Check Your Credit Score for FREE in Canada 🇨🇦

hello and welcome back to my channel so

this video is kind of a companion video

to the video I did recently about credit

best practices in this video I'm going

to show you how you can check your

credit score in Canada so there's a

couple different ways there's some ways

that are free some ways that are not

free I'm going to go into them all show

you the differences the different

companies that offer all these things

the really important thing to remember

is when you're checking your credit

score you have to check it with both

credit bureaus so that means you need to

find out what your credit score is with

Equifax Canada and TransUnion Canada you

can't do one or the other you need to

know both because they will give you

different scores it's also really

important when you are just checking on

your credit reports to see if there's

misinformation sometimes you know one

credit bureau will be completely

accurate and the other one will have a

lot of mistakes so that's why it's very

important to not just do one or the

other you have got to do both so without

further ado let's get started I'm gonna

show you exactly how to check your

credit scores in Canada okay so I'm

going to show you a few different ways

that you can check your credit score and

reports for free or not for free in my

opinion none of them are better than the

other I should kind of prefer just going

directly through the bureau's to get all

that information but it is paid but I'm

gonna show you a few different ways that

you can do it for free or not for you so

let's start with the free ones the first

way that you can check your Equifax

score and report is going through or oh

well so if you just go to bar Welkom

click on there get my free score button

that is right on the homepage and then

the ask you a series of questions you

have to make an account I've already

gone through all of that hassle so I'll

show you what it looks like on the

inside so once you're logged in this is

what the dashboard looks like your score

is right over here there's this Molly

credit coach that if you click the

button it'll look at your credit report

give you some recommendations on how to

improve your score and what things that

maybe you're not doing that you could be

doing right here has this scored tracker

and so when you sign up

obviously you give them your email so

you'll be on their email list I get a

monthly email that basically says Oh

your score has updated and all that kind

of stuff so this is just something

you you know it's kind of neat to see

your score improve over time hopefully

now it also has this section where it's

recommendations based on your credit we

make personalized product

recommendations based on your credit

profile basically it's just a way to

promote their products or other people's

products where I'm sure they have an

affiliate partnership so just be aware

of that if you click on their links most

likely they're gonna get a kickback I

don't really care everyone seems to be

an affiliate of everything right now so

whatever but just something to know and

of course down here it says learn more

about credit score so if you really want

to dive in and learn more about

everything credit score and oh they also

have a free seven week email course I

mean this is just like kind of a good

you know thing to check out if you want

to learn more for yourself next you can

also just go through rate hub CA so they

also can provide you with your Equifax

score and report I honestly could not

find this page very easily on their

website so just go to rate hub CI slash

free - credit - score is where you can

find that I'm gonna link in the

description so you can find it easily a

link everything in the description so

don't worry about that so you just click

on this button get my free credit score

I already have an account with them so I

think I just click on this little person

and then I can log into a my account

again not super obvious like just have a

login button but whatever so once you

log in you get to this page it has your

score right here and if you scroll down

oh that's it okay that is it

okay that's your score so I guess you

have to click on this report button to

get more information about your report

so very minimalistic I suppose like a

little too minimalistic but it is what

it is so that is rate hub for you next

if you want to go directly through the

bureau you don't want to go through a

third party you don't wanna give some

third party company your email and

information which is totally

understandable well there's of course a

price tag

so Equifax is a subscription same with

TransUnion they'll charge you 19 at 95

per month what I honestly usually do if

I just want to check my score is I just

pay for one month and then I cancel that

being said I'm pretty sure you can just

google Equifax Canada credit score and

here we go you can see this Guu

adware they have a bit of a deal and I

kind of like why not they just put this

on their homepage but if they make it an

ad and make it all whatever but you

basically get your first month for only

495 so if you just want to go through

Equifax but not pay $20 this is what I

would probably do now I already have an

account with them so I'm going to show

you what that looks like on the inside

okay so this is what it looks like when

you log into your Equifax account I have

no idea why this happens I haven't found

anyone to answer this so I'm gonna

investigate a little bit more I feel

like I've even called Equifax in the end

and TransUnion for that matter and they

haven't really been able to explain this

but I will log in I will always update

my scores to make sure it's like the

freshest score possible and it says as

of the date of the recording what it is

and the number my actual score will

always defer from what rate hub or Bora

will has and even actually Bora well to

rate hub is a little bit different I

have no idea why this is and it's never

like a huge difference but it is like

