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number one will definitely let you feel

of Jurgis without ripping much from your


number 10 Croatia you may think it's an

expensive travel destination because of

its wonderful coastlines astounding

lakes and forests mesmerizing history

and luxuriously delicious cuisines but

everything is incredibly affordable over

the years

Croatia's tourism efforts have been

thriving for a tourist destination that

pays off from its low rates on food

transportation and even accommodations

without worrying about the quality Perot

Asia could be your next favorite travel

destination whether you're on a budget

or not you can visit the natural wonders

of kirkin national park and clip fist

lakes get to sail with yacht week

discover their unique culture and savor

the heavenly of foods from the Istrian

region the ideal time to visit croatia

would be from October to April as it is

their low season you'd be surprised how

the flights and accommodations to

Croatia literally hit rock bottom during

this time what an excellent choice for a

budget adventure number nine

greets if this next treasure is not

included in your list then you have to

reevaluate imagine a sanctuary that sits

on the Mediterranean values the worth of

your penny and let's see witnessed

majestic beauty how can you resist it

because Athens Airport is a Central

European spot with great connecting

flights to other countries

this makes Greece one of the cheapest

places to travel it does not settle only

for affordable flights but can amaze you

with low-cost accommodations food and

even outdoor activities you may rest

yourself in a studio apartment with a

breathtaking view of the sea on

Zakynthos Island or near the coast of

Santorini fill your stomach with tasty

seafood meals and try out nature

activities such as island tours by a


everything can be done for less here and

it's for real try it out mate number

eight Nepal feature having the world's

tallest mountain Mount Everest not

everyone knows that Nepal has a lot to

offer as you step out from the common

tourist areas including family and

Kathmandu you'll be amazed at how

quickly the cost of everything drops in

a blink you might just find yourself

riding a bus for only $3 hike up to an

appoinment Trek and you'll find an

incredible accommodation package for

only $20 a day you have a private room

and an inclusive of three meals a day

they're also roadside lunch stalls

selling low priced spicy potatoes and

chickpeas for less than a dollar Wow for

sure it will not take long for Nepal to

be included in your budget travel list

number seven Vietnam

despite its growing popularity it still

remains as one of Southeast Asia's

cheapest countries to travel explorers

who are into budget tours can spoil

themselves with a staggeringly beautiful

sights tasteful dishes affordable guest

houses and even transportation all

included for not more than fifteen

dollars won in Vietnam

do not forget to visit Hanoi if you head

up north it is where the French flavor

influences with patisserie baking

croissants ly also be sure to check out

the oasis of calm at the old quarter at

Kwan kam Lake where locals do Tai Chi at

sunrise once you decide to go south stop

by the dialog mountain resort to see the

iconic rice terraces and Vietnamese rule

life it will be worth a trip number six

Budapest Hungary on anyone's voyage

around Central Europe definite must-see

historic is the Hungarian capital on the

Danube River Budapest feed your stomach

with a cheap bowl of Hungarian Goulash

on a quaint restaurants patio fill your

thirst with a refreshing drink from

Budapest bars so can the thermal spas

enjoy sweet treats with gourmet pastries

or visit the famous coffee house for a

slice of chocolate chimney cake these

would be worth it for only a few pennies

hungary is an ideal place for bargains

from acquiring a room meals and

transport fares without spending a lot

you can choose from a lot of other

options to maximize the adventure

number five Istanbul Turkey seeking an

historic journey have a stop at Istanbul

relish the street food specialty Baalak

ethnic poor the catch of the day fish


check out the Hagia Sophia a 1500 year

old complex that served as a church

during the Byzantine era and enter the

mosque of the Ottomans

travelers can enjoy these native tours

for a surprisingly affordable cost aside

from its fantastic historical

significance Turkey boasts numerous

pristine beaches across the agent and

Mediterranean coasts we're sealing on a

traditional gimlet sail boat cruise is

an absolute monster choosing where to

rest after an adventurous exploration

you don't have to think much as you will

be welcomed by a lot of inexpensive

guest houses that have great deals

number four

sri lanka this is a picturesque paradise

to feast track in the jungle and relax

at hotels along the beach all in for a

crazily modest cost sri lanka's sacred

sites including temples monasteries and

stupa which lead to their buddhist

culture are the famous highlights to

tour in the country such as the three

maha butea the Bodhi tree temple and

sweida la de Malaga WA or temple of to

remember to be wary of the abusers who

tend to ask for an expensive feat from

foreigners never tolerate those if

you're lucky there are some tuk tuk

drivers who offer free snakes at some of

the popular sites so how lucky are you

made number three Dublin Ireland over

the years flight costs to Ireland have

tumbled down and this means reaching

Dublin is already in the palm of your


if you're a book writer journalist or

just a person who loves books then this

spot will be perfect for you check out

the chest media library to witness its

world-class and fantastic collection of

rare books and manuscripts you might

discover something that will tickle your

imagination you may also take a stroll

at Phoenix Park which is the largest

recreational space in this european

capital of course after luring yourself

over the free perks you can spend a

little time shopping at Blackrock market

known as Dublin's oldest and city's

cheapest pint situated at the pavilion

bar and Trinity College no worries all

the prices in the market are in card

we affordable further if you decide to

head out from the Capitol check out

Galway which is insanely fifty percent

cheaper than Dublin you'll get to

experience the city's vibrant nightlife

and impressive budget-friendly pubs plus

all the live music jams which are free

number two Argentina this vast country

is famed for its variety of landscapes

regions and for being one of the top

flying fishing destinations all over the

globe so one would not think that

Argentina is actually among the cheapest

countries to travel for its major

attractions try out the flying fish

season at Lake district of Patagonia

during January and February for its

perfect warm weather to fish if you are

up for a trek winter season is the ideal

period for you check out the peaks of

Fitzroy and Cerro Torre at el chalten

which have temperatures around 68

degrees Fahrenheit trekkers may take a

dip at the waterfalls then have a drink

on the patio do not miss the el calafate

a and it swims pretty Damona and a

glacier and its massive chunks of ice

every single activity listed is

surprisingly affordable number one

Dominican Republic probably the cheapest

most affordable and best thrifty but

luxury adventure that one would ever

experience can be found here unlike many

other countries the Dominican Republic

will let you luxuriate in a deluxe

paradise even if you only have fifty

dollars simply spot where the locals

usually dine and live then you can spend

less than you imagine possible you might

find yourself riding on a local bus for

under a dollar for more lavish yet still

affordable travel head to the Bavaro

hostel you can walk over the white sands

dance with the swaying palm trees and

immerse yourself in the pristine waters

of the Vero Beach

what a divine experience yet cheap

journey heading to your dream travel

destinations is already fulfilling but

to experience a grand trip without using

up all your savings will be even more

fulfilling which one of these

inexpensive travel destinations sparks

your interest comment below

we're excited to hear where your desires

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