today we're talking about a very

exciting topic and that is where you can

travel in the world that is cheap


so when I say cheap places to travel

what I mean is your money will go

farther so when I talk about how much

things cost I am comparing it to a

United States dollar value so you can

just do a little conversion if you want

to figure out how much it would be in

your home currency but for the purposes

of this video just assume that it's

always a US dollar amount that I'm

quoting so without further ado let's

just jump right in we will start with


so Romania is a little bit off the

beaten path while the country is known

for in Dracula many charming towns and

free activities remain unknown to most

foreigners so whether you're taking a

long stroll through the medieval

villages or people watching in one of

the beautiful parks Romania is great for

anyone after a European experience on a

budget there are also free walking tours

where you can check out the numerous

historical sites and hostels run about

10 to 15 dollars per night the food is

also hurry and delicious and here's a

money saving tip have your breakfast at

the hostel and have a big hearty meal

for lunch and then you can cook your own

meal for dinner as most hostels do have

kitchens and a lot of local markets

where you can shop public transportation

is also affordable and easy to use in

most of the big cities next on the list

number 9 is the Ukraine


now the Ukraine can be a challenging

country to travel in because there is a

language barrier and sometimes the lack

of reliable transportation but if you're

looking for a seriously interesting

European adventure on a budget the

Ukraine is perfect the main thing that

makes it so affordable to travel in is

the devalued currency so tough for them

but as a traveler there it makes things

a little bit easier so a dorm room can

cost as cheap as six to ten dollars per

night meals can run about six to eight

dollars per day and transportation is

only about one to three dollars for

train rides or six to fifteen dollars

for an inner-city training ride plus as

European destinations go activities in

the Ukraine are also super affordable

for number eight let's head over to

South America and visit Bolivia now keep

in mind that Bolivia can involve a lot

of travel on windy and sometimes narrow

roads and maybe that's not for everyone

but Bolivia is also next level beautiful

you've got the salar de uyuni which are

the famous salt flats where you can take

a tour with other people if you're

traveling alone or you can be super

adventurous and drive it yourself

and of course there is the famous death

Road if you're feeling particularly

adventurous you've also got part of the

Amazon jungle in Bolivia so it truly has

an almost endless array of activities

one very expensive thing though is the

visa so if you are from the US or a few

other select very lucky countries you'll

be paying upwards of a hundred dollars

just to get in but once you're there if

you're willing to sort of live like the

locals do you can spend very little on

food so look for the menu del dia where

you can get a three-course meal for just

a few dollars plus accommodation is

really cheap as well in hostels running

about ten dollars per day next on the

list is South Africa


when it comes to Africa as a whole

especially East Africa it can be very

expensive to travel there there seems to

be very little in terms of the mid-range

South Africa on the other hand has a lot

of options they also have a devalued

currency at this moment so traveling

there has become cheaper and cheaper

that's not to overlook the fact that it

can be a little bit dangerous to travel

there so take caution in the cities I

have some blog posts to help you out if

you do want to travel in South Africa so

be sure to check the show notes below

but in terms of activities you can self

Drive in Kruger National Park which

makes it a lot cheaper than your typical

African safari

also car rentals are not that much there

I was driving a Ford Fiesta through

Kruger National Park so just to put it

in perspective it's mostly tar roads and

it's an amazing place to go and the

hostels that are referred to as

backpackers are truly amazing you've got

people who are from all budget ranges

you've got locals you've got people of

all ages you've got tons of travelers

who are all staying in the same places

and this is what makes me love South

Africa so much we can't talk about the

most affordable places in the world

without hopping over to Southeast Asia

let's go to blouse


Laos is a landlocked country but it is

not without its aquatic adventure as you

have amazing rivers that you can tube

down there you have incredible

waterfalls I mean truly stunning some of

the best in the world I would say

especially if you're motorbiking the

Bullivant plateau you will see tons in

terms of food you can eat at night

markets for super cheap I mean just a

few dollars especially if you're willing

to go vegetarian and activity wise so

much of it is free or just a dollar or

two so it doesn't have to break the bank

to do some really cool stuff and Laos

now I will say accomodation in Laos set

me back a little bit farther than it did

in Vietnam Cambodia and other

surrounding countries but overall you

can still get by on about 30 US dollars

per day especially if you're staying in

dorms there the other slightly more

expensive thing was inner city bus rides

in other countries it can be just a few

dollars but in Laos it was usually more

around 20 dollars that said they

you very long distances that you don't

want to traverse any other way other

than maybe by flying but that's not a

budget way to do it though in terms of

saving money and traveling around Laos

is a wonderful place to go it's also a

little bit more off the beaten path than

some of the other places I'm going to

name in Southeast Asia so if you want a

more unique experience I highly

recommend it next let's talk about

Vietnam Vietnam is one of my favourite

countries in Southeast Asia because it

is just so diverse in terms of the

landscape and very beautiful and so you

can start in the south which i think is

just a foodies paradise or let's be

honest the whole country is a foodies

paradise and one of the best things

about Vietnam is that you can eat there

for a dollar or two per meal it's also

really cheap to stay in the hostel so

just a few dollars maybe up five to ten

per day to be in a shared dorm room and

what a lot of people do in Vietnam is

buy a motorbike in Ho Chi Minh City or

in Hanoi and then drive the distance of

the country and then they just sell the

bike at the end this is definitely a

more adventurous way to go most people I

know who did it kind of had constant

problems with their bikes in some crash

so just keep in mind that you will

probably run into some issues at some

point but it's almost free apart from

gas because you can pretty much sell the

bike for what you paid for it to another

backpacker who wants to do the same

thing so keep in mind that you have that

option as well when you travel through

Vietnam now let's talk about Cambodia

