Oregon Secretary of State Business Search

hi if you're looking to do a search of

Oregon corporations all you have to do

is click on the link right below this

video and you'll be brought to this

wonderful blue page by the Secretary of

State now you have two ways of searching

for corporations one is my business name

which is by far the easiest or you can

do by registry number which is very hard

so we're just going to look up mcdonalds

my favorite burger joint search for

business name and this tool is also

great for if you're going to be creating

a new corporation and you don't know if

the name has been registered in a knot

with the state so you can see I've you

know if anything closer e-even matches

what you're looking for but because this

pulls it up it basically just pulls up

every corporation that they have on file

with the name of Donald in it and we may

not find our results here it is

McDonald's Corporation and here it tells

you all the information about it its

principal place of business is in dover

delaware President Donald Thompson who

is currently their CEO and all their

forms that they've filed throughout the

years beginning in 1965 so that's it

let's say you can do a just a quick

search of corporations in organ