in today's video

i want to share with you my top 10 most

affordable countries that i've visited

in the past

five years

so let's say this list is supposed to

serve as a travel inspiration

and some of these countries you've

probably visited heard of most but yet

i have quite a feeling that some of

these things you're about to see

you might not believe good evening



hey what's up with that welcome to

today's video

and i did this one video a year ago that

got really big seven cheapest countries

to travel to and in today's video

i wanna update it so i would say let's

get it rolling let's get into

number one



number one for today is india i've

traveled there

last year for the very first time i have

been i believe in

four cities in four big cities uh my

favorite one that i have visited was


and everywhere let's say the local

restaurant street food

everybody says be a little bit more

careful i said i would say i

was even though maybe sometimes i took a

little bit of a risk


overall definitely one of the most

affordable places on

this list while there's accommodation

like hostels for just a few dollars i

would recommend to go a little bit

higher to make sure you're staying at a

nice and clean place

and another thing to keep in mind many

of the tourist attractions especially

the most popular one like the taj mahal

have an entrance fee of around 10 to 30


if you want to stay at a nice let's say

social hostel is clean well kept

in the bigger cities five ten maybe

fifteen dollars even so it's not super


while still you can do it if you would

want to overall india for me was an

extremely let's say

unique experience so definitely a big

big recommendations if you are looking

for a county to travel to on a budget

don't be afraid to travel to india


on number two belarus

we're going for now to eastern europe

me ending up in belarus was quite a

surprise for myself

it is one of the least visited countries

in all of eastern europe

and not too long ago they made it easier

to come here you can enter the country

up to

30 days visa free and the city

especially the capital

minsk clean super affordable it has a

historical site as well as a modern one

to it

if you leave the capital it will get

even more affordable

but also it will be a little bit like

time traveling being in a post-soviet


a very interesting experience


number three is gonna be ukraine

ukraine so this is kind of like where my

roots are coming from and especially

during the crisis in 1516 it was

ridiculously affordable this one i've

shot most of my videos covering all of

that so you can check it out

in the description below but there you

still have to say

for what you get transportation around

the cities the different restaurants

the experience is very very top-notch

and high

for quite a moderate price so a rule of

some of my friends who have been

traveling there as well also i've been

doing videos it's kind of like

you can expect it to be maybe half or

two-thirds of the price of let's say uh

european standards i'm will be in

ukraine probably around summer we'll be

checking out how it is at this point

right now but especially also the scene

for let's say digital moments there

is growing a lot of people making their

way out there more and more especially

in kiev i see a lot of

cool things happening so you might see

me there also

more often again another spot that

surprised me quite a lot was poland

passing through to poland many times

every time i was like wow i'm in a city

center right now

and that doesn't cost me that much you

could eat out a little bit you get a

nice apartment not too far from the city

so if you're interested in traveling in

europe you're gonna see a big

difference and also with poland poland

has been growing like crazy it reminds

me personally more and more

of western europe


and the last eastern european country

for today and sophia



i've been passing through for a few days

and everything that i've mentioned


is also here a lot of interesting

history things like transportation

as in all of eastern europe very


taking a taxi will run you a few dollars

another country that is definitely worth



standing right now at the beach in bali

indonesia and you know previously i

mentioned it as a country it was quite

affordable to travel i've been here for

a few weeks in



okay so you might think to yourself hey

this is like the most cliche travel

destination right now you see your

friends going there your neighbor who

wants to flex on

instagram and i mean everyone the yogi

the meditator the spiritual gangster the

digital nomad the digital gypsy the list

goes on

and on so is it too busy

is it maybe also too expensive at this

point and that's what i thought when i

was visiting bali for the first time but

this time around

i stayed for two months and i made

actually the experience

that in bali people are staying for an


low budget i've talked to people who

told me that they lived there for three

hundred dollars

and that's mainly due to the fact that

hostels they have for like three to five

dollars starting point and sometimes

they're actually not even that bad quite

nice for that

budget which is almost unbelievable the

so-called varun's the local

places to eat you can get away for a

dollar or two for a very decent

meal so if you want to make it work

there's definitely a way

but at the same time it has amazing

parties amazing nightlife amazing people

from all

over the world alrighty guys so as for

now i'm actually on my way

to a meeting of creators here in bali

they call themselves the creator

community and somebody

told me about them i reached out and

they host let's say weekly little

events and shootings


oh and then i still realize hey for an

amazing time

like i was able to stay here for as i

said eight hundred dollars so for me

so to give you another reference point

of let's say what you can get in terms

of accommodation if you stay here if you

want to

keep it more or less on the budget this

place that we're staying right now and

this place is 85

for three rooms so i'm just gonna give

you a quick

little tour and definitely the biggest

selling point it's just

how broad the whole space is so you just

walk around

and you just really feel like you have

so much space for yourself

so we are walking through here

i come in here and it's absolutely





our number seven thailand one of the

most visited places

in south east asia very developed

but yet breathtaking beaches amazing



the thai bot right now i heard is really


so for that if you're coming from the

outside you won't get as much as you

maybe got a year ago so that's something

to keep in mind

that recently passing through through

bangkok and uh really overall

southeast asia i would say malaysia

kuala lumpur also surprised me of how

affordable it

is passing through many times staying in

a nice condo maybe

getting some stuff done really really

cool experience the sky bars

the skyline of kuala lumpur absolutely



number nine the philippines i've done

many videos

i've been there three times at this

point and i gotta say

i cannot get enough


and it's also quite affordable here to

keep in mind is the fact that

the philippines is consisted of

thousands and thousands of islands

so if you want to get from one area to


it will usually have to be a flight or a


boat ride that can get a little bit more

expensive than in the country like

thailand so that's something to keep in

mind and as for most of the travel

destinations that i mentioned today

i have separate videos separate top 10

list that you can find

on my channel

and the last one for today is gonna be

vietnam i passed through

for two weeks and i heard it's gonna be

quite good on the budget side


but i really didn't expect just how

affordable it's going to be

street food all over the place for just

a dollar or two

and probably the best extremely low

priced accommodation

three dollars that i've ever stayed at

this hostel it's insane it's like

three euro a little bit over that it's

really clean it's really modern it's

kind of like what i try to

do if i stay at hostels maybe a few

years old or nicer this one

ridiculously affordable ready should be

around a 10-minute ride want to catch

the sunset so we gotta hurry up


and so with that with today's video i

just wanted let's say to update a little

bit on my perception on affordable


to travel to give you a little bit of a

travel inspiration if you're new here my

name is danny for the past few years

i've been documenting my journey around

traveling for the most part health

fitness going to the gym things that

work for me to just put everything on

autopilot but also let's say the part of

the mind

so if you want to dive deeper deeper

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if you stay all the way until the end

thank you very much we're gonna see each


very soon