Getting The Coil


I'm sat on the floor today because my

back is aching is Chuck of rain outside

he's coming up to lunchtime and I wanted

to film this video and chat to you about

the coil today this is a very personal

subject and topic and when I mentioned

it in the weekly vlogs so many people

came to me in my DMS and shared their

stories and experiences and I've learned

a lot over the last few months I was

originally so put off by the coil

because I'd heard so many bad things so

I want to say now that this is a

positive experience so far I'm only

seven weeks in since I had it fitted so

the doctor did tell me I need to give it

six months but I've had so many messages

to talk about it so maybe I can do an

update later on down the line but I want

to make it clear now that everyone does

go through different experiences and

what works for me might not work for you

I'm not a professional or doctor or

health expert so please seek

professional advice if you are

interested in different forms of

contraception I'm also going to leave

you some links below with some resources

things that helped me a video that

explains the different types of coils

available that I've found really helpful

and also I'm gonna leave Hannah Witton

linked below if you don't know her

already she's a sex and relationship

vlogger and she did a whole series on

the coil getting it she documented like

her whole day and how she was feeling

and then did like a summary so I leave

her below as well

but today we're gonna run you through

why I wanted to get the coil and I had

my pill and I took a break on it had my

periods and it worked well for me but

the things that didn't work so well is

that I've never liked tampons they've

never worked

I've never liked them they're super

uncomfortable of me and I was always

really embarrassed about admitting I

don't like tampons just because I felt

like I don't know not many people all my

friends use tampons and I guess it's

more of like a society thing like I felt

like I was the odd one out I've always

used pads and coming up to age 25 and

I'm still wearing and using pads I

probably have to change it six to eight

times a day I just was a bit fed up I

was fed up of

having periods taking the pill everyday

worrying about going to get more pills

and I travel a lot so sometimes I was

going back to back with my pills and

worried I'd miss some so in all honesty

I was coming up to that 10 year mark and

I started thinking about having a

different form of contraception but

there were a few factors so that was the

first thing the second thing is that

every time I went to get more pills

I was told that I'm overweight and my

BMI is too high so when they tell you

that in the doctor's not only is that

really uncomfortable and just a horrible

conversation to have to have because I

already know these things but they told

me that they couldn't keep giving me my

pill if I kept gaining weight so it was

a really tricky one and I just was going

around in a circle of having to keep

going back getting more they only gave

me like three or six months worth but I

was obviously going back to back on the

packs so I was using more and the whole

thing just became I just came fed up I

guess like fed up of it all I've been

with my boyfriend for almost three years

we are not ready for children we don't

really want to explore looking at having

children for at least another four or

five years so the coil just kind of felt

like the right option I was always put

off by the idea of how painful it was

but I guess I've been eased into it

because last year I went for my first

smear test and I encourage you now

please if you have a letter and you've

been invited please book for your smear

test I know that some women find it

really difficult and it can be more

painful for others and no pain at all

for some but if you have your letter and

you need to go please go because I did

and they found low grade cells and they

were able to remove them I went for a

cup Oscar pee appointment at the

hospital and the doctor basically did a

biopsy to remove those cells so I went

through that whole thing last year and

obviously I had to have lots of people

looking at my area and I got used to

that experience of going for a smear and

what it was like and how it felt and

then this year I wish you another smear

and it's worth noting that I have my

smear and my coil done at the same time

my mum has had

Maryna coil ever since my brother was

born but she has obviously had children

so she's always loved it it's worked

well for her but then when I started

asking around and talking about it my

brother's girlfriend has it she has the

coil she has never had children and then

when asked on my friends that are all my

friends friend has it all my cousin has

all my sister has it

and you start hearing of all these like

good stories about it but what's

interesting is whenever I tell my like

best friends my closest girlfriends

their immediate response and reaction is

always the same it's like oh no oh no

it's painful it's intrusive I don't want

something in me and I guess what's so

conflicted because essentially the pill

the hormonal one anyway is just

releasing those hormones for me without

me having to take a pill it's just like

a clever way of doing it differently I

guess but I do get that it's not for

everyone so I went to saw my doctor

about it and she talked me through my

history what has worked what I like what

I don't like what I want to fix and she

agreed that the coil was probably the

best option for me she was very

supportive actually she was really

encouraging and she said that I won't

know if I don't try and I thought you

know what I'm gonna I'm gonna try

because worst case if it doesn't work

for me or my body rejects it or it

dislodges or something weird I will just

get it sorted but if it works for me wow

