Chest Congestion - Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies


when you experience pressure heaviness

or tightness in the chest and have

difficulty breathing you are suffering

from chest congestion chest congestion

is usually caused by a deposit of excess

mucus and fluids in the lungs any other

obstruction which restricts the movement

of oxygen into lungs causes this

condition chest congestion is common for

people suffering from common colds any

respiratory infections flu or viral

infection and conditions like heart


if neglected it may lead to pneumonia or

ask them I let us have a look at some

home remedies which can help decongest

the air passage chop an onion into small


extract its juice add four tablespoons

of lemon juice add a little water add

two spoons of honey mix it well heat

this for two to three minutes and have

it thrice a day take a glass of hot milk

add 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric powder add

one teaspoon of black pepper powder also

known as kali milk add two teaspoons of

honey mix it well drink this milk when

hot eat well and take care of yourself

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