Ethernet over Coaxial Cable BE8216EOC-MINI

this is a product demonstration from

Ally Technology Group welcome today

we're talking about this niche

conversion product this is the Ethernet

to coaxial extender a pair of devices

which can be linked at the ridges at

their sides they convert a coaxial line

of up to 300 feet between them and

essentially turns it into a UTP line an

example would be this standard analog

system line with coaxial and powers here

at the ends using the extenders saves

the users from needing to reinstall

lines like these which may be embedded

inside walls and other hard to reach

areas by attaching the extender to the

coaxial ends like so

this entire length will conduct Ethernet

signals like a UTP cable while the

original power source can remain the


this end of the connection to me hooked

up to the NVR

the other ends may link to an IP device

like this dome camera

the setup process is a straightforward

plug-and-play just slice the original

analog system

with minimal hassle this circuit allows

for the swiftest transition to a

high-definition IP CCTV system