My Experience Getting the Coil // Fitting, Pain & Side Effects

hi guys and welcome back to my channel

so in today's video we're getting

personal so many video a few years ago

now about my birth control I was on the

pill at the time I have recently changed

my birth control oh it sounds like you

know what

it's just let's make another one of

these I feel like one that our videos

about this on YouTube

I think they could always be more bigger

than ever somebody gets buff control it

is a very subjective experience what you

get or you get it your experience with

it is which is why I made the video

about my experience on the pill

so I was like I got something else now

let's make a video on that so I got the

coffered in two and a half weeks ago now

I'm at the point of filming what I can

say that this has been an experience I

mean I hopefully in the end it'll be a

overwhelmingly positive experience but

the moment are still but like surface

videos come in like four sections so

I'll give you a little quick overview of

what the coil is first maybe other


why I changed my birth control the

process of getting the coil and then

sort of what the last couple weeks now

have been for me like having it you know

it me so that if ever do back control

conversation time so coil is essentially

a little t-shaped thing that goes in

your uterus you can either get an IUD

which is an intern into your you hmm

into uterine I can't say it entry uterus

something system into a urinal yeah

device so an IUD or and I us an IUD is

the copper coil and iOS is what I got in

surveys with hormones so again she work

in very similar ways I think the main

difference between the copper one and

the hormonal one is that the couple one

you can have it for a lot longer but

then it also has no effect on your cycle

whereas a hormonal one does Aries

progesterone so if I will actually fin

the lining of your uterus meaning that

you will eventually have lighter later

period anyway in some cases your period

or just stopped completely which one I

picked before that would be great

which means that I us is actually one

that you can use to control your periods

so for me that was like haha when when

it's about if they won that I have gone

full and as I said they can mean for a

long time I think with the two hormonal

ones which in the UK me NHS that you can

get a jade s and then that I've got

which is the Mirena do you have them in

for three and five years respectively I

know in the copper ones ago like I said

have them longer I think even like 10


which is just that's a long long time as

I've always kind of videos I'm not an

expert in any kind of way so I will link

lots and lots and lots and lots further

reading all of the further reading

little hearts can desire all in one

place so all in the description state

you have all the resources you could

possibly need I know it's always nice

home person on one which is already come

in so a bit more about my book process

why I changed my birth control so I was

on the pill since I was about 15 my

initial reasons for going on the pill

were to control my period and just make

it calm down which is why for me the IUS

is essentially the only thing though one

teared I just need I need a bit of

control in my life when it comes to that

I had a very good relationship with

Belle I was on my crew going on thirty

which is a combined pill so I was on

that for a very long time and while I

was you know school and at uni I had

rhythm I had a schedule so for me

remembering to take the pill every

single day that was fine it was easy it

worked well for me just because you know

out of habit it's but now that I'm older

and just everything recently has been

all over the place I don't have the same

schedule that I did you'd be surprised

how dependent you can become on just

having a rhythm week to week day-to-day

so for me it started becoming more of an

issue to have to remember to take it

which is just one of those things that

you also do not want to have to them be

like stress because you forgot to take

it and then you don't want to like take

too and you forgot one vendor I like

almost they catch up with your own body

on her own hormones and that's just not

good I was happening too much to me and

I was just like this is just becoming

very responsible and they also did have

a pregnancy scare which actually ended

up just being because I was so stressed

that I didn't have a period which was

around lean over time my dissertation

and exams would you funny funny

coincidence they're you know great

timing but eventually that scale is just

too much for me and I'm just like no I

just I said you have no doubt situation

I'm like I can't do this anymore it's

not good for my body it's not good for

my mental health as well so I were just

