Difference Between RG6 & RG59 Coaxial Cables

hello they are Thomas Mars here was in

this video I'm going to discuss what's

difference between rg6 and rg59 cable

and what we can use them for and other


are they interchangeable and which one's

best so let's begin until you start by

giving beef description of each both

cables and then we're going to go

through the commonalities and where we

can use and where we can't use or where

we should or shouldn't use them to us

say let's begin with the rg59 cable so

no 259 Co but here it's the black one

I'm gonna just prepare the end and I'm

going to have a little look inside so

that I prove share the minute we're just

looking at the real magic happens inside

now what we've got we've got the outside

PVC cable jacket then we've got the the

ground shear or the braid which is fat

on this that the cable is no screen

there's no screen see most came much

good cables everything but the squeal on

they're listed or one it hasn't got one

and it's a lot more common with our

lease it's called single screen cables

it's not more common biology sick since

we've got so rg59 is ID six most rg6

type cables which meet WF 100 all this

sort stuff they they typically double

screen these things it's hard to find a

single screen cable with a lot more

common with rg59 but i'll say that they

will cause a lot of ones we have our

double script but that was wind we cut

that in there so set the conductor so

it's got a braid the you know the

dielectric material there which is the

shore I said a conductor now like all

the types of cable you've got good

quality cables and you've got quality

cables and stuff like that so that's

that one now I've got the rg6

which is if you're watching this in the

UK just so you know we're not ik rg6 I

don't mean the cheap nasty rg6 that's

branded rg6 I'm talking about the cave

specification or z6o as you call solid

center copper conductor so I think it

strikes I used to make the oil using

scale it's cheap and nasty I'm not

talking about that if you want to listen

us baby putting up no idea I'm talking

about but in the UK we have some very

negative opinions of artists it's

because people that don't quite know the

full story usually and I'm to a pair

repair back the rg6 this is this play

was WF 100 which is made by Webb row but

there are similar you know good quality

cables like ct100 or PF 100 is quite a

readily available one you've got

anything by a screw fix and stuff like

that Webb row I think they only sell

within the trade so it's what Montford

cable and that's what it's certainly

what we use for domestic domestic for

all of your satellite work and yes so on

this one we've got I'll kind of cut

about it got the centre copper conductor

we've got the ground shield we've got a

little copper screen there you see it

I've already cut it back I didn't so

I'll show you there but we've got a cup

of screen there so that's a double

screen cable wait grab the two you can

quite nicely see the difference so once

our g6w one hundreds quite a bit thicker

than rg59 and it's basically meaning

that theology six technically it's a

better cable so you're gonna get less

signal loss it down it because the set

of conductors a thicker conductor and

that's what we are so that's will use

for your satellite the rg59 we use for

CCTV and stuff like that but having said

that they're both right at 75 ohms so

they are interchangeable you can use rg6

to wire your CCTV cameras up and you can

use rg59 - you just feel your TV systems

your no.17 these systems it's just not

ideal and one of the reasons it's not

ideal is because of the connectors are

GCC's designs it's not received so I fit

more like this an F connector and this

is a screw on version but you can't get

crimp on and compression tights or so

and they kind of Zion to sort of fit so

if you try and put that onto the rg59

you have a job get to fit properly and

vice versa with CCTV typically with

coaxial cables we're going to be

installing PNC plugs so just to show you

if I try and put the ring from the BNC

plug over that it doesn't fit so you can

have to sort of try on a bit of a

sculptress we must and anybody to try

and you know get it to fit which I have

two parts but if you try and tilt the

rg59 just slots over nicely so we can

put the rest of the plug once you know

if it's all about that this video isn't

shown you how to make the LG mobility

clubs we can do it no I think so I hope

I hope it's been helpful you guys we can

sort of see that we can use both cables

for either use in fact there is that use

some quite good adapter plugs so if

you're going to be using the RG 6 or day

for 100 to wire up your CCTV analog

cameras then you might want to buy some

B and CSF adapters and so you can just

termit the cables with F connectors and

then just get extra BNC adapter and then

that can connect to your CCTV camera

I have aa video on how to Borge f plugs

onto rg59 which if you if you interested

through their go up into that video now

see it's in our YouTube channel and so

and I say boys because like there was a

bunch but it will get you out of trouble

if the cables when you solve it nothing

you can do about it so I hope not this

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