5 Credit Score Hacks that got me a 800+ FICO in 30 days

what does of you guys is Chris here so

in today's video I'm gonna share with

you a story of how five simple tricks

and hacks helped me build my credit

score to over 800 in about 30 days and

the greatest part is I'm gonna show you

exactly how I did it and most

importantly how you can do it as well


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don't miss anything now contrary to

popular belief your credit score should

be really really really important to you

and not just because you can get a good

interest rate on the loan

your credit score can really affect so

many different aspects of your life for

example it could determine how much

money you have to put down for different

utilities such as your gas water or

electric it can affect your car

insurance premiums it can affect whether

or not you get a job or not

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you can see this is a very serious

matter number one you need to get your

credit utilization under 20% now in

terms of what creates your credit score

your credit utilization determines about

30 percent of that overall number so for

example if you have a credit car with a

thousand dollar credit limit and you

went and made a $400 purchase your

credit utilization is now at 40 percent

one of my main problems when I had

credit card debt of over $30,000 was

that my credit utilization was around 80

or 90 percent it's kind of like pouring

salt on your food a little bit of salt

can really make your food taste really

great but too much salt can really just

ruin your dinner

so basically it's good for you to use

some of your credit but just not the

whole thing so I had to put myself and

the family on a straight budget to be

able to pay off this credit card debt

once I dropped my credit utilization

from like 80 or 90 percent down to about

20 percent I literally saw my credit

score jump overnight it went from like

685 to over 722 so as my business was


as we were still staying on this nice

strict budget to just do what we can to

throw all of our resources at paying off

these credit cards I finally got my

utilization at about zero meaning I

wasn't using any credit card debt for

anything that was really really amazing

and I really saw my credit score jump

from about 720 to over 800 really in a

span of a couple of weeks so to figure

out your credit utilization just use

free places such as Credit Karma

or create a Sesame this video is not

sponsored or anything by those places

they're really just nice free places you

can go to see what your credit score is

but most importantly see how much credit

you're using the next tip that I have

for you I kind of alluded to already but

you need to stop spending now this one

can be a hard one for a lot of people

out there because we are so engrained in

just getting what we want when we want

it even if we don't have the money for

it and that's exactly what you need to

stop doing so if you have a ton of

credit card debt just imagine it like a

huge mountain I mean I was like that

over thirty thousand dollars in credit

card debt and I had to stop spending I

had to stop adding to that mountain that

was a number one thing that I had to do

so for me and for a lot of you out there

you might realize that this needs to

really come with a fundamental shift in

your thinking especially when it comes

to spending money and instant

gratification so one thing that I

learned when it came to taking control

of my finances I got from Jaspreet Singh

over at the minority mindset I would

have put a link down to his channel

below but one thing that he always

preaches is that if you can't afford

five of them you can't afford one of

them so I started kind of using that

mindset when I wanted something and I

thought if I can't afford cash five of

those then I didn't buy it at all sure

is going to lead to a few times where

you won't be able to go out to dinner or

you won't be able to get that new video

game or new TV or whatever the new pair

of shoes whatever it is that you're into

you may have to skip that for a little

while for the betterment of your credit

the next thing that I did to raise my

credit score over 800 is to take

advantage of balance transfers so

essentially a balance transfer is being

able to pay off one credit card

with another credit card but at a much

lower interest rate now this trick of

using balance transfers really helped me

out because as one interest rate started

to kind of expire on one card I was able

to then move it to another card and then

have it at a low interest rate again

this really helped keep my payments low

and it helped me avoid as much interest

as possible now there are some pros and

cons of doing a balance transfer so for

example a benefit of using a balance

transfer is that you get to avoid the

high interest fees another good thing

about it is that it's really easy to do

anytime you pay off a credit card or you

have a zero balance on a credit card

they want you to use that credit card so

that they can make more money on

interest for on you so what they're

gonna do is they're gonna send you

balance transfer checks they're gonna

give you promotional offers just to get

you to use that card so it's actually

very easy to do and the best benefit of

it especially when you are on a tight

budget is the fact that it keeps your

payment's very very low because the

interest rate is very low but there are

some negatives of doing a balance

transfer as well and one of them is that

it requires you to have a lot of open

lines of credit now I was in debt over

thirty thousand dollars in credit card

debt but it was because I had a lot of

credit cards that had decently high

limits on them and I tried my best not

to use the entire thing so that little

10% gap that I had I was able to use a

lot of that to just transfer money back

and forth over time another con of doing

balance transfers is the fees now one

thing I did do to try to avoid the

balance transfer fees is I would call

the credit card company and ask them to

waive it it was about 50/50 sometimes

they would sometimes they wouldn't so

really just try it see what happens a

lot of times what I found was that the

fees to transfer a balance over to the