would that be amazing

like no pills no pregnancies no periods

potentially I was told that you know my

periods might like be less like you

would have a lighter period but I'll get

onto that in a minute

so I talked about my mom torture out

with the doctor and then I had a phone

call con consultation with the doctor

that was gonna fit the coil

she asked me pretty much all the same

questions and we both agreed that it was

the right thing I did ask her like will

it be really painful if I haven't had

children she was like some women

experienced little to no pain other

women find it extremely painful I've

heard of people like fainting passing

out all being sick and I just I thought

I'm never gonna know I'm never gonna

know how my body is gonna react so we're

just gonna roll with it

yeah when I mentioned it in the weekly

vlog that I found it painful a lot of

people came forward and said what are

you on about don't put people off it's

not that painful so in terms of pain

it's just like how can you measure that

a lot of people tell me that I like was

wrong for saying it's painful but I

don't lie to you like I'm gonna I'm

gonna give you a scale in a minute of

what it was like and talk you through

the whole thing but anyway so I had the

phone consultation put on a waiting list

and then I finally had an appointment

booked and it was worth noting that both

doctors agreed the hormonal coil was

best for me so I did want to just

quickly explain the difference between

the two coils I will leave that video

link below which has like diagrams and

better explanation than what I'm gonna

do but just briefly the IUD stands for

intrauterine device is the copper coil

and the IUS which is what I have is the

Mirena hormonal coil that stands for

intra intra uterine system so IUD and I

u.s. they're two different ones

basically hormonal versus copper coil

and they are a popular form of

long-acting reversible contraception you

can have it at any age whether you've

had children or not 99% effective more

than condoms or the pill which I thought

was really interesting it doesn't get in

the way of sex like condoms do obviously

it's free I don't have to worry about

buying condoms and things like that

obviously it doesn't protect against STI

so if you are with a new partner do you

make sure you still use them obviously

and once removed your fertility remains

whatever is normal to you within a few

days which is great and it means that

you can forget about contraception for 3

5 or 10 years depending on which one you

have there's different ones at different

years but Mirena is five years both are

very small and flexible with two threads

at the end the waiters I'll put a

picture up but it's like a little tea

shape and she showed me what it looked

like in the doctor's and it was so tiny

it was smaller than I thought it was

gonna be like this like this big I guess

and the hormonal coil basically releases

the hormone and it's less dosage than my

pill was not by much but it is and

essentially the way it works is it thins

the lining of the womb which prevents a


and it thickens the mucus in the cervix

to stop the sperm getting in that's how

it works the copper coil copper actually

kills sperm and eggs and stops them from

fertilizing if that makes sense I didn't

know the copper did that but if you're

looking for a non hormonal contraception

then the copper coil would be amazing

for you I guess so both can be fitted at

any time during your cycle as long as

there's no chance that you were pregnant

and obviously they recommend it you do

have a meal and you take paracetamol

painkillers and the appointment will

last 30 minutes device fitting is ten

minutes and half of women experience

little to no pain which I did experience

pain the appointment itself if you've

had a smear or you know what that's like

it's same thing I had my mum in the room

she was behind the other side of the

curtain I was on the bed had a doctor

and a nurse practitioner nurse that was

her supporting and the first thing they

did was to my smear test so I dream i

smear because last year I had to

obviously go for a biopsy and have my

cells removed so I needed another smacks

it's been another year it's quite good

that the timing lined up I had my letter

come through so I called the doctor was

like I'm going for my quo fitting but I

also need to book a snare and she said

the doctor would do both at the same

time which to me was great because that

killed two birds in one stone so the

doctor said I'm just done do you smear

now and because I've had a smear before

and I'd had the biopsy I knew what to

expect so she did the snails like oh

yeah I recognize that feeling and then

she didn't tell me and just went

straight in and did the coil which I'm

so grateful for because I didn't need a

buildup I didn't need telling that it

was about to happen she was so amazing

she clearly knew that I would probably

find it very painful she did know that

I've never had children and she did it

really fast like a lot of people told me

oh it's super super super painful it was

painful and if I'm putting things on a

scale from one to ten my snare I put

like a two or a three

me I used to put it a bit higher but now

I'm getting used to it so two or three

having the biopsy to remove the cells in

Kapaa Skippy was like a six I had like

tears but like just like more pain

obviously but the koi I'd like a 10 it

was so horrible and I did Yelp and I was

crying in pain but it was over so fast

like it was worth it

for how like quick it was like it was

just the doctor was just so speedy she's

like that that's it um they checked the

threads and they made me lie there for a

good 5 maybe 10 minutes just in case I

was dizzy they just wanted me to become

on myself a bit for me it was as painful

as I expected it to be but it was over a

