Beginner Guitar Chords 2 - The A Major Chord

okay so now you've done the D chord

let's do another chord and then try the

AE out okay so a we're gonna put our

first finger on the fourth string on the

second fret now but we're going to have

all three fingers in the same position

here so you need to have your first

finger back a little bit for this in

this case so you'll see that instead of

having a really a high position for your

first finger we're going to be back

thear on a second fret but just inside

the second fret because we need to put

our second finger straight underneath it

on this on the second fruit as well but

on the next string dear same for the

next finger so there's three in a row

best way to think of a three in a row

a three in a row if you can brainwash

that then you have no problems then the

bottom string is left open so no fingers

on the bottom string and we strum that

from the fifth string down so rows from

the fifth string we've got five strings

then when you first do that chord you

might find it sounds more like this or



and you first do that that's okay it's

got a pressed down a little bit harder

and you'll find that the when your

fingers form callus is nice and strongly

your tech school seemed nicer and also

just adjust your hand position too much

but don't worry too much about the sound

it's more about the feeling of the chord

the a chord now there are a few

variations on a and I'll go through them

some people learn a with one finger

flare and just strum across those three

strings they flatten those strings in

the bottom string they just don't strum

because otherwise you'll get a funny

note that you don't want it's one

version of another vision of an a

another one is instead of doing first

finger second finger third finger they

go sick and finger first finger third

finger scrunched under that little shake

view now you can change that if you want

to if you happen to have really big fat

what I call sausage sausage fingers it

doesn't actually put you off playing

guitar at all you can actually just

adapt it so instead of using all three

fingers you might only use two fingers

to do the chord so in this case my first

finger is going to cover the top two

strings of that I had pushed it how much

as the fourth and the third string and

in the third finger just jumps in

underneath and covers there through the

second string nice and easily we can

change it around so it's the other way

around whatever way you prefer but try

starting out with a three in a row and

you'll see why later on as we do more

other chords but three in a row is a

good way to start and if you can you've

got three other options of doing there a

chord and strumming from the fifth

string the unremembered and missed the

top string yet we don't wanna hear the

top string just from the M

and that's the a chord