Find your credit score, for free.

Hi everyone. I just wanted to share with you a free credit

score website that I found. You can check your credit score from the big

three bureaus Experian , Equifax and Trans Union.

I got my credit report in less than three minutes.

Now why did I want to check my credit score. Because a good credit score is your passport

to a competitive interest rates for mortgages, cars, credit card offers, job offers, insurance

premiums and more. A strong credit score is used by lenders to

determine your overall credit risk. It's essentially a numerical summary of everything

contained in your credit report. The higher your score the better you credit, and the

more likely you are to receive a favorable interest rate on a loan.

Now all three bureaus have there own method for determining a credit score but essentially

they are equivalent. Credit scores range from three hundred and

fifty to eight hundred and fifty. The higher the credit score the better the interest rate

you'll receive on a loan. Now I'm going to put a link in the to a free

credit score website in the description. If you found this video helpful please like

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