Vertebral Compression Fracture - DePuy Videos

you have chosen to learn more about

vertebral compression fractures also

known as VCF vertebral compression

fractures are the most common type of

fracture affecting the spine they caused

the main section of each vertebra called

a vertebral body to collapse in height

compression fractures are often the

result of osteoporosis a type of bone

thinning disease that most often affects

older women particularly those who are

past menopause osteoporosis is

characterized by loss of bone mass and

structural deterioration of bone tissue

over time this makes the bone fragile

and increases the risk of fractures

especially of the spine compression

fractures caused by osteoporosis may

result in little or no pain at first but

as the condition worsens symptoms may

include muscle fatigue and pain and pain

over the side of the fracture there are

many treatment options available today

to find the treatment that suits you

best contact your physician