How To Check Business Credit Score For Free

hey good day YouTube and everybody who

is visiting this video my name is Brian

from the channel marketing with Bry

today I'm coming back at you with

another helpful video the question I

want to answer today is really quick

really simple for people who own a small

business or just people who have a small

business and want to check their

business credit to see how that can be

of assistance to them so as a small

business owner it's important for me to

money to my business credit and my

personal credit and be able to do that

on one specific one specific platform

that will help me so I want to show you

guys the platform today that I'll leave

the link down below it's a platform that

I've personally used and been using

because I really like and I actually

love it it's very easy very simple so

I'll show you guys real quick but before

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page so the website today I'm gonna be

talking about it's called naath you

probably heard of it you probably

haven't but I'll tell you this you will

love it if you're looking to get more

tools for your business and find figure

out what your business credit is and

your personal credit and how that can

help your business to move forward get

access to funding that it needs to grow

so definitely I'm

and furthermore it's also connected to

it also pulls from the dun and

bradstreet automatically so as soon as

he like punching a business name the the

this platform goes out and they'll find

all the necessary information that you

need as a business owner to press

forward so let's read a little bit on

there how it works page here so you see

they provide up and this is their

website you get free credit scores

specifically for your small business

they also recommend different financial

products that will benefit your business

for me personally I got recommended to a

0% ap wife credit card and it's a credit

card that I currently use right now

they give me 0% for the first year and I

decide to just use it to help in my

credit and I mean it's your percentage I

don't really pay any I just use it for

my basic expenses and then just pay it

back at the end of the month pay it off

your percent for the end of the year so

either way if I don't pay it all of them

still fine that I can use to invest in

my business and buy more tools to do a

better job or buy more marketing

material to get more clients so that's

one of the ways I benefit from them

recommending financial products they

also recommend other products too and

I'll go over that in a later video in in

later in this video

so it also helps you to because you can

see your credit you're able to build it

like figure out ways to make it better

because you can now see and monitor it

and that's something I really appreciate

- you're also able to track other come

what other companies do with your credit

and that's something that's very

beneficial because you want to be not

only for your personal but for your

business but you want to be able to see

what people do with your personal credit

or people your business credit what

companies are looking basically like

Credit Karma what is more accurate so

they have two plans here they have the

free which is the one that I recommend

you sign up for and they have the

premium which is as it says here


that want to always get the best finance

in the best financing and terms so you

can upgrade if you want and and do good

and do better when it comes to get your

information now and I'll show you I

currently have the basic version as you

can see I could just see my business

credit and my personal credit and pretty

much that's it that's basic what you see

and you could move on from here by

viewing your dun & bradstreet and the

different business credit viewers also

if you click the financing tab you will

see a page like this and it will show

you it will say what it will say you

know you punch in your information about

your business and it will tell you what

you qualify for and and what's good and

what's not good so definitely check this

page out check out this this this

website because you'll if you have

better credit in history than I do then

you business would probably qualify for

a lot more help and you'll be able to

use that to further push your business

to do better in this economy last but

not least if you click the business

services page tab you have credit cards

and they show you a bunch of credit

cards I wouldn't bother to click that in

this video is to show you because we all

know what's going to be there but if you

click business services they break down

different services for you that can

benefit your business so like for

example they have a section here that

says taxes they have 1-800 of content

and you have tax aria online tax

preparation you go down you have the

website builders I get Wix and stuff

that you've got payroll most people are

used to QuickBooks and so they recommend

a lot of different tools here personally

one of my favorite is is this website

here plastique they allow you to

basically you use your credit card to

pay different if you're paying people or

if you're paying on companies or

whatever you can use your credit card to

do that they take your credit card for

the payment and then they'll send out a

check to that person or business which

is very beneficial because sometimes you

I mean as as a contractor I don't get

paid till 30 days but I need to pay

something right now

plastique is the answer so definitely

sign up for this website

now I've check your business credit and

come and check out their services that

they recommend that you get as a small

business owner I will leave the link

down below to sign up for now and also I

will give you you know if you visit my

website you can see other tools as well

that I use to help my business I'm just

doing a quick synopsis here so you can

at least know the website

another is Aweber that I use for email

marketing I use Rocket Lawyer for

contracts and stuff like that

for my clients I don't have any

employees at the moment so I don't

really need that

I'm design I make my own logos but you

can use the websites I recommend here

local garden or I also leave a local

website down below that you can check

out it's it's a crowdfunded so basically

you put out a competition saying you

want logo makers somebody to create a

logo for your business and then you have

people who will submit designs that

they've made and the winner that you

will pick gets the contract and you just

pay them and call it the logo so they're

that website it's called 99 designs that

that's what I like you just put out okay

I need logos and it's like bunch of

people make logos and send and be like

hey do you like this do you like this

and one you like you just click yes

that's the one I like and you pay the

person and you know you move on but at

least you have a lot of offers you could

choose so these are the places you could

use but I'll also leave a link to logo

design know me lewb

also you have credit solutions

Dannan bocce is a popular credit

solution that we used to self Lemnos

another one you probably used to any

have credit repair like Lexington Law

Firm which is also something most

business small business owners are used

to I've done and Bradstreet being the

biggest and all this most reputable

dough business solutions I don't use

anything here not even office 360 I just

I don't know I use other tools like

Google sheets and stuff to help all my

business but if you want you can use

stuff like that it's the good thing is

it's there for you here small business

insurance I do use small business

insurance but I don't use what's

recommended here I have my own

recommendations which I won't bother to

go into because your insurance means

goes based on your business so that's

not something for me to really recommend

right now just generically but if you

want my recommendation you could send me

a message business formation up so you

get the point though that they have like

a bunch of tools here that you can

benefit from and a bunch of other

services you know and they give you

alerts to when your business or your

credit card your credit score your

credit number has been found in scammy

places or anywhere suspicious so you can

definitely benefit from a free service

like this and if it is that you really

like it you can upgrade you can upgrade

and that's one of the benefits that I

like you can always upgrade if you need

more but right now they give you

sufficient amount of information to help

grow your business and just be in the

norm so what I want to leave you with

today is definitely check the link down

below if you are a regular viewer of

this channel subscribe if not subscribed

let me know what you think about the

service here leave the link down below I

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up using my link as well they'll be able

to help I'll be able to help and give

you better recommendation even further

now that link is an affiliate link it

will help me and that's how I'm able to

make videos so definitely use that link

if you want to check your personal or

business credit thank you guys for

watching really do appreciate you