other was going to be a lot cheaper than

the interest you would have to pay if

you kept the balance on one card another

con of it is that you can't really pay

off credit cards that are owned by the

same bank so one thing that I've

realized that a lot of these small

department store credit cards like your

best buys or you know different places

like that are really owned by much

bigger companies like Citibank or Chase

so if you have a car that you have no

idea who

belongs to and you try to pay it off

they'll tell you oh you can't pay it off

with that because that's already a chase

account but there is a way around that a

lot of these credit card companies when

they want you to do a balance transfer

will actually issue you what I call it

balance transfer chicks you can write

them out for whatever amount you want as

long as it's under your credit limit and

you can take that money and really do

whatever you want with it now they don't

advise you to do this but this is a good

way to take money from one credit card

and pay off another at a much lower

interest rate even if it's at the same

institution now this wouldn't be a

credit card hacks help video if you

didn't include paying your bills on time

the one thing that I did while I was

carrying all this ridiculous amount of

debt was that I never skipped the

payment I would really just I would have

to sacrifice everything sometimes just

to make sure I made the minimum payments

on these credit cards paying on time

also is almost just as big a factor in

determining your credit score just as

your credit utilization if not more

these credit card companies want to know

if you are dependable another reason why

you want to be sure to pay on time is

because if you miss a payment longer

than 30 days they are going to state

when your credit for up to 7 years so

sometimes making a sacrifice now and

making sure you pay the bill off now is

going to help you avoid seeing it on

your credit for 7 whole years there were

times where I would get paid for my job

and just start making payments on you

know regular everyday stuff like the

mortgage and utilities and food and

things like that and now it was time to

pay those minimum payments on those

credit cards that was tough because at

the end of it I would probably have $50

to live on for two weeks

that was tough times but the sacrifice

was worth it because when I got the

money because of my online business to

pay off all of this bad did I was able

to really see my credit score jump

really really high in a very short

period of time another trick that I use

that you probably shouldn't use but I

mean it was really helpful for me is

that a lot of these credit card

companies are not going to report you

unless your payment is more than 30 days

late so if you miss about a couple of


she will get a late fee but if you don't

do it very often a lot of times you can

call them and ask them to waive the fee

for me they were able to do that 75% at

a time it's always worth calling and

asking and the next tip that you should

use to really get your credit score - to

skyrocket within a matter of weeks is

you need to commit to paying them off

there is nothing worse in the world than

wasting money on interest especially

credit card interest you might as well

just take your money and just flush it

down the toilet

one thing that was helpful for me was

that I sat down and literally wrote down

every credit card that I had the balance

that each credit card had and then how

much interest I was getting on each one

of those credit cards each month when I

started seeing that on some credit cards

I was paying over two and three hundred

dollars a month just an interest that

really was a wake-up call for me that I

needed to get this taken care of

I was literally losing thousands of

dollars per year another great benefit

of paying off those credit cards was it

was a burden lifted off of me I really

can't express to you how great it feels

to not have to worry about paying off a

credit card because it's always like

nagging in the back of your mind that oh

yeah I got to make this payment and then

as a result when you actually pay off

these credit cards you're going to see

so many other opportunities open up for

you for example like this video showing

you how your credit score can go above

800 just by doing a few things right

because of these benefits I've been able

to do so many other additional things

with my money rather than flushing it

down the toilet and one of those was

recently refinancing my house I mean I

was able to knock down 2 or $300 a month

from my mortgage just because I had an

excellent credit score when you sit down

and you pay your bills each month and

you realize that you don't have to pay

$100 here on this credit card two

hundred dollars here on this credit card

four hundred dollars here on these

credit cards it makes doing your bills a

whole lot easier and a whole lot cheaper

the very first few times that I've

started paying my bills without having

to worry about minimum payments on

credit cards I was amazed with the fact

that my monthly bills actually weren't

as much as I thought they were

once you tick off those credit-card

minimum payments now I've learned a lot

of good and bad lessons from paying off

over $30,000 worth of debt to now having

a zero balance on all my credit cards

and one of the things that I've

fundamentally learned is that it's much

better to invest your money in things

that you want to do rather than just

giving it to a credit card company and

of course some of this comes with age

I'm older and wiser now so I'm not gonna

have to worry about running up a credit

card bill like I have in the past but

the earlier you learn this stuff the

better off you will be start building

your credit credit is not the devil our

credit is not a bad thing but you can

really take advantage and take control

of your life just like you would with an

online business by simply taking control

of your credit score too many times

young people are not taking their credit

seriously and they buy stuff with a

credit card with the intention of not

paying for it you can't have that

mindset because it's going to come and

bite you

once you're thirty and forty so I hope

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