like look we need a more permanent

solution that doesn't rely on

remembering things which is then why I

looked at the coil an assorted look at

the implant as well the reason that I

haven't gone for the implant even though

I've had friends who've got it done and

they love it and they rave about it and

they want

but everyone onto getting the implant

I've also got friends who have had the

coil fit in and they also have said that

it's great so you know it's just so

useful again why I'm making a video like

this it's so useful to have that word of

mouth and to have people's experiences

know you know how they felt about it was

a good visit bad you know all of all all

of the details that really kind of only

redeem their friends um or strangers on

the internet so I looked at the implant

and coil and the reason I've gone for

the coil and not the implant was I just

didn't want more hormones in my body the

one thing that's always bothered me

about the pale its fact that you take

already has to go around your entire

body before you get so it needs to be

and the other thing is about now being

older I'm out 21 I went on the pill when

I was 15 I just don't want that really

in my system in the same way anymore and

was essentially actually freaked me out

I think is the right word is that when

you come off the pale if you've been on

it for a very long time it can take

sometimes a year for your fertility to

get back to normal I'm getting like

although that has like starting to occur

to me more and more which is that one of

the reasons they quietly appeal to me so

much is that you know it goes in and

when it comes out at your fertility is

straight back to normal if this is in

five years this will come out when I'm

26 almost 27 so just I don't know what

my life is going to look like or feel

like at that point so I just like fear

didn't come out I'm like back to normal

and the other thing being that you can

have the core take an hour at any time

and that you can also have it put in at

any time

so three men things macho is the coil or

anything else was it less hormones

factly or fertility snaps right back and

the fact that there are still not words

so there is you know period control

period management after coming off the

pill between having this fit in I had

one normal period so one that would have

been just completely without anything

and it was it their short but they are

excruciatingly ly available I was just

like I can't no I can't do this no that

was just no not happening at all so I'm

very very happy this is like going to

change it out because the call is gonna

interfere with your menstrual cycle the

one thing I would recommend if you're

considering your getting it done maybe

even like in a month or even two months

if you don't already would be just stop

tracking your period but something I've

had to start doing or thing with the

pill though I am how gonna miss if the

fact that I always knew my period was

I could always time it i was even

recommended to take packs back-to-back

which meant i had like six periods a

year which was great it's about

something I'm gonna miss but some of the

trade-off just was not worth it for me


it was really just weighing everything

up and going like okay these are now my

priorities this is what I'm gonna lean

down on this side rather than the other

options that I have though then we're

having it put in it means that now I

just have to I just have to track

everything my phone there was a health

app which is just built-in so I just use

the one that's on there I know there are

a bunch of other apps that people like

to use if you have any recommendations I

would actually appreciate to hear them

down below just but I always know when

it's supposed to be happening because

now if it is the one thing I feel like I

have lost a little bit of control over

which is fine but it was obviously then

one of the major perks of being on the

fells I'm like okay I need to just and

then also you know things cost in line

like chilled out over the next few

months I'll probably have to do the

update who knows after weighing

everything up I decided to have the

Mirena coil which is progesterone only

and it is in for five years so the

process of course I started off with

researching coil just a little bit and

watching videos reading about it so

clearly you guys are making a good Sun

at that and I also spoke to some friends

who had had it put in just you know

their experiences and also the wonderful

thing of being able to ask questions and

I guess with YouTube again for comments

mean that you can if you have any

questions feel free to pass please help

each other if you guys can and I do

moderate my comments as well so just so

you know so for those of you guys here

in London I got mine through 50:16

