IUD Insertion Procedure

I'll even adjust all inter uterine

device or IUD is a form of birth control

that lasts five years and it's more than

99% effective at preventing pregnancy

placing the IUD may make you nervous but

a little understanding of the procedure

should help you feel more at ease if you

are taking birth control as prescribed

and have a negative pregnancy test the

device can be inserted anytime you'd

like otherwise it must be done within

seven days of starting your period

during the procedure you will lay down

on the exam table with both feet in

stirrups your provider and a nurse will

be in the room along with any other

support person you'd like to bring along

first a speculum is place

then several cotton swabs are used to

obtain cultures an antiseptic solution

will be applied and then your uterus is



then the IUD is inserted make sure you

have someone to drive you home after the

procedure and plan to rest the remainder

of the day and night 11 adjuster all in

theater and device is estrogen free and

releases a small amount of progestin

into your uterus it is also effective

for treating heavy periods after several

months one in five women have no periods

at all the IUD can easily be removed and

you will quickly return to fertility it

does not protect against HIV or sexually

transmitted diseases common side effects

of an IUD are pain bleeding and

dizziness there may also be irregular

bleeding and mild cramping for three to

six months as your body adjust periods

may become lighter and shorter or even

stopped completely

do not use tampons for 48 hours after

the IUD is placed after that be careful

not to pull on the IUDs threads when

removing tampons

you can check your IUD strings once a

month if you choose call your provider

if the strings are not present after the

IUD is placed wait at least 48 hours

before having sex you should always use

a condom

but especially for seven days after the

procedure has added pregnancy protection

contact your provider if you develop a

discharge or odor or pain during sex it

is recommended to see your healthcare

provider one month after the procedure

after that it is important to schedule a

yearly visit