maybe 10 or 20 points so I that's just

something to know about I don't know

what to tell you like I have no

explanation it doesn't make sense I've

even been to a conference where we had a

rep from TransUnion actually and they

couldn't explain their like they should

all be the same because they're pulling

the information directly from the bureau

so I I don't know so that is what it is

anyway so when you're in the platform

this is what score is and then there's

credit report details there and you can

see more details but it all pretty much

lives here but in any case this is where

the score will be you could also just

click on this button to see your report

and it'll have information you can go

show details and all that kind of stuff

if you go scores it'll give you a

summary of where you're at and their

kind of chart but anyways that is a look

of what Equifax inside once you've paid

for it it looks like now I want to show

you if you're not interested in getting

your score you just want to get that

free annual credit report from Equifax

I'm gonna link this form that you will

have to print and then mail to Equifax

directly to get your score and then they

I believe mail it back to you still

and this is the form it's nothing

special it's just a PDF that I was able

to find inline again whenever I go to

Equifax his website it is actually very

difficult to find this freaking form so

I usually Google it so I'm gonna provide

you the link in the description of this

video okay next moving along to

TransUnion so Credit Karma it's been

around in the States for a long time

came to Canada maybe a few years ago and

they will give you your TransUnion score

and report so I already have an account

but if not you just go let's get started

here on the home page but I'm gonna log

in and show you what it looks like okay

so once you've logged in this is what it

will look like it'll say at the top your

score is as of this day and this is the

date of the recordings and it says the

next update will be August 24th so it's

kind of nice it does also I feel like

yeah I do I definitely get emails and

also because you give Credit Karma your

email you get emails you're on their

email list and pretty sure you can opt

out if you do not want to be part of

that just unsubscribe once you get one

of their emails I'm still on their email

list so I get those updates everyone

still mobbing like oh your score has


there's credit alerts and it has a bunch

of information about all your different

two kind of accounts information if

you've ever been sent to collections

bank accounts public records all the

stuff from your credit report so you can

verify and make sure it's all good but

that's kind of it fairly simple platform

but let me show you what it looks like

if you just go directly through

TransUnion so this is trans Union's

website and it is pretty much the same

deal as Equifax to get your score and

report it is a subscription of 1995 per

month but I'm pretty sure if you go

TransUnion canada credit score there is

also a deal let's just click on this

google add and there you go

get it for four nine to five for the

first month and then again honestly what

I just do is do it for the first month

put it in your calendar so you don't

forget to cancel your membership they do

not make it easy for you I believe it's

not as simple as just like clicking a

button to cancel on your website in

perjury you have to call them so just be

aware they don't like you to cancel

obviously they make it not so easy but

if you want to go directly through the

bureau you don't want to go through

Credit Karma it'll cost

- five bucks and a bit of a hassle to

call them to cancel your account okay so

when you have a TransUnion account this

is what it looks like as you can see

it's a little bit more fresh and new

compared to the Equifax website I don't

know why but it looks way nicer and

cleaner and new this is where you'll

have your score information has some

information about your debt analysis and

this is your credit report summary and I

think if you want some more in-depth

information you just have to go to some

of these so you can go to credit score

and see what's happening over there this

shows you how you compare with other

people in Canada and where you are on

the scale I don't know why but

personally I always find that my Equifax

score is always higher than my

TransUnion score no clue why it's very

irritating but it is what it is and

lastly if you don't care about your

score but you do want to check your

credit report make sure it's all updated

and one do it for free well same thing

as Equifax here is the document I will

link it below again for the like me you

cannot freaking find it on their website

how to Google it to find it I don't know

why they make it so hard they I don't

know so this is a PDF you have to print

fill out and with some other information

there's information of what you need to

provide and then you just mail it to

their office and then eventually they'll

I believe mail you back I don't think

they're high tech enough to email you or

anything like that they mail you back

your credit report and that is it those

are the different ways that you can

check your Equifax and TransUnion scores

and reports so as I mentioned throughout

the video I'm going to include a bunch

of helpful links in the description of

this video so you can check your credit

report for free directly through the

credit bureaus or try out all the

different ways I showed you to check

your credit score is so you know where

you're at if you have any questions

about anything I went through or

anything related to credit scores make

sure to drop them in the comments so I

can hopefully give you an answer that

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money life balance those are kind of the

themes of this channel so thank you so

much for watching again I will be back

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until then I will just see you next time

see ya