How to Treat Spinal Compression Fractures

dr. Soriano could you tell us a little

bit more about spinal compression

fractures who they might affect him what

the treatment options would be certainly

vertebral compression fractures are

extremely common in the United States

there's approximately 700,000 fractures

that occur every year the vertebra make

up the spine so we have these vertebral

bodies and they make up the entire spine

now what can happen with patients who


these are very common with women with

osteoporosis where patients been up for

a long steroids or even patients of that

cancer what can occur is these vertebral

bodies can fracture just like in

fracture an arm or a leg

these vertebral bodies can fracture as

if any fracture that can be quite

painful patients are often been to the

hospital of this condition they require

pain medications treatment options

include medications bracing and

occasionally when the pain is quite

severe this procedure called kyphoplasty

kyphoplasty is a procedure where when a

patient is under general anesthesia or

local sedation so that the patient's not

feeling this what we do is we place a

needle into the vertebral body that is

fractured and under x-ray machine we

filled the vertebral body we inflate a

balloon and fill it with cement and what

that does is it stabilize the fracture

restores vertebral body height reduces

pain and also reduces some of the

deformities that can occur with

compression fractures