FAQ - What's The Difference Between Digital Coax and Digital Optical Audio Cables

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today we're taking a look at the

difference between a digital coax and a

digital optical cable there are two

options for superior audio when setting

up your home theater

the first being digital optical also

known as a Toslink cable tashlich cables

use fiber optics to send a digital audio

signal and have a squared connector

digital coax is slightly less common but

it's still found on a lot of media and

audio equipment the digital coax uses an

RCA connector like you would find on an

AV block on the back of your TV but it

can be typically identified by the

orange port and is usually labeled as a

digital output these cables will also

provide a high-quality digital audio

signal but the connectors are

gold-plated and feature high quality

shielding opposed to using fiber optics

both cables by superior audio clarity

and the choice between them usually just

comes down to which option you have on

your equipment for more information on

digital optical cables you can click

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coax cables you can click here still

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