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just because you can't afford a trip to

Hawaii or Manhattan doesn't mean a great

family vacation is out of reach

welcome to mojo travels and today we're

counting down our picks for the top ten

affordable family vacation destinations

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we're looking at cities in the u.s. that

offer fun activities for both adults and

children and are reasonably affordable

we'd like to thank CNBC for the rankings

number 10 Gulfport Mississippi the white

beaches of Gulfport offer miles worth of

sand Sun and captivating waters that

won't cost you much to experience

actually you could even walk away with

more money in your wallet given the

coast casinos that line this section of

the Gulf Coast unlikely we know the

beaches aren't the only water-based

attractions you'll find in Gulfport

there are a bunch of kid-friendly

attractions like the water slides at

Gulf Islands waterpark the interactive

exhibits at the Institute for marine

mammal studies and sightseeing tours

through companies like Ship Island

excursions you can make a massive splash

at Gulfport for a relatively low price

number 9 Williamsburg Virginia how would

you like to take a trip back to colonial

America without breaking the bank

Williamsburg Virginia is a city that's

been virtually untouched by time making

tourists feel as if they wandered into

the 18th century along with Jamestown in

Yorktown Williamsburg is part of the

historic triangle

visitors can affordably spend a day

soaking up history at Colonial

Williamsburg where landmarks like the

governor's palace are found in addition

to this Living History Museum the Busch

Gardens theme park offers up

rollercoasters and thrill rides galore

for the whole package purchase the

Williamsburg bounce ticket for a week of

unlimited admission to all number 8

Colorado Springs Colorado you can't put

a price on the majestic sites that make

Colorado Springs the centerpiece of the

Centennial state the trip will be worth

every hard-earned penny thanks to

natural attractions like the Garden of

the Gods rock formations the Broadmoor

Seven Falls and

Pikes Peak which stretches over 14,000

feet above sea level along with its

various trails you can also feed

giraffes at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and

revisit the Wild West at the ghost town

museum if you want to get your family

into the great outdoors while still

having access to reasonably priced

attractions this is the place for you

number 7

Daytona Beach Florida Florida is

certainly one of the most popular

vacation destinations in the u.s.

although it's not widely known for being

the cheapest place to visit there's more

to the Sunshine State than Disney World

and Universal Studios though there are

affordably priced hotels at Daytona

Beach that won't eat too much into your

travel budget just avoid Spring Break

that way you can check out the city's 23

miles of beaches and the Daytona Beach

boardwalk and pier while the beaches are

a given you'll also want to seek out the

Daytona International Speedway and

Daytona Lagoon water park as well after

all you can never have too much family

water activity fun number 6 Raleigh

North Carolina together with Durham and

Chapel Hill Raleigh the state's capital

completes the Research Triangle Park in

addition to universities Raleigh is

packed with attractions designed to

stimulate the mind from the North

Carolina Museum of Art to the North

Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences also

for children the marbles kids museum is

where learning and playtime go

hand-in-hand you won't want to spend

your entire trip cooped up in museums

though as the city is ripe with outdoor

fun to be had say at Poland Park and JC

Rosen Arboretum and taking a stroll

along any Raleigh Street you'll see why

it's been nicknamed this city of Oaks

number 5 Albuquerque New Mexico when

you're traveling with a family vacation

costs can skyrocket far beyond your

ideal budget in Albuquerque New Mexico

however there's a week's worth of

boundless family fun to be had duke city

is perhaps best known for the

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

the largest hot air balloon festival in

the world

tourists come every October to see

approximately 500 balloons

stoon the Albuquerque sky even if you

can't make it in October Albuquerque is

loaded with museums restaurants and

parks guaranteeing your stay won't have

a dull moment the petroglyph National

Monument is one of the city's must-see

destinations featuring ancient Native

American carvings immortalized in stone

plus you can still book a balloon tour

any time of the year number 4 Branson

Missouri Branson is growing in

popularity with travelers and with good

reason but don't worry

Branson hasn't lost its signature

country charm Branson is known as the

live music show capital of the world

although that's a pretty contested title

which is to be expected when Dolly

Parton Stampede dinner show is one of

the city's greatest draws that's just

one of several attractions owned by

Herschend family entertainment which

rose to prominence through Branson's

historical silver dollar city theme park

with rollercoasters live shows and the

landmark marvel cave the Silver Dollar

City is a solid-gold getaway spot number

three San Antonio Texas

there are numerous major kid-friendly

attractions in this Texas City including

Six Flags SeaWorld and the San Antonio


while not cheap per se group rates can

offer savings for families for history

buffs the Alamo or San Antonio missions

is a world heritage site that every

American should visit at least once the

most cultured spot in this Texas city

would have to be the San Antonio

Riverwalk lined with eateries shops and

museums all of which are set off by the

grand scenery we'd suggest trying to

book an affordable room with an

exquisite Riverwalk of you number two

Huntsville Alabama a trip to the moon

may be out of your price range but a

week in Rocket City sure isn't

if you've ever dreamed of attending

space camp the US Space and Rocket

Center will speak to your inner Voyager

with its vast collection of rockets

shuttles and other artifacts most

notably the saturn v instrument unit

outside of its space attractions

huntsville will have you in awe of its

outdoor facilities like the Botanical

Garden and Monte Santo State Park

between February and October a variety

of festivals pass through Huntsville

including very cool April's panoply

arts festival number one st. Augustine

Florida saying Augustine isn't just the

country's oldest continental city but

also the perfect vacation spot for any

family with a modest budget having been

founded in 1565 saying Augustine has a

plethora of history for tourists to

discover especially at the Castillo de

San Marcos the oldest masonry fort in

the country Castillo de San Marcos has

been one of the city's most popular

attractions ever since the National Park

Service took control in 1933 looking for

something a little different for a

wildlife adventure tourists can zipline

over the alligator farm Zoological Park

or observe the Peacocks at the private

fountain of youth' archeological park

this is another destination for the

whole family that's equally entertaining

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