools you have

to wear certain color each year where

it's time for my school you can wear

whatever color you want whatever here as

long as the top and the bottom are the

same color so definitely save the family

or just not even say free money it would

just budget Alice started Malik I have

I've straps but I really work for them

but like over the years I'm going to buy

more but I serve that with about four

guys dress

and so that way I have one for each day

of the week and I can wash and do a

little break-in and honestly it's a

secret scrub still need to be washed

after every use that's my opinion unless

you're seeing patients which I'm not

right now I'm just sitting in a lecture

hall all day and I even sweating are

moving various data good actually I

don't necessarily wash my scrubs after

every single use I don't see anybody I

said that no one's gonna want to sit

next to me in class now hmm number two

so dental school is very very very

detail-oriented you would not believe

how many crevices and rockwork positive

Anatomy and negative Anatomy like how

every little Ridge has a name it is

crazy and you have to learn all that

like take a look at this see how those

lines each of those lines happen to have

a different name and of course every

tooth has a different number and so one

of the first classes I took last

semester was dental Anatomy or basically

you recreate structure with tooth using

wax and some instruments and that's it

and so you have to be aware of every

depression every occur like if it's not

it's too pointed it's wrong it's true

flat it's wrong you know because it's

not just about how it looks it's about

the functionality of the tooth so it's

all great for an antique look great and

everything but over time like if you're

chewing and chomping on it or whatever

the patient's doing that it might look

cute for a while but then a cusp might

break off or like a ridge might break on

and that's patients gonna come back to

very unhappy or mate they might not even

come back to you to make friends

because of functionality of the tooth

wasn't there some sort professors

associate professors are really really

hard on us about our hand skills and

what we can create with our hands so

there's a lot of practice and a lot of

critiques and like oh this is all great

but you need to fix this and when you

fix that a ton of other things can mess

up at the same time so it can be a

little frustrating but it's so worth it

when you get complete an amazing whack

set or an amazing prep restoration which

is when a drill to drill into the tooth

to remove a cavity so if you have an

iPad detail definitely look into dental

school I mean if you if you have an eye

for detail and if not they'll teach you

okay so a question that I'd get very

often is is doubtful hard and so with

number three I'm gonna answer this

question the dental school is

challenging extremely challenging it is

the most challenging thing I've done it

has tested me spiritually physically

emotionally mentally every single way I

have been tested and it has been

extremely challenging however I would

not use the word hard because hard and

thigh is that it's like it can't be

overcome or as a school it's been

overcome by millions of other people I

can definitely do it but it is very

challenging like the first year of

dental school is very didactic focus

very lecture based whereas like the rest

of the years

it's more hands-on like clinical based

clinic based and so it's more labs and

having patients and things like that so

they have their own trials those days

but it is something that I work out

doing and I have to remind myself that

all the time when I was like struggling

you're literally but yeah it's gonna all

be worth it

number of spores that was super super

super hands-on if you didn't know this

already you'd have like with most

schools in the u.s. I know I got by your

second or for sure by your surgery you

will have your own patients and the

reason for that is you can't just learn

how to restore a tooth or how to make an

implant or how to it's a crown you have

to do it yourself in order to you know

be competent with your graduate and so

most of schools have associated with

some type of clinic or hospital to where

our patients can come there for our

reduced-priced and receive treatment

right a dental students and about a

tummy like the ways the way the

curriculum works is that at a time you

graduate in order to graduate you have

to have a certain amount of feelings a

certain amount of crown a certain amount

of data Texas Aaron of that and so that

way you have plenty and experience

wonderful procedures yourself and you

feel confident in your hand stability

and you're used to dealing with the

patients and all sorts of things like

that so it's like where I worked right

now I'm like study study study study

study study by my third year I mean I'll

still have classes that have to take but

most of my time will be spent

and the clinic and see patients humans

leave it's crazy I'm not ready but I

will be give me a year a year from now

I'll be right at my school we start

second here we serve your dishes the end

of our second year I'm excited for that

day but until then just focus on

physiology is ecology everything else

number five the final thing I feel like

the most important thing and it's really

easy to forget is that when you graduate

from dental school you will be a doctor

let that sink in I have to think about

it defense

I think people and this is a good

general public often forget that

dentists are doctors too

like we didn't just learn about the face

I mean I mean about the mouth 19 we

learned about the face the brain the

heart intestine legs everything because

we're gonna be doctors we're not just

going to be mouth fixers you know or

like people who make mouth look pretty

you know and so in order to do that we

had to earn it and I truly believe that

by the time I graduate I by the time I

leave in school I will have put my blood

sweat and tears I've already put bonuses

well actually today I cut myself there's

a blood and I cry all the time

and you'll have earned that title of

being dr. Kristen Barnes you know

nobody's gonna use to me and no one can

take it away from me unless no we're not

gonna talk about that it is irrelevant

actually when I graduate my title would

be Kristen dr. Kristen Barnes DDS Doctor

of Dental Surgery be a surgeon a dental

surgeon or if you know if you go to a

school it's up north you'll be a DM d

which is doctor a Doctor of Medicine and

Dentistry it's honestly the same thing

just different names but you're gonna be

a doctor and so think about that realize

that that's what you're aiming for

you're gonna be among one of the most

respected careers in the United States

are probably in the world and so when

people say oh you're just a dentist

you're not a doctor

no you correct them you are a doctor you

have earned it every right you got to

cut open cadavers dissect bodies you

know more about the body than the

general public

and you can save lives this knowledge

that you learned so that is it for this

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dental school if there are any other

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entering that I wish I had known and

these were among some of them again

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