Is Credit Karma Accurate? + How To Get Your FREE FICO Score

hi everybody welcome back to my channel

today I'm here with another video for my

credit series and in this video right

here we're going to talk about whether

or not Credit Karma or credit Sesame is

accurate okay so if you're not familiar

with Credit Karma or credit Sesame both

are websites or apps where you can get

your credit score and they generally

update your credit score once every

seven days or if you have any major

changes that get reported to the credit

bureaus your score is updated on Credit


okay so with Credit Karma you're gonna

get your scores from transunion and


and of course those scores can be

different and one thing that I've

learned with Credit Karma is they're

generally very much behind so most of

the time the scores on credit karma are

not accurate now they can be accurate

but most of the time I found that

they're not accurate they're generally

lower than what your score actually is

I'm speaking from my experience and

other people that I've known experience

of course yours may be 100% accurate but

if you are looking to get an accurate

score you need to get your FICO score

your FICO score is the actual score that

you know the lenders are gonna use

whether it's for mortgage whether it's

for car loan a credit card and there are

different FICO scores but for the most

part your FICO score represents an

accurate view of your credit score you

can get your FICO score on many sites

you can go to my FICO comm but they do

charge you for your scores or depending

on you know who you have who you bank

with and different credit cards that you

may have you can get your FICO score for

free okay so with me I do bank with

Wells Fargo and Wells Fargo does provide

me with my FICO score for free and they

only do it once a month and at that

point when they do update your FICO

score if anything has changed they'll

also give you a summary as to what's

changed on your score so like I said a

lot of companies will provide you with

your FICO score for free so you can just

check to see maybe if your creditor or

one of your credit card companies will

offer you your FICO score so that way

you can have a better representation of

your score if you're using Credit Karma

and you see that you have a pretty good

score you'd probably be surprised

to learn that your FICO score can be

much higher I know from personal

experience my FICO score was like 30

points higher than my score on Credit

Karma all right so I'm not saying that

Credit Karma is not good to use it

really is a good tool to use but don't

depend on Credit Karma

when you're trying to learn exactly what

your score or getting a better idea of

what your credit score is okay there

will be links to Credit Karma my FICO

all of that will be in the description

bar for you and if you guys have any

questions or comments feel free to leave

those below and as usual I think you

guys so much for watching and I will see

you guys in my next video