5 Must Have Credit Cards | Scores Below 670

what's up you guys it's Matt here so

recently I did two videos on must have

cards for excellent credit and then also

good credit this time I want to go over

must-have cards for people with average

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tickets you get in the Hat so the reason

why I wanted to talk about the cards

that you can get for average credit is

because there's a lot of people out

there that have average credit and they

don't have excellent credit they don't

have good credit they're really working

their way up and in order to continue to

work your way up you want to have the

cards that will make you succeed that

will give you the most and I wanted to

go over a list of the cards that I have

now these aren't gonna be as great as

the other cards that you've seen and

some of the other videos where you have

a ton of perks but they are going to

give you something that's the issue is

that a lot of people think that they can

only get a card that will just give them

the credit line but you can get more

than that seriously you can so this is

why I wanted to go into this list and

hopefully this helps you out if you are

looking for a card that will give you

value in your credit range if that makes

sense so let's get into it let's start

with the first card the first card that

I wanted to mention was the Capital One

Quicksilver card this card will give you

1.5% cash back and it will give you a

bonus as well so this is the card that

you really want to mold everything

around I don't really like mentioning

Capital One but I really started with

Discover and Capital One so I can't

really knock them fully because the

Capital One Quicksilver card even though

it does seem like a really good card

they approve people with pretty much

like very very low credit lines you just

have to really have things established

so so say you have like a 550 600 credit

score they may approve you depending if

your debt to income ratio

good now I understand that it's very

tough to get a credit card when you're

at 550 or 600 but they may approve you

depending if things are in line if you

make a lot of money if your debt to

income ratio is good you can actually

apply for a lot of these cards and get

approved for some of these cards so

don't think that you'll get denied just

because people say you can only apply

for this with your 670 credit score

that's basically accounting for people

having a lot of debt already and then

having a 670 credit score so you can

still get this card you can still get a

lot of these cards so the Quicksilver

card is definitely a good card I've had

it for a long time I don't have it

anymore I think it's still active but I

just don't use it just because I get a

lot of value out of the cards that I

have so again I don't like talking about

Capital One in a positive way just

because they have a lot of things that

are negative about them but they do have

a good starter card here in the

Quicksilver card so let's get into the

next card this card that I have on my

list you've heard me talk about it

multiple times and I kind of don't shut

up about it I also have it in my wallet

right now because I need a filler card

it's the city double cash back card this

card will give you 2% cash back 1% when

you buy 1% when you pay it also has $0

or zero APR balance transfers and I mean

this is just an all-around good card and

a lot of people will say you can't get

this card at a sub 650 credit score you

can it just all depends you have to be

in a good situation these are for the

people that are really working to get

out of that average credit score range

but need a credit card to do so that

will give them rewards and this is one

of those credit cards it may be iffy but

this is one of those credit cards if

you're in that 642 maybe 670 if you're

somewhere in that range you can

definitely apply for this car I know by

experience because when I first got the

city double cash back I was in that

range so I know that I got approved for

it but it was just because my debt to

income ratio was great you know I had

very large income for someone who's

considered a college student so I had

that literally right out of college but

this is a really good card so if you're

looking for a card that will give you

rewards and then also build your credit

this will be it the next card is also

more of a higher tier card

it's the Wells Fargo propel card by

American Express this is really iffy but

you have to be at a really good point

and I keep saying it debt to income

ratio wise income wise you just need to

be at a really good point because if you

are this is a really great builder it

will give you so much value for the

amount that you're paying at an annual

fee which is zero dollars so you're not

paying any annual fee for any of these

cards you're not paying at an annual fee

but you do get a bonus with this card

and you get a ton of categories so if

you're looking for a card that will give

you a lot for average credit this would

be it the Wells Fargo propel card gives

you a thirty thousand point bonus when

you spend three thousand dollars in your

first three months also three times back

on restaurants travel streaming gas and

then you also get one times on all other

so if you can really push yourself to

get to that 632 670 maybe 680 range you

can possibly get this card and really

have a great situation on your hands and

don't have to get another card for

awhile because you can rebuild while

getting rewards in so many different

categories the next card that I want to

talk about the fourth card is the Apple

card and I know you're gonna prove for

the Apple card because of the fact that

you they're taking on subprime lenders

right now so it doesn't make sense why

you wouldn't get a proof for it if you

do have a great situation to where

you're working towards getting up in the

good credit range then you'll be

approved for this card and probably

every other card on there because you're

working your way up it shows progress it

shows everything that you need to show

to a credit card company the Apple card

offers you no bonus it's no annual fee

they have no fees and then you also get

a daily

- three two one set up you have three

percent on Apple purchases two percent

on with Apple pay and then one percent

on all other without Apple pay so it's a

good situation we'll give you cash back

rewards and that's what you really want

you want something that'll build your

credit but also give you rewards so this

is a card that will do that and I

recommend this card to people who are

starting out I wouldn't recommend this

card to people who are seasoned credit

card users or who know about credit

cards because you're not getting a lot

of value out of this card this is a for

show credit card for anybody that really

has good credit cards so instead of

using my gold card I wouldn't use the

Apple card and the last card I wanted to

put on this list which should be on

everybody's list is the discover it

cashback card discover is known for

being like the student credit card

company basically they have they have a

lot of student credit cards but then

they also have the discover it cashback

card this will give you a cash back

match every year so it's basically just

like a bonus it'll give you cash back

match so whatever you spend in cash back

you'll get that matched so 1% you'll get

2% stuff like that they also have 5%

revolving categories and 1% cash back on

all of your purchases so if you have 5%

revolving categories when like say

Amazon or groceries or something like

that then you can get that cashback

matched as well so this is a really good

card for your situation if you have

average credit if you want to build your

credit and still get rewards

that's 100% a really good card and I

have this card do I use it

now no unless they have a category that

I wouldn't get with my other cards which

is unlikely because I have pretty much

every category filled so that's my list

of cards that's my five cards that I

have for average credit if you have

average credit you want to get these

cards or even look at getting these

cards I wouldn't say apply for them if

you're below 550 cuz that's not what I'm

looking at if you're below 570 just

really try and work your

with a secured card but I'll get into

that in my next video where I go over

bad credit credit cards but average

credit get these cards check them out

and hopefully you get approved for one

and hopefully you work your way up to

the good credit card tier if you're

really interested in those credit cards

I will post those up in the cards if

you're interested in the excellent

credit cards as well I can post that in

the cards as well so just go ahead and

check those videos out those have really

interesting cards but if you're in the

average credit range then make sure you

check out these cards hopefully you like

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