this is one of my favorite countries in

the world and it's the first place that

I went on my big Southeast Asian

adventure that I started seven years ago

and I'm kind of still on today

what I loved about Cambodia is that I

could find dorm rooms that were only

$2.00 per night now they were not fancy

they were not even nice but they were

affordable and that was something that

helped me keep my budget in check

another great thing about Cambodia is

it's a coastal country in the ocean

there is super clear and it's beautiful

and there's also bioluminescence at

night so be sure to spend some time on

the coast if you move slowly through

Cambodia and spend a lot of time on the

beach you won't spend much money at all

now keep in mind that the activities

that are super popular and famous like

Angkor why are a bit more expensive

I believe it's $40 per day now plus the

feed to take it took took in but you

could always rent a bicycle for just a

few dollars and that was my favorite way

actually to explore because I loved the

freedom of it food there is pretty cheap

at just three to five dollars per meal

and with all of these places keep in

mind that if you're willing to eat the

local food you're going to pay a lot

less money than if you're looking for a

sort of Western counterpart that you

would have back home also the local food

is better Street food is also a really

good option for saving money and I know

that some people think I'm crazy for

suggesting that but I have never gotten

food poisoning from street food in

Southeast Asia they cook it right in

front of you the ingredients are usually

fresh bought from the market that day

and just go to a stand that has a lot of

people at it especially if locals are

bringing their kids there if they're

eating it you can too now we have made

it to the top three cheapest

destinations to travel in the world and

so next is Sri Lanka


sri lanka is right next to india but

it's got a culture and landscape all its

own there are so many interesting

historical sites that you can visit and

they can be kind of expensive like forty

to fifty dollars for a foreigner to

visit but they are worth seeing and

truly beautiful and my favorite thing to

do in sri lanka is to take the train

it's just a dollar or two if you do the

lower class which you should do so that

you can hang out the door it's one of

the coolest things to do there and i

loved it when i visited sri lanka that

for the first time like six years ago

now the other nice thing about sri lanka

is that the food is super affordable and

so are most of the activities so if you

want to learn to surf or if you want to

go hiking on adam's peak or if you just

want to chill on the beach all of these

things are super affordable like under

ten to twenty dollars per day

transportation other than the trains

also isn't too bad you can haggle with

tuk-tuk drivers to go shorter distances

you can take buses across the country

but honestly take the train it is an

experience in and of itself all right

we're down to our final two cheapest

destinations in the world so next is


India is a country of extremes you can

spend tons of money in India if you want

to but honestly even if you do it sort

of like a five-star bawling out type of

style it'll still cost you way less than

it would to do the same thing and say

Europe or the u.s. so you can travel

India if you're on a super budget for as

little as 15 dollars per day but if you

want to spend a little more you can have

an even easier experience train rides

can be insane if you don't book the

first-class so I recommend just doing

that and book it early look at far in

advance but accommodation can be super

cheap food is delicious and very cheap

and transportation doesn't have to be

too bad either the best way to travel

through India on a budget is to book

things yourself this moves no agents and

no online booking sites also you're

going to get the best deal on

accommodation if you walk into local

guest houses restaurants and tour

companies and haggle in person you can

definitely get half the price of what

you see quoted online if you do this

accommodation wise you can only spend

four to eight dollars per night in the

local guest house one to three dollars

for a full day of bus and train rides or

eight to thirty dollars on an inner city

train ride and sometimes domestic

flights can cost as little as thirty

dollars - and finally my number one

cheapest destination in the world that

you can travel to is

Nepal is a place where I only spent

about 15 dollars per day when I was

backpacking through for a full month

back in 2014

part of that is because I spent half of

that time trekking the Annapurna circuit

which can be extremely cheap especially

at the lower elevations the best way to

do it is to book accomodation for only a

dollar or two and make sure that you

hang on this in agreement for eating all

of your meals at the accommodation so

this is mostly teahouse trek it's the

same for the Everest base camp and you

don't have to spend nearly as much on

accommodation because you're agreeing to

eat all of your food there buses are

also cheap and to be honest a little

scary in Nepal but the transportation is

easy to book and you can get across the

country for just a few dollars as well

now I never had any stomach problems

eating Street food in Nepal but I will

say that their street food does not have

the best reputation but you can get

delicious cheap and home-cooked meals in

local run and small cafes all through

the country similar to India the best

deal that you can get for accommodation

is to go in person and see what the

rooms cost and kind of like India almost

everything in Nepal is a negotiable in

terms of price so if you feel like

haggling to get the price a little bit

lower it's a sport it's fun always be

respectful but Nepal and India are

places where you haggle keep in mind in

terms of trekking it is cheaper if you

don't have a guide or a porter and you

don't necessarily need to carry all of

your stuff with you I was able to stash

my stuff at a hostel in Pokhara for the

entire two weeks that I was hiking the

annapurna circuit and sanctuary they're

used to it they don't mind but you are

giving a local person a job for about 20

to 25 dollars per day if you do hire

them to be your guide or porter I hope

that this list helped you to pick out

some destinations where your money will

go farther where you can have more value

and where you can spend less and travel

longer keep in mind that moving slowly

through all of these places is always

going to be cheaper because each day

that you move on you're paying for the

transportation so if you find a place

that you love like I did on the

cambodian coast where I parked for a

solid two weeks

just stay and enjoy it especially if

you're rich in time but not so much in

cash I have a blog post with even more

details and more places where you can

travel for cheap so hit the link below

that says the cheapest travel

destinations in the world and you will

see an even more comprehensive list of

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