Street which is a specialist NHS sexual

health clinic this came recommended by

friends actually revived via and if you

guys are in London I cannot actually

recommend them highly enough so I rang

them under in my appointment I actually

had to wait a month for my appointment

but it definitely was worth it in the

time before your appointment read as

much as you can everything put your mind

ease more than anything and then two

weeks before your appointment you will

have to get an STI a check-up and with

Dean straight they have a Dean Street

Express which they have so I went to

that got myself checked out so that was

good also just as a side note you can

all turn out home testing kits and stuff

so you have never got an excuse not to

get yourself tested especially in

between partners the case is always your

responsibility to look after yourself

especially because when it comes to

sexual health

do you implement other people with your

actions so big it go soft I said look

after yourselves and others yeah I got

that done I did actually ask my friends

to go with me when I went to get the

Koala in because people have said that

they can feel very like dizzy and

lightheaded afterwards I wanted to make

sure why I was okay because honestly

better safe than sorry I would also

recommend with your appointment that you

do not you know afterwards drive

yourself home or get public transport

home get a friend to drive you home or

get a taxi I just got anyway back to buy

it just to make sure that you're like

looked after you know so I went to my


Vaness is very nice the doctor was very

nice it was a guy which did actually

initially catch me a little bit off

guard so my brain kind of went oh it's a

man and then the other part my brain

instantly went this man looks the

vaginas for a living

and then I come down and alright again

so they chat you through again you

options make sure what you know the

risks are the risks oh but you might get

a perforated uterus which means that

when it goes in it sort of goes well

yeah perforates your uterus and can then

go like walkabout in your body which is

kind of like to get lost inside of you

which is kind of like okay or but it can

actually just come out again so that's

why after every period your mates like

check that it is up still in there there

are some strings that you can feel I

have to say it requires a certain level

of flexibility and acrobatics to

actually be able to like because you

have to move your hand in such a weird

position to try and be like where is

this because you need to go to your

cervix it's like a little bit of

acrobatics required I would recommend

doing this show yeah when in had my

appointment if you guys are a little bit

nervous I would recommend wearing a

skirt charities can tell folks are like

haha genius that made me feel it more

comfortable Anna Dean Street they put on

Bridget Jones Vanessa is explaining to

me that like someone had put Shrek on a

few days preview scene she was like

horrified by it but personally I would

have family friendly entertaining but it

just means that like even though they

took you through all the steps of what's

going on during your appointment I was

just watching Bridget James's the second

one the edge of reason and it's like the

bit with ace go skiing so I just kind of

like oh I just saw them a bit what she

needs to go get a pregnancy test I was

like sort of looking at it like yeah

we're going to avoid this situation

right now see ever steps of being

explained to me but I wasn't really

paying attention so I'll leave you lots

of resources down below see

what's going on if you would like to the

only thing that I am not totally pleased

about is the fact that the nurse was not

very helpful when she was like she

wanted me to like breathe I was just

getting very confused but what she

actually wanted me to do so honestly I

think the breathing made me feel dizzy

more than anything and I don't know if

she was trying to distract me so but it

wouldn't hurt as much but it just

confused me and the one thing that I've

never had before is that my face went

really hot and then like tingly I told

my friend listen she asked me like you

know have you ever fainted I'm like well

no so I don't know if that was something

I did something happens - before you

fade but that which is not a pleasant


mainly because that's you know that was

new essentially for - it's that actually

hurt they have to measure the length of

your uterus to make sure that you can

actually get the Merina coil because I

think it's been bigger than the j3a 150g

desk well I was good to go but that hurt

and then when they put it in I'm not

gonna lie and I'm nobody to be here on

bush it hurts it really hurts but my

mind as it was going in I was like okay

yes I'll this hurts but what the [ __ ]

