5 VERY AFFORDABLE Budget Travel Destinations for 2019

so it's 2019 and you guys watching are

probably trying to figure out where to

travel to this year so we've compiled a

list of five places we recommend where

you can get the most bang for your buck

you don't need to spend 1 billion

dollars on travel this is actually from

Zimbabwe and probably worth two pennies

without further ado here are five

budget-friendly places to travel to in



Sinaloa Mexico Sinaloa is a state in

Mexico on the west coast along the Gulf

of California now a lot of tourists when

they go to Mexico they go to the east

side of Mexico they go to a Playa del

Carmen they go to Cancun they go to

visit the Mayan Riviera now that makes

the east side of Mexico a little more

expensive because of the influx of

tourism but if you go to the west side

of Mexico to Sinaloa you can get

incredible local culture and get away

from a lot of the tourists we spent 10

days touring around Sinaloa and it was

incredible I mean the food was just


they have some of the best seafood I

think in North America Sinaloa doesn't

have a bad history of being known in the

news as the hub for the Mexican cartel

now this bad reputation has actually

driven down prices and tourism good for

us as travelers we never felt in danger

there it felt like a wonderful you know

region of Mexico to go explore that has

nothing to do with tourism these days

Sinaloa is just bursting with color

bursting with life bursting with amazing

restaurants with nightlife we were in

this region for Day of the Dead the end

of the somewhere tous and Kristen and I

were surrounded by a thousand locals

dressed up as like skeletons and had

skulls all over the place people were

dancing in the street their performances

it felt like real authentic Mexico if

you want to experience authentic Mexico

on a budget I highly recommend Sinaloa


Ecuador Ecuador is a small country

that's located in the northwestern tip

of South America it combines the

incredible Amazon rainforest lively

towns and cities that are bursting with

wildlife Ecuador is also home to the

famous galapogos Islands which I have

been to it was one of the most

incredible trips I've ever taken in my

entire life but if you want to save

you're gonna wanna stay on mainland if

you're in to the beach then Ecuador has

one of South America's best beach scenes

located just outside of the city of

Guayaquil there are a lot of

accommodations all over the country that

you can find for as little as $2 per

night and the currency is USD making it

easier to exchange your money before

your trip Marrakesh Morocco Morocco is

located in the northern tip of Africa

and it's really neat that it is the

entrance into the Mediterranean and the

Middle East

so Morocco has a lot of influence from

Europe from the Mediterranean from

Africa and the Middle East it's really a

beautiful blend of a lot of cultures if

you're going to Morocco I highly

recommend Marrakech it was my favorite

city in the country it was full of just

like authentic locals living the way

locals do I was really immersed in the

culture if you want to feel like you're

in the movie Aladdin it was Morocco and

specifically Marrakech I felt like a

Latin and Abu we're just gonna come out

from like an alleyway and steal some

bread and run away my favorite part

about Marrakech was just the

authenticity of it was that I could go

to a local shop and drink tea with

someone from Marrakech

or I could walk through the bazaars and

you know bargain with people over a

hookah over a shirt

it was just like real Morocco and and I

really loved that they didn't let the

tourism that's there you know really


their landscape really change their

local culture the tourists have to adapt

to the local culture their marrakech is

the fourth largest city in morocco and I

would recommend this city over the other

major cities just because it has a huge

diversity of things to do things to eat

things to see a good nightlife I always

felt safe when I was there and it's very

affordable if you're going to Morocco

make sure you brush up on your bartering

skills make sure you know how to bargain

because it's part of their culture

you're gonna buy something do not pay

full price remember you're on a budget

you gotta live like you're on a budget

dorama salah india india has always been

a popular tourist destination one of my

favourite countries to travel to but

with a population of over 1 billion

people it's easy to travel around the

country and not run into other tourists

gem slaw is located in the northern

state of Himachal Pradesh and it is

surrounded by the Himalayas and lush

forests the Dalai Lama who I fortunately

got a chance to meet and study Buddhism

with when I was in Dharamsala and it is

unique in the sense that it is a mixture

of Indian and Tibetan culture India's

immense population and low family income

has made it one of the most affordable

destinations in the entire world but low

cost does not mean low-quality you'll

find some of the most flavorful

delicious cuisine you will ever taste

awesome accommodations and shopping here

you get the best bang for your buck

Slovenia Slovenia is a small country in

Central Europe and it's in between

Croatia Hungary Austria and Italy now

because it's surrounded by all these

more popular destinations Slovenia

doesn't get as much love as Slovenia

prices are still relatively low because

they have a low influx of tourism and a

lot less travelers visiting the area

Slovenia is one of those places that

really should be more popular because of

how beautiful the landscape is because

of how delicious the food is I mean even

Lake Bled is just an iconic Instagram

Abul you know spot to take a photograph

of and when we were there there was

barely anyone around like nobody was

visiting but it should be visited more

because it's such an incredible spot

while Slovenia has such low tourism it

means you as a traveler can visit this

Alpine nation and visit historical towns

and see beautiful sights on a budget the

whole idea of needing so much money to

travel the world is a bunch of B to the

s yeah there's tons of destinations that

allow you to travel more frugally and

you can you can still see a lot you can

still experience a lot of the culture

and that's what we wanted to share with

you in this video and if you want some

more budget-friendly saving tips then

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