Can I Use My Home Address For LLC (SHOULD YOU?) 🙄

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- [Toby Mathis] What principal address should I use

for my LLC if I work from home?

It depends on where you set up your LLC.

If you set up your LLC,

generally speaking you need to have a physical address.

And I'm just going to say for our purposes

when I work with LLCs I use a physical address

as the principal address and it should be something

different than your house.

I don't like people showing up at folks homes.

I don't know how to put this.

- [Jeff Webb] Serving papers or?

- [Toby] Well, service surprise, this is always one.

But what you don't realize is that once you register

a principal address for a business everybody pulls

that information and starts sending you stuff.

So unless you love piles of paper,

don't do it.

And unless you want somebody showing up

on your doorstep door-to-dooring you

for business services don't do this.

So what I would say if you work from home

use a different principal address.

Use a physical address.

You can have more than one address for a business.

What you use with the state and for people

that you don't know could be different than the one

that you use for your main office, for example.

You could have multiple offices.

So you could have multiple principal places of business.

I hope that makes sense,

and last but not least is the good old fashioned PO Box too.

Most states are going to require that you have

a physical address and then you could always

have a PO Box listed as well in different correspondences

so that you don't have people, again,

showing up at your house.

I would just never use a home address I guess.

in anything that would be a public record

unless you really like people showing up at your house

or just getting lots and lots of mail.

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