hey in this video I want to show you how

to find the owners of an LLC I'm just in

case you're wondering like you get a

property you see the property is owned

by an LLC you don't know who the owner

is I'll show you exactly how the file

find the owner or the president of that

LLC and their address so first thing we

will do is um I'm going to go to

google.com and just open a spreadsheet

yes oh this file is called Brower cash

buyers cash by your holders these are

people that are landlords they own

properties and they're just holding on

to them as you can see this property

right here this company right here

SRP sub LLC they own 918 properties

currently right now and I scrubbed these

already the owner's name is energy


this is address I'm going to show you

how to find the owner of the LLC even

when you don't um even when you don't

have the owner's name in front of you so

this is where I left off on line 434 as

you can see I don't have the owner's

names yet

so what I'm going to do is take the name

of this corporation or this um yeah this

corporation or LLC I'll copy it I'm

gonna go to a website call sunbeds org

again son biz org here in Florida it'll

give you the names of all the

corporations or LLC's in the state of

Florida so I'm going to come here to

this line and just paste the name of the

company here then properties inc as you

can see I found it here make sure it's

active because that's going to be the

right one sometimes these people they

are enclose the old company and I'll

start a new one if it says inactive that

means it's it's no longer no longer

active so they show the carpet do you

have the right file the one that's

active so then properties inc I'm gonna

click on the name and I scroll down so

you're gonna see the registered agent

don't use that name because this could

be an attorney that registered the

company for them you don't trust that

sometimes it will be the owner would

don't look there and come down to the

bottom where it says officers or

directors and you'll look for the name

here like right here you can see grace

Flores title President Jose title vice


who's the owner like who should I mail

should I mail grace or should I call

grace or Jose let's go down to their

annual reports I'm gonna flick on the

first annual report and usually the

person that's really in charge they'll

sign the form so as you can see right

here grace Flores she signed

here's her signature her electronic

signature so yeah I'm gonna go with

grace Flores as the owner because she

signed it here's her address here's her

house address as you can see on the Sun

beers website there's a different

address watch this up here her dresses

31:45 hunter rural western Florida but

over here it's leeward way well let's

see and this could be an old adjust

right here because this was signed back

in 2014 and this one could be the new

address so what we have to do is is do a

little bit of research I'm gonna copy

this address I'm gonna put that into

Google and I'm gonna see what type of

pictures come back it looks like it

could be a house look on Zillow see if

they have any good pictures yes five

bedrooms six bathrooms 7,000 square feet

so that is a house I'm gonna use that

address the hunter Road address Westin

if it was an office address I will use

the old address this one here

leeward wait but since it is a house I'm

gonna go ahead and use this one then the

newer one the one that's on file for

2017 I'll just take the name on grace

Flores put it on my spreadsheet

grace is our first name flourishes our

last name make sure that just matches

how to roll and I'll go to the next file

I skip this one so I'm gonna go back to

it I'll do one more and I'm sure you'll

get the picture velocity city one LLC

I'll copy that I'll go back to sunbeds

board all right here I'll paste it it

off search velocity one LLC it is active

so I'm going to use this one right here

velocity one I remember don't use the

registered agents name because this

could be an attorney so I'm going to

come down here where's this authorized

person's title ambassador title

ambassador right here I have Jennifer

Purcell Lighthouse Point

if you wanted to you can come down here

and check their annual report see if she

signs off on it if so most likely she's

the owner or the president he again she

saw Jennifer Purcell Lighthouse Point so

I'm gonna use that name Jennifer


don't you can see the gesture they have

for her somewhere in Newport City and it

looks like a sweet so that's gonna be

our office sometimes when i doing

skiptrace the office address it won't it

won't come back so I'm going to use on

this physical just that I have for her

lighthouse point I think I can get a

phone number from this before I can get

a phone number from her office address

yes I'll just copy and paste her address

in here you don't have to you can do it

yourself you could type it but for this

video I'm just gonna copy and paste

and that's pretty much it you just keep

doing the same thing over and over just

goes to the next name copy that paste it

into some biz or venture cultural LLC

the intercultural Elsi make sure it's

active slow down

don't use the registered name agents

name use the authorized person give run

Garcia or this person right here I'm not

sure who owns the company again come

down to the annual report see who's side

give her inside it's most likely um he's

the owner but it also says he's an

attorney right here most likely he's the

owner we wanted to use him you could

wanted to use the other person you could

we just want to get a phone number so we

can contact these people you have the

same address so yeah that's it man just

keep scrubbing on your list just many

names phone numbers as you there's many

names as you can so we can skip trace

get the phone numbers give them a call

and see if they want to be a part of

your buyers list have any questions feel

free to reach out to me or your team

leader good luck have a blessed day