just like pushing a child out of you

like it's like what the [ __ ] [ __ ] his

child but then [ __ ] feel like oh so

that's what my brain was thinking is

this is going in so like you know what I

can make my peace with it

because this is definitely not gonna

happen to me for the next five years so

I feel like it's a fair trade-off which

will summon out please I've got the five

you or not the three one because then I

don't need to go through all over again

you know I'm like okay it kind of just

feels like the most intense menstrual

cramp you've ever had for like a couple

seconds and then then we're good to go

except honestly yeah it hurts but it is

worth it in terms of trade off it is

definitely worth there I wouldn't worry

too much about it so oh no it was a fun

experience I don't have like oh that's

great very obviously it's not but like

for what it is it was totally fine I'm

very happy that I had it done then they

will Sookie they hand you like the

biggest pad you have ever seen a new

life and I am NOT somebody who like at

all like his path so I'm just kinda

looking like oh my god

what they all see the next like two days

not to use a tampon or a cup or anything

so really enjoyed that's like enormous

I think a lot that's great there we just


the waiting room for like 10 minutes is

like see how you're doing in terms of

let your level of pain and whatever take

painkillers before you go so that they

have already kicked in by the time that

you're there

I highly highly highly recommend that

definitely definitely do not forget to

do that

please I'd like for your own sake don't

forget to do that David waiting room for

few more minutes then I did are getting

an uber home I spent the rest of the day

I was in the film so I spent the rest of

the day in bed I had some better dose in

the freezers like yes and that's the dam

there watched for rom-coms I have to

watch Bridget Jones okay I just have to

knew what happened next

so make sure but you have a time we it's

like time was blocked off so you could

just like look after yourself

and not move too much I hope you have

food made for you and like snacks ba in

terms of getting done that was like a

Cleveland experience I don't

particularly see you there to be many

negatives if you're not someone who is

necessarily comfortable of like someone

being up down there like you know that's

the choice that you have to make for you

what feels right for you and so what

does the what I've been wanting to use

is often math but this is just not right

and I can't be like oh the aftermath

food are having the confident no so for

last couple weeks

well like well dance work instantly they

did say no use condoms for next week to

what I had quite a lot for the next week

was spotting so like a lot so I was like

that this is this is really fun because

then one day I would have nothing oh

cool it's over and the next day was like

hi I am so uh oh

so just unpredictable spotting which was

just not pleasant still haven't

completely stopped somebody's also

continues to not to be pleasant panic is

completely normal but I'm just like I

just just want to stop

I have spent two weeks just watching so

much come out of me I'm just like I am

over this because if this is going on

for an entire month and then I get my

period I'm like oh my god it's just I

haven't had a [ __ ] break which is why

again I'm telling myself it's fine in

terms of trade off because this is in

for five years and hopefully it's just

gonna stop all together so that is one

thing I haven't had yet is a proper

period while on the coil but with the

one that I got you do you get sort of a

little information book I've been

reading this quite a few times I have

seen really enjoying looking at all of

the side effects which she really only

start to think about afterwards well I

did anyway so the very common ones for

example like more than one in ten is


and then light or absent periods which

would be fantastic and then the more

common ones list of all 110 when I try

to read them up to you because this is

always fun is a variance it's painful

periods weight gain depression

nervousness headaches migraines

abdominal pelvic back pain nausea acne

increased grief of hair on the face and

body would you sex drive increased

vaginal discharge inflammation of the

ball valve join and tender painful

breasts and the marina coming up by

itself so those are like I've heard I

have just had acne and also like just

Pierre continue to live period pains

I was almost doubled over earlier which

is really fun I feel like I was planning

this video and I feel like it's a cool

new I was talking about it

so it was just like I think this is

maybe a little bit to do with like the

movement I do but woman it sort of acts

up but I have had a lot of cramping the

last two weeks someday they'll be

completely fine some days much do you

like more than crap where I'm like oh

God so it's not any kind of pattern with

it it's just like once in a while it

will just be like thanks Leah God

Oh which is why I have checked like is

it still in the right place a few times

via it's still fine it's just like I'm

very a web and it is in me so I have

broken out here here I'm on my jaw line

I had this morning Norma's is it and it

just like disrupted the entire shape of

my jaw line I saw it in the mirror and I

was a Walther [ __ ] I've always had like

a little bit of acne one thing that that

I enjoyed learning is that like you know

a combined pill of there's health

control acne so I was like oh my god am

I gonna just become as sporty as I

should have been that I'd like in not

build the Belo white gods that kind of

like threw me for a moment and that had

like a little mental breakdown and I was

like staring myself going like oh my god

I'm so ugly it was really fun doesn't

say that mental breakdown is you know

one of the other side effects Oh

depression nervousness it just means I'm

being [ __ ] again

or like all of my sports stuff you know

with face masks I have a really nice

chemical peel on from the ordinary which

I think you guys down below because it's

just fantastic and then also I picked up

a number like pixie turn it you know

like the glow tonic that's got a little

salicylic acid in it so just quite

almost like just chemically peeling my

face off and mal parody my neck so that

was very unexpected and very unwelcome

art was just like my [ __ ] Simoes have

really been the only two things that

have been bothering me you just

continuous [ __ ] spotting and the acne

so yeah spots all around great but I

think in the grand scheme again this

things are relatively minor and I've

actually but I know some people do end

up having is like feeling it during sex

I haven't so that's been fine but I know

it can't be an issue for some people but

again like if you happy it severe pain

or any problem just always contact your

GP and just if there's anything that you

just feel wrong about just talk to your

GP just talk to a doctor they can help

you sort out and you should be okay and

if there's a problem you can always have

it take it out what am i just want to

slip out of you on its own apparently

which still slightly terrifies me or go

walkabout in your abdomen if your uterus

has been perforated which again slightly

terrifying and very very uncommon so we

are going with the herbs on this one so

yeah that's pretty much everything I

have to say about my experience if you

guys have any questions you can just

drop them down below help each other

like I said I feel comfortable doing

that you can just drop me a DM I

probably won't be able to respond to

everyone but I will do my very best to

yeah likes kravinoff yes I'll see you

guys every see your twist that why could

I say these lit I you and which means

that the I you yet is always so

difficult for me like a sour beer that's

BS the