lot quicker than I thought

so that's something worth noting so yeah

once I finished got dressed and the

doctor talked to me through everything I

needed to know she gave me some

information from the NHS website and

advice for after so she said finish my

pills cuz obviously are still taking the

contraception contraceptive pill I

didn't know when it to come off of it

but they told me to carry on I had like

a week left then I wasn't allowed to

have any sex for a week she also said no

tampons Bob didn't use them and I needed

a check-up appointment with the nurse

six weeks after so had all that

information she also gave me a book

about Marina says a little information

pack and she also gave me a patient card

which has the date was put in and the

date needs to be removed I need to put

this somewhere safe it's five years they

also talked to me about checking my

threads and they said if my partner can

feel the threads then I need to come

back and have them like trimmed and they

said I need to check for my threads I

haven't been able to check for them yet

and I when I went for my checkup my

point and the nurse said don't worry she

would check them and if I felt like I

needed them checked just to come back

and they were really supportive and nice

about the whole thing so the minute the

doctor finished the cramps kicked in and

I was like oh gosh yeah there there

there it she was like yeah that's quite

normal two weeks I was like two weeks

and she was like some women the cramping

passes in a few hours sometimes it's 24

hours but it can be up to two weeks I

was like

blimey so it went home that day the

cramping was the worst I honestly just

wanted like furlough

I had a hot water bottle it was really

not nice and I then had light cramping

for the full two weeks honesty it got to

their like the almost the two week mark

and I'm gonna call the doctor tell her

that it like it's just forever I'm gonna

be in pain forever but I was just on and

off I still was able to do my day-to-day

life I just took pain like painkillers

and I was just like kind to myself and

just thought you know I'll pass it'll

pass I had to believe that it would pass

I kept worrying that my body was gonna

reject it or something was gonna go

wrong but yeah cramping but then after

that I was kind of fine I had my first

period since obviously I finished my

pill and my period was June and it was

really light it was so light and I

didn't have any cramps I didn't have any

like hormones I felt good for the first

time ever I had my period I felt good

and I thought to myself well if this is

what its gonna be like then yes I'm

happy and then I had my next period that

weekend just gone and I had no period

like I didn't bleed now I don't know

whether things are like delayed or I'm

totally out of sync and I'm gonna get a

period like at some point in the next

week I don't know but I wrote down the

days that I should have it and expected

it the one thing that was very

noticeable though is that I was

extremely hormonal I am quite hormonal

on my period anyway but last weekend if

you watch the vlog I was just bursting

into tears at like everything admittedly

life is a little bit stressful for me at

the moment there's a lot going on and my

I'm trying to you know be kind to myself

but ultimately I was a mess I was crying

a lot so it'll be interesting to see

what my next period is like I've got it

written down when that day is so we'll

see and obviously things like headaches

weight gain spots and breast tenderness

or other side effects I haven't

experienced any of those well weight

gain I've been gaining weight for years

I don't know what is me overeating

versus my contraception so that is

pretty much everything so far I am

enjoying it I'll be so happy if I get no

periods the doctor did say to give it

six months to settle I am keeping an eye

on my emotions my any cramps any

side-effects I have been using I do

have the app blue which I quite like but

I also have Fitbit and in the Fitbit app

because I wear one it's actually on

charge right now in the Fitbit app they

do have period tracking as well now so

I've been adding in my emotions because

you can log your details and then write

down your symptoms so I've been doing

that and also my mood just to keep an

eye on how I'm feeling I don't think

there's anything else to tell you about

it I am just really enjoying it so far

but like I said I've got to give it 6

months and I've got to see how it goes

I'm a bit nervous because I have trips

coming up and I don't know if my period

will just come out of the blue I just

don't know I don't know what's gonna

happen so I still like carry pads on me

and I've got paracetamol on me at all

times just in case like cramps kick in

and like I said I've been monitoring my

mood and feelings and I will keep you

updated and maybe I'll do an update in

six months time or maybe even a year

we'll see obviously that day the doctor

did my smear they found low grade cells

again so I went back to colposcopy for

that appointment they didn't do a biopsy

this time but I am having to go back

again next year so I'm on like a yearly

checkup at the moment and if you're

interested in wanting to know more about

that experience that video I'll be

linked as well so I hope this has helped

like I said if you want to chat to me in

the comments please do I'll have them on

approval though so we'll keep it nice

and supportive and positive if we can I

know a lot of you might be watching and

you didn't like it it didn't work for

you thank you for watching and I hope

that this has helped to share my own

experience I'm really passionate about

sharing my experiences and women's

health and encouraging women to explore

their options and do what works for you

at the end of the day so have a great

rest of your week and I will see you

very soon bye