How to Get An 800+ Credit Score! (3 SECRET Tricks)

welcome back to my channel today we're

talking about credit scores and more

specifically we're talking about how you

can get an 800 credit score with three

instinct tricks so you clicked on this

video obviously you care about a credit

score or you care about improving it and

let me just tell you guys straight

credit scores are so important once

you're above like 22 when you start

doing like adult things like buying cars

or buying a whole or getting any type of

loan having a high credit score makes

all the difference and I've even seen

people with scores low enough where they

couldn't buy a house when they wanted to

they're almost high everything checked

out the only thing that kept them from

buying a house was the cred score so in

this video I'm really going to show you

guys three tricks that can really boost

your support almost instantly all right

the number one secret trick that not too

many people know about is the authorized

user' trick so if you've watched my

other video about credit scores you'll

know that 15 percent of your credit

score is based on your age of credit

this is why it's so important to not

close your oldest accounts keep those

open even if you aren't using them

because this really boosts your score

but what this trick is is basically you

find someone that you trust someone that

trusts you it can either be a very good

friend like a family member or relative

and what they're going to do is they are

going to add you as an authorized user

on their oldest credit card account make

sure that the person who's adding you as

an authorized user has a very good

credit score and that they don't have

any unpaid balances or anything that

could affect you because once you are

added as an authorized user on this card

this account is going to show up in your

own credit report and hence if they're

not paying off this card then it's going

to affect your credit score negatively

so yeah make sure that this person has

stellar credit because you're going to

kind of piggyback on their account and

take credit for all the years of on-time

payments and stuff actually the

for one of my friends and it instantly

boosted her score like I don't know at

least 30 40 points so definitely try

this out if you are in need of a quick

credit score boost our number - instant

trick on my list is increasing your

credit limit your credit utilization

ratio is 30 percent of your credit score

which is extremely high that's why it's

so important to make sure that you

aren't utilizing a high percentage of

your total credit limit so if you don't

know what your utilization ratio is it's

basically the amount of balance that you

have on your credit card divided by your

total credit limit let's say for a

specific credit card you have a credit

limit of $3,000 that means that you

can't spend over $3,000 on this card

without paying it off first now if you

buy a $1,000 product and you haven't

paid it off yet this means you've spent

1,000 out of your total $3,000 credit

limit and this is 0.33 or about 33%

credit utilization generally you'll want

to keep your utilization under 30% so

you know if you make $1,000 of purchases

on a card on this $3,000 credit limit

card then I would start to pay that off

just because you don't want that number

to go above 30% the lower it is the

better because it just shows that you

aren't using all of the credit that's

available to so this trick is basically

like this you're gonna look on the back

of your credit card call the number the

customer service line and you're gonna

ask them to increase your credit limit

many times they'll say yes and that they

do then BAM that means that you can

spend more money on this card without it

paying off or automatically you'll have

a lower utilization ratio this will

definitely help your credit score

increase are the third instant trick

that you can do to boost your credit

score is go to annual credit score comm

and request a free credit report you are

entitled to three free credit reports

each year this is like a free benefit so

you can get one free report from each

the three credit bureaus I recommend

spreading it out so maybe in January

getting one from Equifax waiting a few

months getting the next one from

TransUnion and so on the reason why this

is important to get the credit report is

because it shows you all the accounts

that you have any unpaid balances any

charge offs any accounts that were sent

to collections and if you see something

that isn't correct on there what you're

gonna want to do is instantly like go

call them and get sorted out if it truly

is a mistake they will erase that from

your credit report and your score is

instantly going to jump up many many

points now if you have an account that

you know actually did go to collections

or something like that what you can try

doing is sending them a goodwill letter

explaining your situation and asking

them to remove that from your report

this won't work all the time but I've

definitely seen success stories where

people have sent in letters or called

them or whatever and they actually

removed it from the report and that is

going to instantly shoot your credit

score through the roof so yeah those are

my three quick and easy tips to

instantly boost your credit score you

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