Why does my chest hurt when it's cold?

the uncomfortable feeling in the chest

during cold weather usually related to

changes in temperature and humidity and

we are not clear exactly what's the

cause of this discomfort in the chest

but where is it is felt that the chest

ribs which joins the breastbone and it's

at the cartilage is called the there's a

joint space and that can swell up in

cold weather that can give you some

uncomfortable feeling in the chest

however if people have chest pain when

especially when they're shoveling snow

and especially if they're elderly that

could indicate that they could have

significant heart condition

if the discomfort in the chest increases

while increasing workload and it has

associated symptoms like difficulty

breathing and nausea vomitting should

seek medical attention and just a simple

chest discomfort with cold weather could

be just related to the cold weather and

if it should goes away and you're this

not of a concern

I'm dr. Ramesh Koda I'm a

board-certified cardiologist at Mons and

I'm a doctors and Brooklyn Heights you

could see me or one of my colleagues who

can help you any concerns and questions

you have regarding your chest pain with

cold weather