Vertebral Compression Fracture Explained by a Top Pain Physician in Las Vegas, Nevada


hi I'm dr. Tory McJunkin with Nevada

pain calm one fairly common cause of

back pain is vertebral compression

fracture or one or more bony vertebrae

break or otherwise collapse vertebral

compression fractures can be caused by a

variety of reasons but by far the most

common is osteoporosis fractures will

most often occur in the thoracic spine

or lower down in the lumbar spine

diagnosis of a vertebral compression

fracture is determined with a

comprehensive history of physical

examination and supplemental testing

and/or imaging often times physicians

will order an x-ray on an x-ray you can

see a vertebral body that has been

compressed down many other physicians

will order an MRI this shows you if you

have a demon or swelling inside the

vertebral body that's indicative of an

acute or subacute fracture it also shows

you if any nerves are in pinched or if

the spinal cord is compressed in any way

treatment options for vertebral

compression fractures range from

conservative management with medications

bracing to more advanced things like

spinal surgery this depends on the

severity of the fracture and damage to

nearby structure such as the nervous

tissue the two most common minimally

invasive surgical procedures include

percutaneous vertebroplasty and

kyphoplasty my own grandma had a

vertebral compression fracture that was

extremely painful to her she's a tough

tough lady and she had a fracture at t4

and her thoracic spine she had nothing

that could touch the pain medications

that worked physical therapy didn't work

and she needed more advanced treatment

she ended up having a vertebroplasty

where they inject a little bit of cement

inside that fracture to cause a cast and

to stabilize that fracture and it was

amazing in her almost instantly right

after the procedure her pain was

completely gone and she was back to her

normal self please visit us at Nevada

pain com we changed lives here