Why are you having chest pains?

this is a great question and obviously a

very important distinction to make given

that one is a very common condition

easily treated another one is

potentially a sign of a serious medical

condition and so most importantly are

going to be the characteristics of the

pain that you're having with reflux

disease heartburn typically people are

going to feel a sense of burning that

usually starts either in the stomach

maybe you get a burning sensation in the

back of your mouth oftentimes comes with

either a cough a sour taste frequently

linked with food or a symptom that you

get when you wake up in the morning when

you have that sense of heartburn chest

pain due to heart disease can sometimes

be similar but more classically it's a

pressure like pain like an elephant

sitting on your chest so much so that it

stops you from doing what you're doing

frequently linked with exertion so if

you're getting pain when you're climbing

stairs walking down the street

exercising one you should always stop

and rest and two it may be linked to

your heart so at that point you

definitely want to make an appointment

to see your doctor if they're ever

getting pain in your chest on exertion

that's not getting better with rest then

you definitely want to call 911 and get

emergently seen by a physician now if

you're concerned and you're you have any

heart pain or a rather chest pain with

exertion for instance but it's kind of

burning it's maybe not pressure

definitely want to talk to your doctor

because sometimes these pans can overlap

and if you're someone who is at high

risk for heart disease you have diabetes

or high blood pressure you are a smoker

or you're even over the age of 50 is

probably worth talking to your doctor

about that if you need to see a doctor

clearly you can see myself or any of my

colleagues at Mount Sinai doctors in

Brooklyn Heights