Compression Fracture Treatments: Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty

there's a procedure called

vertebroplasty was another term used

called kyphoplasty and they fall under a

big envelope of procedure called

vertebral augmentation one is with a

balloon and was out without a balloon

and we'll get to that here in a moment

the procedure itself vertebral

augmentation procedures were designed

for people had compression fractures of

their spotting a compression fracture if

you let me show you is a fracture of the

bone on this side of the Retiro column

or back bone and it literally crushes

down and it's due to the fact the bone

is so brittle that the sheer weight

causes it to crack and you lose height

in that bone as well about 30 years ago

and it's improved and become more common

in that time a procedure came online

called a vertebral plastic or vertebral

augmentation the goal of that procedure

was or it still is today is we use a

needle which we call the trocar if is a

very large needle using that needle we

place it through the bone into the

fractured bone with Fatima augmentation

without a balloon now we insert submit

through that needle and trocar

essentially gluing or cementing those

fractured pieces together now they're

not moving so your pain goes away

what's kyphoplasty well it's 40

elongation with the balloon we do the

same basic procedure we place a trocar

that large needle again through the bone

into the fractured bone now through that

trocar we insert a balloon and we

inflate that balloon and inflating that

balloon causes that fracture sometimes

it's compressed to open back up just

normal height sometimes well once we

insert the balloon we then deflate and

remove it and then install cement again

and help submit those pieces together

and again it's a great procedure

specifically we look where were 30 years

ago people were doomed to bed rest as

their only treatment now we can do this

procedure in about 30 minutes or less in

recovering from the vertebral blasting

at least at our facility we use

anesthesia not general anesthesia but a

little to certain IV and make you sleepy

do the procedure when you wake up 10 to

15 minutes after the procedure your

backs still gonna be sore because again

we put a very large needle through your

back and you still might have some of

your pain you had from the proceeded

from previously but give it several

hours and that paint chip resolve