Starting an LLC? What Address Should You Use for Your Online Business? (See UPDATE for more info)


hey Jim Hart here from Hawthorne law I

thought I'd do a quick video today to

answer some questions I've been getting

in the comment section of some of my

other videos Bayes question comes from

Florida and it basically says thank you

so much for all this information I am

wanting to start my LLC as the sole

proprietor in Florida it will be an

online business I rent my home so I do

not want to use this address for the

business or RA I think they mean

registered agent can I use a Pio box

requesting a street address with a suite

number for both of my addresses I'm

naming myself as my own registered agent

is the street address P o box legal or

do I have to get a virtual office thank

you that is a great question

basically so let me just go through this

again so basically they don't want to

use their home as the the business

office or the office or the address for

the registered agent address there is

there are a couple requirements in

Florida if you are trying to be a

registered agent for yourself and

basically you can be an individual or a

Florida business the business cannot be

its own registered agent so if you form

an LLC then you personally would need to

be the registered agent if you had a

separate corporate entity that could be

the registered agent but the business

itself cannot be the registered agent

and then the address you provide must be

a street address it can't be a

post-office box the way a lot of people

get around this rule is they you can go

to the post office and you can get a

street you can do the street address of

the post office with it was almost like

an apartment number and so many post

offices will allow you to include the

street address with an apartment number

and it makes it look like it's actually

a physical location or a street address

when in fact it is a post office box

that's one way to do it another way to

do it is you can get you can rent some

sort of mailing box from a you know one

of these in these strip centers they

have different services different places

where you can rent a post office box

there and give a street address for that

or you can go and rent a virtual office

obviously in a in a facility

I shared office space of some sort where

you can use that as well typically you

can use a Pio box if you want to for the

business I don't think that's a problem

but you cannot use the post office box

for the registered agent address if that

makes sense I'm gonna be trying to post

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